4. Systems designer

The system designer's role is to develop a comprehensive plan and instructions which can be given to the programmers.

requirements documentThe key input document that the System Designer will use is the Requirements Specification which was developed by the System / Business Analyst.

The key output of the System Designer is the Design Specification.

The Design Specification should contain detailed instructions and mock-up screen prints so that the programmers know exactly what they have to code for and what the end result should look like.

The systems designer is also responsible for writing the test plans and co-ordinating with a team of user and system testers to ensure that the system is thoroughly tested.

It is a very technical role and yet needs a high level of 'people skills' as well.

The kind of person given this role may have worked for a number of years to build up their technical expertise and also have a proven record of working successfully with customers and clients. The reason for this becomes clear when you consider their duties below.


Technical Duties Designing and planning the entire system. Not in terms of the nitty-gritty details but more like an architect designs a building and then hands actual construction to the builders.
Selecting the right technologies to use in terms of software and hardware. Their technical experience is valuable to be able to compare and contrast what is available.
Writing the Design Specification that the developers will use to guide their work
Producing the test plan for the testers.
'People' Duties Liaise with the System Analyst once the Requirements Specification is available
Talk to the coders, programmers, technicians and engineers before the development stage begins. This is to help them understand what will be needed before the formal design specification is released.
Explain to the client, in non-technical terms, how the system will work and to get their feedback and opinions. If changes are needed, then it is back to the System Analyst once more to get them to update the Requirements Specification


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