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Inspired ICT

15 Jan

After the tribulations of the Gove announcement this week, I came across this great example of what students can really do with ICT with the guidance of an inspirational teacher.

She is an AS student at Wallace High School and is obviously very talented. The equipment used is a Wacom Bamboo tablet, along with Photoshop Elements that came with it and After Effects to compose the film. The background music really complements the work.

The technique is called rotoscoping and it takes a LOT of work. This one took around a thousand drawings to complete.

The Sketchbook from Wallace High on Vimeo.


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YouTube and ViewPure

30 Jan

If you have access to YouTube in school then it can be an invaluable source during lessons for demonstrating skills or providing further information about a particular topic.

Whilst many of the videos are excellent what has often put me of using them in the classroom is the large number of inappropriate comments left by other users.  No matter how careful you are when projecting the video clip onto your whiteboard the comments often get seen by other students before you can put the video to full screen mode.

ViewPure is a site that will help overcome such problems.  You can either paste in the YouTube url that you wish to view and view the videos without any comments, suggestions or advertisments.  If you find it to be a useful tool you can add the ViewPure button onto your bookmarks toolbar and when you see a video you want to play all you need to do is click the button whilst on the YouTube page.

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Choose a different ending

08 Jan

The Metropolitan Police have put together a set of videos about knife crime and posted them onto YouTube.  “So what?” you might ask.  Well these are videos with a difference.   In the first video you see a teenager preparing to go out with his friends.  Just before leaving you see his hand stretch towards some pretty lethal looking knives and you are given two options from which to choose: ‘take the knife’ or ‘don’t take the knife’.  Depending on which option you have chosen you will be shown the next video in the series.  Again, you will be presented with two options. 

As well as the important advice and morale implications of these videos the interesting thing for ICT students and teachers is how a series of different videos have been linked together to tell a story whilst giving the reader the chance to branch through different paths within the story.  

You will need access to YouTube in order to view the videos:

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