2. File Server

A file server will store and manage files on the network.

Normally the file server will be mapped to a drive letter such as "W:" so as far as you are concerned it is just the same as using your hard disk. You are able to create, copy, move, delete and rename files.

The server administrator often sets up a storage space for your own private use where your own files are kept. They may also set up a shared area, where the files can be seen and used by anyone in your shared group.

Most file servers will have a quota system in place to prevent someone or some department hogging more storage than they should have.

The file server administrator is also able to set the permission levels for each file and folder. For instance there may be a set of files that can only be read - no one can over-write or delete them.Your own files will be set to read-write.

There could be many file servers on a large network, perhaps each one dedicated to a specific department within the company for instance a 'Finance' file server and a 'Production' file server.


Advantages of a file server (compared to local storage)
Disadvantage of a file server
Data is more secure, servers usually have redundant hard disks so no single disk failure can cause data loss If the file server does fail or become corrupted then all data is lost or is unavailable until it can be recovered from back up
Data more secure as the server may be physically locked in a room with only authorised access Increased network bandwith as everyone is reading and writing files to and from the file server
Data more secure as files are backed up on a regular basis - no need to encumber people with managing their own data They usually need a professional IT person to set up and administer.
Easy to manage files centrally, for example someone joining the company can be set up quickly They are quite expensive, so may not be the best solution for two or three people in a small company.
Easy to set up file permissions for close control of data access  
People can log on to any client computer and still get to their files  


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