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Self-destructing virus kills off PCs 05/05/15
Why small firms struggle with cyber security 06/02/15
Anti-virus update cuts web access of thousands of PCs 06/02/13
Worm steals 45,000 Facebook passwords 05/01/12
Botnets: Hi-tech crime in the UK 05/12/11
Smartphone scams: Owners warned over malware apps 07/11/11
Researchers warn of new Stuxnet worm 19/10/11
Virgin alerts infected customers 17/06/11
AVG: Protecting users from themselves 26/05/11
Iran uncovers Stars espionage virus 25/04/11
Clean up begins after massive website attack 04/04/11
Android hit by rogue app viruses 03/03/11
US and Israel were behind Stuxnet claims researcher 04/03/11
London Stock Exchange site shows malicious adverts 28/02/11
Nuclear virus targets revealed 15/02/11
Europe's virus victims revealed 08/02/11
Facebook news feeds beset with malware 24/11/10
Talk Talk to introduce controversial virus alert system 25/11/10
Digital vaccine needed to fight botnets 23/11/10
Stuxnet 'hit' Iran nuclear plans 22/11/10
Code clues point to Stuxnet maker 19/11/10
Warning over anti-virus cold-calls to UK internet users 15/11/10
Hi-tech criminals target Vietnam 26/10/10
Two million US PCs recruited to botnets 13/10/10
Sick PCs should be banned from the net says Microsoft 06/10/10
Worm targeted high-value Iranian assets 23/09/10
Twitter scrambles to blcok worms 21/09/10
TalkTalk rapped for failing to talk about malware trial 07/09/10
Secret US military computers 'cyber attacked' in 2008 25/08/10
Bank scam targets 100,000 people in the UK 04/08/10
Facebook 'clickjacking' spreads across site 03/06/10
First human 'infected with computer virus' 26/05/10
A decade on from the ILOVEYOU bug 04/05/10
Google warning on fake anti-virus software 28/04/10
Security update hits Window PCs 22/04/10
Banking virus is back warns security firm 21/04/10
Infected XP owners left unpatched 16/04/10
Malware suspected of 'Black Screen' issue 01/12/09
New iPhone worm can act like botnet say experts 23/11/09
Making the first computer virus 19/11/09
Two held in global PC fraud probe 18/11/09
Worm attack bites at Apple iPhone 09/11/09
Video gamers face malware deluge 02/11/09
Scareware launched from tech blog 27/10/09
Millions tricked by 'scareware' 19/10/09
Microsoft launches free security 29/09/09
Virus causes £500,000 IT damage 03/09/09
Microsoft offers free anti-virus 24/06/09
Legit websites face malware hits 17/06/09
Microsoft to give away anti-virus 13/06/09
Coping with the malware deluge 20/05/09
Giant leap looms for mobile bugs 23/04/09
Twitter all clear after worm wave 14/04/09
Computer viruses hit one million 10/04/09
Conficker begins stealthy update 09/04/09
Security experts eye worm attack 31/03/09
'Scareware' scams trick searchers 23/03/09
Warning of infected auction tool 23/02/09
Microsoft bounty for worm creator 13/02/09
Parking ticket leads to a virus 05/02/09
Alarm sounded over wi-fi networks 27/01/09
Windows worm trickery for Vista 21/01/09
Three million hit by Windows worm 16/01/08
Computer virus hits navy e-mails 15/01/09
Visualising computer viruses 12/12/08
Microsoft to offer free security 19/11/08
Computer virus affects hospitals 18/11/08
Trojan virus steals banking info 31/10/08
Handsets to become crime targets 17/10/08
Computer viruses make it to orbit 27/08/08
Clipboards hijacked in web attack 18/08/08
Victim of its own success 17/06/08
Fake media file snares PC users 08/05/08
Yahoo search to battle spyware 06/05/08
Computer viruses hit one million 10/04/08
The battle against the botnet hordes 21/02/08
Malicious programs hit new high 08/02/08
Poisoned websites attack visitors 17/01/08
Warning on stealthy Windows virus 11/01/08
Viruses hit 1m China computers 08/10/07
German spyware plans trigger row 31/08/07
Bloggers battered by viral storm 30/08/07
A quarter century of computer viruses 20/07/07
Malware 'hijacks Windows Updates' 16/05/07
Malicious code rise driven by web 25/04/07
Staying safe without anti-virus 09/03/07
Microsoft fail second virus test 05/03/07
Windows fails active virus tests 06/02/07
Triple threat targets Word users 20/12/06
Virus creators target Wikipedia 06/11/06
Virus writers target net videos 31/10/06
Net poses dangers for soccer fans 14/06/06
Barclays banks on anti-virus deal 26/05/06
Viruses leap to smart radio tags 15/03/06
PC viruses hit 20 year milestone 20/01/06
Fake FBI virus catches net users 24/11/05
Viruses use Sony anti-piracy CDs 11/11/05
Worm affects AOL instant messaging 01/11/05
Spyware rampant in UK computers 20/10/05
Mobiles to get their own anti-virus software 02/09/05
Bagel virus peril in empty e-mail 01/06/05
Cars safe from computer viruses 11/05/05
Ticket trap snares Windows users 04/05/05
Helpful users face virus danger 20/04/05
UK gets official virus alert site 24/02/05
Concern over Windows cashpoints 29/10/04
Virus writers focus on image bug 24/09/04
Net security threats growing faster 20/09/04
Game virus 'bites' mobile phones 11/08/04
Staff blamed for virus outbreaks 05/08/04
First Pocket PC virus discovered 19/07/04
Web browser flaw prompts warning 26/06/04
First mobile phone virus created 16/06/04
Taming the Wild West of viruses 11/05/04
Defences tested by virus attacks 05/05/04
Online virus war is slowing down 26/03/04
Spammers target home PCs 05/03/04
Viruses thwart security measures 02/03/04
Pesky Netsky tops virus warnings 02/03/04
More virus misery for mail users 26/02/04
E-mail virus takes on new guise 30/01/04
Viruses turn to peer-to-peer networks 20/01/04
Users face malicious web attacks 08/11/03
A glimpse inside the virus writer 05/11/03
Anti-virus fight gets cash boost 05/11/03
New Windows virus hits computers 28/10/03
Devious virus attacks on the rise 02/10/03
Sobig virus thwarted 23/08/03
Why people write viruses 23/08/03
Virus hits hospital systems 22/08/03
Fighting viruses on the frontline 22/08/03
Modest cost of sobig virus 22/08/03
Safer computing Vs convenience 15/08/03
Worm blasts across the web 12/08/03
Virus poses as admin e-mail 04/08/03
Computer viruses on the up 01/07/03
Microsoft to fight virus writers head on 11/06/03
Spam virus 'hijacks' computers 13/06/03
Virus makes unwelcome return 05/06/03
E-mail virus uses Bill Gates 02/06/03
Sneaky virus spreading rapidly 12/05/03
E-mail virus exploits war interest 20/03/03
Archers fans at risk from BBC virus 05/02/03
Virus-like attack hits web traffic
Computer virus creator jailed as 'global menace' 22/01/03
Virus hoaxes claim fresh victims 03/01/03
Virus outlook: Bigger trouble ahead 03/01/03
E-mail virus picks up speed 02/01/03