5. Laser Printer

Laser printers are used in many workplaces because they are quiet, they print a large number of sheets very quickly and they produce high quality documents.

laser printerThey print in the same way as photocopiers. Powdered ink, called 'Toner', is fused onto paper by heat and pressure.

You can purchase a laser printer which prints black and white copies only or you can pick a colour laser printer.

Black and white versions are relatively cheap to purchase and you only need to buy black toner (which is also expensive).

Colour laser printers offer good quality for work such as flyers or other commercial material.



Advantages of laser printers Disadvantages of laser printers
High quality printouts - better than ink-jet or dot-matrix Most expensive printer type to buy, especially colour lasers
Fast printouts - faster than ink-jet or dot-matrix Toner is more expensive than ink-jet cartridges
Prints very quietly - quieter than ink-jet or dot-matrix Expensive to repair - lots of complex equipment inside
Cost per page is low - cheaper than ink-jet or dot-matrix Fairly bulky - larger than ink-jet printers
  Can't use continuous or multi-part stationary to create carbon copies like you can with a dot-matrix printer

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