5. Record

DEFINITION: A record is all of the data or information about one person or one thing.

In the table below, all of the information about each cartoon character is stored in a 'row' or 'record'.

database record

Each table can contain anything from a few up to millions of records

A record is made up of lots of individual pieces of information. For example, look at Wonder Woman's record. It stores her first name, her last name, her address, city and her age.

Each of these individual pieces of information in a record is called a 'field'


challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

Click on this link: Database Record


1. What information could you find in the record for Cat Woman?

2. What records do you think are stored on the database at your school?

3. How about your school library - what records would be stored on their database?