3. Foot mouse

A foot mouse / control can be used by a person who has limited or no use of their hands or arms.

The foot mouse can be used to navigate through software programs and select things in much the same way as a conventional mouse. The link below is set to search on Amazon so you can see the kind of products there are available HERE

Most foot mice consist of two segments. One segement will be used to control the cursor, the second segment is used to click the mouse or to select shortcuts.

Most foot mice include straps that help to hold the device in place on the foot during use. A long cable runs from the mouse and plugs into the computer via a USB port.

Page Turner


page turner
(c) A hands-free page turner courtesy of SightRead Ltd

The page turner device is Bluetooth enabled and can interface with tablet computers such as the iPad. It can also work with Windows and Mac applications that can accept Page Down / Page up commands


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