7. Pros and Cons of downloading and streaming


Pro Cons

With downloads, the file has been stored locally and so you can use it off-line.

Use virus and malware scanners to make sure the file is safe to use


There are plenty of legitimate sites where you can get safe downloads - music, apps, film

Be very wary of 'free' and peer-to-peer networks.

You can use FTP or a web browser to download

FTP client can be awkward to use, but it can handle part-downloads.

It is possible to download legitimate music files that do not include DRM and so makes it easier for you to listen to your tracks on different devices.

The file may include DRM protection that you were not expecting when you joined the service. Read the fine print.

If you have bought an application or game online, quite often you can get it as a 'digital download'. So you can use it straight away rather than waiting for a CD through the post

If your computer breaks down or the hard disk fails, then you may lose the software you have bought because you do not have a CD to re-install.

If you have a slow connection, then you can keep the download going for hours if need be, in order to get the file. This is especially true for online game updates which can be huge (several gigabytes) files.

You do need a reasonable connection speed in order to download in a practical length of time - especially films and tv programs.



Pro Cons

Streaming allows you to listen to music or view a program without taking up any hard disk space

Buffering can be a problem with slow links, especially video streaming


Streaming allows you to explore new artists to see if you like them before deciding to download their tracks

Streaming means you cannot normally listen or view programs offline

Non-computer devices such as smart televisions can view the stream directly without any need of a computer.



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