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Bionic drone bird aims to take flight 26/1/15
Meerkat-cam uses TV white space 10/10/14
New computer that straps onto your head 14/11/12
Bionic contact lens 'to project emails before eyes' 22/11/11
Antenna clothes help phone signal 23/08/11
Intel recruits sci-fi writers to dream up future tech 19/08/11
'Tractor beam' is possible with lasers, say scientists 03/3/11
Intel launches high speed Thunderbolt connector 24/02/11
Scientists build the world's first anti-laser 17/02/11
Hologram messaging coming of age 04/11/10
Smart specs unite world and data 08/10/10
Lasers scan future possibilities 12/05/10
Wet computer that mimics neurons to be created 11/01/09
Battery made of paper charges 08/12/09
Spin-based electronics gets boost 25/11/09
Children draw own visions of 2020 07/10/09
'Time telescope' could boost web 30/09/09
Intel shows chips can get smaller 23/09/09
Underwater laser pops in navy ops 08/09/09
Quantum computer slips onto chips 04/09/09
Mobile phones get augmented vision 11/08/09
Cities test for 'intimacy' device 04/08/09
Wireless power system shown off 23/07/09
Artificial brain '10 years away' 22/07/09
Smart clothes could take photos 10/07/09
Inside the house of the future 28/04/09
Simulated brain closer to thought 22/04/09
Touch the virtual 14/04/09
Thin speaker offers 'crisp sound' 01/04/09
Quantum leap for faster computers 19/03/09
Battery that 'charges in seconds' 11/03/09
The future of the fighting forces 26/02/09
Imagining the future of technology 12/02/09
Computer chips may 'repair' nerve 04/02/09
Bendy gadget future for graphene 14/01/09
Research hope for new power cells 13/01/08
Charging gadgets using a magnet 09/01/09
A step closer to self-powered kit 04/12/08
Grenade camera to aid UK troops 18/11/08
IBM to build brain-like computers 21/11/08
Action urged over nanomaterials 12/11/08
Cars set to get parental controls 07/10/08
Apple unveils thinnest iPod yet 09/09/08
Ultrasound to give feel to games 02/09/08
Intel details new core chip line 20/08/08
Sky-high system to aid soldiers 12/08/08
Innovation transforming NHS care 02/07/08
Experts unveil 'cloak of silence' 12/06/08
Thinking up beautiful music 12/06/08
Bionic hand wins top tech prize 09/06/08
IBM aims to cool chips with water 06/06/08
Electronics missing link found 01/05/08
May the force be with you 18/04/08
Nano switch hints at future chips 17/04/08
Intel plans to tackle cosmic ray threat 08/04/08
The future of computing - Intel boss answers your questions 08/04/08
Meet the innovators 08/04/08
Computers to merge with humans 02/04/08
Silicon chips stretch into shape 27/03/08
Chemical brain controls nanobots 11/03/08
Camera 'looks' through clothing 10/03/08
Virtuality and reality to merge 22/02/08
Machines to match many by 2029 16/02/08
Nanowires allow 'power dressing' 13/02/08
Knee dynamo taps 'people power' 07/02/08
Holographic displays step closer 06/02/08
Japan looks to step beyond HD 24/01/08
The best gadgets of CES 2008 08/01/08
New efficient bulb sees the light 28/12/07
Bible put on a pinhead-size chip 24/12/07
Are driverless pods the future? 18/12/07
Tech giants form tiny chip group 18/12/07
The future is bright for LEDs 06/12/07
Light to shrink computer clusters 06/12/07
Paralysed man's mind is 'read' 15/11/07
Future directions in computing: Plastics 13/11/07
Future directions in computing: DNA 13/11/07
Future directions in computing: Chemicals 13/11/07
Future directions in computing: Spin 13/11/07
Future directions in computing: Light 13/11/07
Future directions in computing: Quantum 13/11/07
Innovation spending grows in UK 12/11/07
