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30 Oct

This was an observation made by artist Malcolm McLaren at a Learning Without Frontiers event about game based learning.

game based learning

How about these as well

  • David Putnam, film maker : “Young people are disengaging, we need to increase the pace of change to stay relevant and engaging”
  • Tim Rylands, educator : “Quality teachers really listen to the thoughts of their students”
  • Danah Boyds, Nintendo, social media scientist: “Technology is fundamentally rupturing many aspects of everyday life”
  • John Newbigin, consultant:”In a lot of schools, students are beginning to create their own content that is of value to other students as well, it’s exciting. Let’s spread it around”.
  • Siobhan Reddy, Media Molecule, LittleBigPlanet:”A 24 hour Game jam held in New York to let students create their own games was amazing”
  • Nolan Bushnell, founder, Atari: “Fourty years ago, School was a port hole to the rest of the world. School was cool. Now we need to make it cool once more, as interesting as the hours kids now spend on videos and all the other technology they useĀ  everyday.”

The theme running through the event was that young students are now making heavy use of technology in the form of social media, gaming, communicating – so why don’t the consumer electronics and media companies become more engaged with education?
There should be active dialogue between teachers and the entertainment industry so that the student’s experience of school is as engaging as the hours they spend gaming and chatting online. Mind you trying to explain the database third normal form in an engaging way is a challenge!

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