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Google to give schools Raspberry Pi microcomputers


Technology in schools: Future changes in classrooms


Tablets 'eroding' children's digital skills


Video game use linked to worse GCSEs, study suggests

UK child coders triumph in European contest 18/10/14
School wi-fi not fit for 21st Century learning 19/02/13
Bookless school where everyone has an iPad 07/01/13
A third of poorest pupils'without internet at home' 04/01/13
Computer science teachers offered cash incentive 19/10/12
Granny army helps India's school children via the cloud 30/04/12
Government backs call for classroom coding 28/11/11
Screen test for the online classroom 23/11/11
Digital textbooks open a new chapter 19/10/11
3D learning tools positive for pupils, says study 29/09/11
Google boss criticises education in the UK 26/08/11
Pupils prefer emails to books 23/08/11
Scottish exam results sent early in text blunder 03/08/11
Going to Harvard from your own bedroom 21/03/11
End paper exams for digital generation 25/02/11
Schools need rules for teachers on Facebook 10/02/11
How schools could use facebook in their teaching 15/01/11
Tech-friendly teens overtaking schools says Microsoft 14/01/11
3D proves a hit in the classroom 27/12/10
A million UK children 'lack access to computers' 28/12/10
Social networking damaging school work say teachers 19/11/10
Pupils without internet 'disadvantaged in education' 12/11/10
Online education disrupting traditional academic models 12/11/10
What will universities of the future be like? 09/10/10
UK school enlists Indian maths tutors online 03/10/10
University gives students text books on iPhones 28/09/10
Computer games course in Norwich scores record uptake 25/08/10
School ICT lessons a turn off 05/08/10
Robots and gaming on the timetable at hi-tech school 27/07/10
Using computers to teach children with no teachers 16/07/10
Open University claims record iTunes downloads 29/06/10
Invigilation technology allows exams to be taken anywhere 09/06/10
Call for tighter control of mobile phones in schools 29/05/10
Robots and gaming on the timetable at hi-tech school 27/04/10
Stranded teacher takes lessons using webcam 20/04/10
Pupils taught using violent game 09/04/10
US school accused of web spying 19/02/10
Hi-tech exam cheating increases says Ofqual 03/02/10
Hi-tech battle with mobile phone exam cheats 03/02/10
More studying 'on home computers' 02/02/10
Moving beyond the whiteboard 21/01/10
Phone texting 'helps pupils to spell' 20/01/10
Schools must embrace mobile technology 14/01/10
Children who use technology are 'better writers' 03/12/09
Schools play to virtual orchestra 25/11/09
Computer consoles 'no better' than books for learning 20/11/09
Great writers 'fail' online test 12/11/09
Danish pupils use web in exams 04/11/09
Tech addiction 'harms learning' 15/09/09
Tories plan archive of past exams 03/08/09
Virtual schools' swine flu plan 23/07/09
School's CCTV 'Big Brother-ish' 21/07/09
Melody maching makes music simple 17/07/09
School computers 'fail to filter' 13/07/09
Online push in California schools 08/06/09
Norway tests laptop exam scheme 01/05/09
Technology key in primary review 29/04/09
TV 'reduces children's attention' 14/04/09
Chinese hi-tech exam cheats jailed 03/04/09
Students seek Twitter restriction 01/04/09
Pupils 'should study Twitter' 25/03/09
Memory sticks offer safety advice 24/03/09
Slump in school computer lessons 03/03/09
Riding Tunisia's information superhighway by bus 05/02/09
India to unveil low cost laptop 02/02/09
'Spaceship' school's pod classes 16/01/09
Virtual learning 'slow starter' 13/01/08
Pupils can beat safe net filters 03/12/08
Cambridge students 'plagiarising' 31/10/08
Pupils to get free home computers 21/10/08
Italy pupils ditch books for PCs 08/10/08
Oxbridge lectures play on iTunes 06/10/08
Computer game boosts maths scores 25/09/08
Parents want texts from schools 12/09/08
US to back 21st century learning 19/08/08
Skills shortage hits games firms 18/06/08
Computer speeds up college work 02/06/08
UK university lectures on iTunes 03/06/08
Expert says txt is gr8 4 language 20/05/08
Pupils suspended over online game 09/05/08
Students turn to web plagarism 30/04/08
CCTV could be used in exam rooms 11/04/08
Learning from technology 04/04/08
Uni open day held in Second Life 18/03/08
Big brother schooling predicted 18/03/08
Essay auctions harder to catch 18/03/08
Computer games are put to the test 14/03/08
Hundreds of schools make the news 13/03/08
Technology and the death of handwriting 11/03/08
Overseas students 'buying essays' 03/03/08
Girls more skilled on computers 29/02/08