Shrinking chips use novel recipie 12/11/07
World's smallest radio unveiled 18/10/07
Drive advance fuels terabyte era 15/10/07
Universal avatars bestride worlds 11/10/07
Scans reveal lost gravestone text 03/10/07
Spam weapon helps preserve books 02/10/07
Virtual lessons stimulate students 27/09/07
Town tries out Cybercar concept 26/09/07
Scientists warn of vocal terror 14/09/07
Big future beckons for tiny chips 19/09/07
Online worlds to be AI incubators 13/09/07
Weapons without barrels or bullets 1209/07
Miniature golden artwork unveiled 11/09/07
Tiny wind engines cool computers 15/08/07
Putting electronics in a spin 08/08/07
Smart fabrics hit the catwalk 07/08/07
Home cells signal mobile change 26/07/07
Antique engines inspire nano chip 24/07/07
Look, no hands 19/07/07
Translation tool may aid troops 13/07/07
Connected cars promise safer roads 06/07/07
Has touch technology come of age? 29/06/07
Wireless energy promise powers up 07/06/07
Talking paper made by scientists 05/06/07
Backing for tool to battle spam 24/05/07
Snowflakes promise faster chips 03/05/07
Speed boost plan for file-sharing 12/04/07
US 'no longer technology king' 29/03/07
Vehicle warning system trialled 17/03/07
Fragrant future beckons for web 28/02/07
Burgers paid for by mobile phone 27/02/07
World's tiniest RFID tag unveiled 23/02/07
Hospitals pick hi-tech clipboard 21/02/07
Real game characters next year 20/02/07
'Tagging' improves patient security 16/02/07
Hiding messages in plain sight 15/02/07
Mobile phones to send money home 12/02/07
Teraflops chip points to future 12/02/07
Cool clouds turn light to matter 08/02/07
Chips push through nano barrier 27/01/07
Single pixel camera takes on digital 16/01/07
In-car technology drives forward 19/01/07
Hybrid answers to DVD format wars 04/01/07
Technology embraced by the public 07/01/07
UK in plastic electronics drive 03/01/07
Safer laptop batteries produced 19/12/06
Iphone surprises technology world 18/12/06
Remote access keeps you in touch 08/12/06
Plastic paper to cut emissions 23/11/06
Mobiles hope to be 'smart wallet' 21/11/06
Physics promises wireless power 15/11/06
Tower of Babel translator made 25/10/06
Air passengers 'could be tagged' 12/10/06
Mobile maps popular with students 04/10/06
Bluetooth rival unveiled by Nokia 04/10/06
Engine on a chip drives laptops 28/09/06
'Tower of Babel' technology nears 27/09/06
Roll-up screens moving closer 21/09/06
Projector size of sugar cube made 19/09/06
Sticky silicon could speed data 18/09/06
Technology lets ads get personal 25/08/06
Artificial muscles light up TVs 21/08/06
Artwork changes to suit mood 03/08/06
Photos transformed into 3D model 02/08/06
'Bionic' limb breakthrough made 03/07/06
Computers 'set to read our minds' 26/06/06
Hi-Tech adverts to arrive on the Tube 21/06/06
Chilly chip shatters speed record 20/06/06
Cashing in on mobile crazy Japan 01/06/06
Fuel cells in laptops edge closer 31/05/06
Insect eye inspires future vision 27/04/06
Sony wins major DVD studio ally 21/10/05
Power boosts for future gadgets 18/10/05
Future mobiles to get chip boost 05/10/05
Tech giants move on next-gen DVDs 27/09/05
Laser spots paper fingerprints 03/08/05
Phone users switch to new service 08/07/05
Smart home dream could be for all 26/06/05
The password for your next phone is...biometrics. 09/06/05
Under age drinkers under the thumb (biometrics) 29/04/05
Smart home gives elderly freedom 17/04/05
Supercomputing power made real 17/04/05
Sun offers processing by the hour 02/02/05
Gadgets galore on show at tradefair 05/01/05
How your face could open doors 25/11/04
Seamen sail into biometric future 04/11/04
Doubts over passport face scans 21/10/04
