4. Disadvantages of social networks

Everything that is an advantage about social networking can also be a disadvantage in that you lose your privacy - after all, you have volunteered personal information that is now online.

Every site allows you to set privacy settings. These can be changed from their default settings to limit what other people can see and read about you. For example, you could set your pages to be only viewed by friends. Other parts could be made public. Other parts could be set to family only.

Some disadvantages are

  • You lose some privacy compared to not being on a social network
  • You may later regret posting pictures or comments that you thought funny at the time
  • Online bullying can be a problem if someone posts unkind or untrue things about you
  • Some people may use a fake profile - just because they say they are 15 years old does not mean that is true. Be careful when you choose to be friends with someone you have never met in real life
  • They can be a real distraction and time waster, some people spend many hours on social networking rather than be working or studying. For example, constantly checking their twitter feeds.
  • Take everything you see with a pinch of salt - people do like to boast and exaggerate (just like they do in real life!)



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