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3. Decomposition continued.

Let's decompose a different problem:

Task: Create a new game (not necessarily a computer game).

problem task

Your challenge is to create a new game.

This is an open-ended problem. It is not well-defined. The way to approach it is to break it down (decompose) it into a set of questions that need answering.

  1. Type - what type of game is it going to be? e.g. card game, board game, computer game.
  2. Theme - what style of game is it going to be e.g. quiz, strategy, simulation, pure chance etc
  3. Audience - who is the game aimed at? e.g. small children, teens, adults, multi-player etc.
  4. Shape - does it have challenges? does it have rewards?
  5. End - how does the game end? how do you win or lose?
  6. Name - what is going to be the name of the game?

Until you have decided what type of game it is going to be, you cannot move forward with the task. You have to break it down into more detail.

This is what decomposition is about: defining the problem in more detail and making it easier to solve.

Challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

Click on this link: what is problem decomposition