‘Software Engineer’ top job in 2011

09 Jan

An official survey of 200 different professions in the USA revealed that the most desired job to have is as a Software Engineer.

A software engineer can mean a multitude of things but it includes the design and creation of new software ideas such as cloud computing, creating apps for mobiles, coding interactive games, creating medical and scientific software.

The survey asked people in various industries about

  • Their income
  • Their stress levels
  • Work environment
  • Physical effort in doing the job
  • What they think of their future career

Then an overall ranking was worked out and software engineer came out top.

In terms of income it is fairly good but not the highest by any means – typically $87,000 (£54,000) compared say to a Historian earning $63,000 or a Biologist earning $85,000

One of things that causes stress is the feeling that you *have* to stay in a job you don’t like because there is little else you can get out there -  software engineer feels quite a low level of stress because there are so many things a trained engineer can do if they fancy a change. The industry is exploding with new areas – cloud computing, mobile apps, web design, online development. Once they have the training and experience they can jump from job to job or even go freelance. This also makes them feel there are good career opportunties in front of them.

Overall, working as a software engineer offers a good working environment, hardly any physical effort, better than average income, plenty of job opportunities.

One thing to note though : You have to have a good level of education in maths, engineering, technology and science.

And yet students taking computing and ICT as a subject has dropped about 30% over the last few years. Maybe two things will help reverse the trend – raising awareness of what life as an engineer is all about along with more interesting courses.

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