Plan to detect rogue exam results 08/02/08
UK government acts on hoax e-mail 04/02/08
Wii consoles used in virtual PE 28/01/08
Teachers voice plagiarism fears 18/01/08
Brown's web bid to boost English 17/01/08
School reports going electronic 09/01/08
TV threat to children's reading 08/01/08
Keep Christmas gadgets at home 28/12/07
Google debuts knowledge project 15/12/07
Google enters UK schools market 10/12/07
Students should use Wikipedia 07/12/07
Daily computer game boosts maths 26/10/07
New call on child laptop policy 25/10/07
Russian schools move to Linux 09/10/07
Google, IBM back 'cloud students' 09/10/07
Students teaching the teachers 05/10/07
Warning over Ucas form cheating 02/10/07
Virtual lessons stimulate students 27/09/07
UK and China sign e-learning deal 24/09/07
Online marking of exams 'faulty' 22/09/07
What can stop cyberbullying? 21/09/07
Cyberbullying: a victims story 21/09/07
Teachers 'open to cyber bullying' 21/09/07
Fight cyber bullies, schools told 20/09/07
Hi-tech leap for island's pupils 16/09/07
Less is more for online marking 24/08/07
Artificial examiners put to the test 24/08/07
Watchdog alarm at exam earpiece 17/08/07
Results day hugs may be sidelined 06/08/06
Computers can raise attainment 24/06/07
Danes get interactive floors for schools 20/06/07
Pupils lead the way with blogging 18/06/07
Computer test was deemed risky 08/06/07
Parents seek school webcam links 06/06/07
Students criticise staff on net 24/05/07
Teachers want bullying answers 22/05/07
Google bans essay writing adverts 22/05/07
Exam papers tagged to beat cheats 10/05/07
Virtual school for banned pupils 07/05/07
Art degree show on Second Life 01/05/07
Teachers want wi-fi risk research 23/04/07
Shakespeare on podcast for pupils 17/04/07
Virtual tutor boosts exam results 11/04/07
Cyber bullying threat to teachers 03/04/07
Pupils get lessons in PlayStation 29/03/07
School exam revision goes digital 20/03/07
Degree applicants copy from web 07/03/07
Students assessed with Wikipedia 06/03/07
Curbs call on pupils' phone use 05/02/07
Doubts over hi-tech whiteboards 30/01/07
Mini computers bring test boost 10/01/07
Pupils get home Internet access 10/01/07
School computer test to be scrapped 10/01/07
School test should be optional 05/01/07
email school reports considered 28/12/06
E-degree graduates first in UK 07/11/06
Google offers literacy portal 04/10/06
Video games have a 'role in school' 02/10/06
Virtual school beats the real thing 28/09/06
Lessons offered round the clock 25/09/06
Students given free MP3 players 06/09/06
Playing reality in virtual games 28/07/06
Exams agency probes web cheating 11/06/06
Podcast lectures for uni students 26/05/06
Worry at web exam plagiarism rise 02/05/06
Pupils to sit first online exams 02/05/06
School 'screen culture' warning 20/04/06
Teachers assess the benefits of ICT 11/01/06
Video games motivate pupils 13/01/06
Software cannot stop cheating 22/11/05
New media 'help toddlers learn' 03/11/05
Blatant copying in coursework 02/11/05
Exam phone finds 'must mean fail' 01/08/05
E-mail homework earns top marks 05/02/05
Tempting art students into gaming 14/09/04
Remote pacific islands receive teaching via satellite 19/07/04
Hi-tech answer to student cheats 30/06/04
How computing is changing the classroom 18/06/04
The seven year old bloggers 14/06/04
Web checks for student cheating 01/06/04
Latin to be taught by e-learning 01/06/04
Big improvement in ICT teaching 14/05/04
Exam coursework marked online 04/05/04
Essay copying is 'self-teaching' 04/04/04
Latin lessons go hi-tech 01/04/04
New drive to give pupils laptops 15/03/04
Does teacher still know best? 07/01/04
Exam tables replaced with website 15/12/03
Technology tackles truancy rates 02/12/03
Teachers' TV launches in new year 25/11/03
Testing students by mobile phone 17/11/03
Schools website launched 12/11/03
Keyboard game boosts literacy 12/11/03
E-tests might bring instant results 28/09/03
How kids will learn 30 years on 23/09/03
Free net learning attracts clicks 09/09/03
Student passes online A-levels 14/08/03
Student banned for copying from the Internet 11/07/03
Shoot em ups go on AS level syllabus 04/07/03
Pupils learn in 'wi-fi' wood 02/07/03
Mobile gadgets offer new lessons 28/05/03
Exam board to replace paper marking 01/05/03
The grid gamble 11/03/03
'Big Brother' plan to catch rowdy pupils 24/02/03
Pupils find internet 'a poor learning tool'
Computers take over the classroom
Why study when you can surf? 05/02/03
Using computers to take school exams 03/02/03
Hi-tech goes to the top of the class 09/01/03
Digital learning plans approved 09/01/03
Aiding communication in education 16/12/02
Classrooms of the future 09/01/02