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What's New - September 2008


Launched Pixel8 - our new resource for KS3 and Game Maker projects. Created in collaboration with

Added a resource called 'tidy files' which could be used with year 7s at the start of the lesson when introducing the need for keeping their user areas well organised and tidy - kindly contributed by David Dance


Added the following resources for OCR Nationals, Unit 1 - all kindly contributed by Marilyn Robinson:

AO1 Evidence book: files and folders

AO2: Evidence book: internet

AO2 Evidence book: Email

AO3 Evidence book: Business presentation

AO4 Business letter example

AO5 Evidence book: spreadsheets

Atash Ali member form

Example of wages spreadsheet

AO6 Evidence book: databases

Case study: Our Thing

Our Thing logo

OCR National ICT U1 Grading Grid for Assessment



Added an excellent instructional booklet for KS3 or GCSE showing students how to create quizzes in PowerPoint using VBA. Kindly contributed by Tim Gamble.


Added a set of self marking sheets which can be used by students to assess their work. Specifically written for the Edexel vocational GCSE. Kindly contributed by Brookerry.


Added a booklet to introduce year 7 students to the game creation software, Scratch. Kindly contributed by Chris Coleman

Added a booklet to introduce students to the game creation software, Alice. Kindly contributed by Chris Coleman.



Updated the KS3 to include resources that support the new National Curriculum. The old materials are still available. The section includes:

Year 7
  • File management
  • E-safety project
  • Graphics - Photoshop Elements
  • Spreadsheets and modelling
  • Presentations
  • Data handling
Year 8
  • File management and viruses
  • Email, features and functions
  • Information, reliability, validity and bias
  • Animation - Pivot Stickfigure
Year 9
  • Social networking
  • Impact of ICT on society

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