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Using iPads and wireless in the classroom

20 Apr

Gradually, many schools are taking on board wireless technology. This may change the way students interact in the classroom and with each other.


Article here

Changes include

  • Portability: Instead of the traditional rows of students facing a whiteboard, wireless devices encourages the classroom to be more group orientated, with clusters of students carrying out work and research in small teams
  • Less paper: These devices can easily hold a complete set of e-Textbooks. This will cut down on storage, having tatty dog eared books to use and perhaps less printing
  • More convenient: Textbooks are heavy to carry, thus tablets will lighten the burden
  • Multi-purpose: A tablet machine can hold many useful applications, including e-reader, calculator, organiser and so on.
  • Multi-media: Creative applications include painting apps, video editing apps and so on. Thus offering a chance for classes to make exciting new ways of learning
  • Electronic marking and submission: Many schools now use electronic marking. So why not complete the whole workflow by having students submit their work wirelessly as well.

That is the theory. But how does it work out in practice? Well, have a look at this pdf article about how Broadclyst primary school has been using wireless technology including tablets.


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Discovery Education launches new iPad app

07 Oct

The Discovery Education site is a fabulous resource which teachers from many disciplines use on a regular basis in the classroom.

If you are lucky enough to have class sets of iPads then it will be great news to hear that Discovery Education has just launched a free iPad web app.

If like the majority of teachers you probably don’t yet have iPads for your classroom it is worth letting your colleagues know about the app as many teachers now have their own personal tablet devices.

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One Laptop Per Child develops new tablet

06 Oct

The one laptop per child organisation (OLPC) continues with its efforts to allow all children, especially in poorer nations to have access to a computer.

With the support of chip maker Marvell, they have been given £3.5 m to develop a tablet version of their $100 computer. Without the generosity of commercial operations such as these, the digital divide would be that much slower in closing.

They plan to show it off at the CES show in January 2011 and to be ready in 2012.

This story would be an useful topic when discussing the effects of ICT on society

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A new tablet computer hits the shops.

06 Oct

Tablets are still hot items and there are quite a few new entries into this sector. A surprising one perhaps comes from Next the fashion store. BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones had a go and was surprised by what he found.

Useful item for discussion about the new tablet computers when discussing hardware devices, this is also an interesting example of how competitors enter a new technology sector – the one who does it first has only a short advantage before others come along.

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