Barcelona clubbers get chipped 29/09/04
DVDs could hold 100 times more 28/09/04
Eye scanner project scrapped 13/09/04
Japanese get first mobile wallets 10/08/04
Webcams let users 'eyeball' others 30/06/04
'Black box' cam for total recall 15/06/04
Easy 3D x-rays for airport security 09/06/04
Books get interactive makeover 24/05/04
E-nose could sniff out infections 22/05/04
Smart homes offer a 'helping hand' 18/05/04
Check out the invisibility cloak 17/05/04
Stores bring in fingerprint scan 12/05/04
Shopping with your mobile 06/05/04
Virtual skin looking even better 06/05/04
Firms 'ground-breaking' ID technology 29/04/04
Push to tap radio wave technology 29/04/04
Talking barcodes that change our lives 28/04/04
Testing the biometric facts 26/04/04
Fingertips 'read' messages 22/04/04
Sign your credit card by just running your finger over it 01/04/04
Digital paper makes device debut 26/03/04
Bionic legs give soldiers a boost 11/03/04
Spooks turn to hi-tech geography 30/01/04
Virtual dummy to try on clothes 27/01/04
Tech giants back smart shopping 26/01/04
UK launches first digital stamps 15/01/04
Phones get to know their place 12/01/04
Caution over computerised world 23/12/03
Rub out ink to cut paper waste 11/12/03
Award for new virtual TV guide 19/11/03
McDonald's axes robot retailers 12/11/03
The future of airport security 12/11/03
Nanomoters realise visionary's dream 30/10/03
Get ready for the smart shopping basket 27/10/03
Net in a box hits streets 27/10/03
Cyber women test what's real 22/10/03
Tests of bionic arm implant start soon 17/10/03
Smart screens sample DNA 17/10/03
Microchips to replace barcodes 09/10/03
National roll-out for chip cards 02/10/03
Huge computing power goes online 30/09/03
Electronic paper prepares for video 24/09/03
Sofas get smart for hi-tech homes 14/09/03
Mice sign on the dotted line 01/09/03
Germany tests road toll system 01/09/03
Computer mice make new moves 07/08/03
Virtual stuntmen put on show 31/07/03
The virutual tasting device 30/07/03
Self destructing DVDs 14/07/03
Still no sign of the 'home-hub' 30/06/03
Hi-tech jargon baffles many people 08/07/03
Self drive cars ahead 07/06/03
Indian software replaces lab animals 06/06/03
Quantum leap for secret codes 05/06/03
Promise of ultra fast downloads 05/06/03
Spot on navigation comes a step closer 05/06/03
Cow pats fuel computers 03/06/03
Information overload - network storage
Mobile gadgets offer new lessons 28/05/03
PlayStation turns supercomputer
Digital paper edges closer 08/05/03
Backing for iris chip in passports
Tech brings buses closer to home 15/04/03
Radio Reborn - see it and hear it! 10/04/03
Computers that watch while you work 08/04/03
Wired oven keeps food cool 06/04/03
Web goes down the toilet 05/04/03
Touch TV moves closer 04/04/03
Humanoid robots wow Japanese 04/04/03
'Nanowire' breakthrough hailed
Pub offers snaps and shots
Alcohol-powered laptops ahead 15/03/03
Car mechanics go virtual 14/03/03
Microsoft looks to the living room 13/03/03
They think it's all over - and this time the ref will get it right
Promise of intelligent networks 24/02/03
Integration's what you need 22/02/03
Visions of computers of the future 20/02/03
Intel looks to the future 18/02/03
Video recorders enter the digital age
Biology to make mini machines
Coming soon: health inventions that could change our lives 09/02/03
Is the death of the floppy disk imminent? 06/02/03
New technology aims to identify people from the way they walk! 01/02/03
Desktop printers used to create living tissue 23/01/03
Faces and eyes rival passwords 23/01/03
Drive me crazy 28/03/02
Smart homes on trial 22/01/02
The hype cycle 03/01/02