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Baidu driverless car completes test on Beijing roads

Teenager passes sat-nav driving test 07/05/15
Airbus had 1,000 parts 3D printed to meet deadline 06/05/15
Japan maglev train breaks world speed record again 21/04/15
Underground freight travel tested in Northampton 17/04/15
Fewer drivers punished for mobile use 17/04/15
US in-flight internet could be hacked, watchdog warns 15/04/15
Google Street View maps Greenland 21/2/15
Potential potholes detected by smart scanner 27/1/15
Railways 'dead zones' for mobiles, report reveals 18/10/14
Google Glass under trial by Edinburgh Airport staff 30/09/14
Contactless payments arrive on the Underground network 15/09/14
Glow in the dark roads not glowing 28/04/14
Formula E to use Qualcomm technologies in electric cars 09/0913
Nissan launches smartwatch for drivers 09/09/13
Car hackers use laptop to control standard car 26/07/13
Electric car charging points in garages and drivewasys get 75% subsidy 19/02/13
Every new car connected to web by 2014 12/02/13
Plan for electric car charging points across Scotland 06/02/13
Toyota sneak previews self-drive car 04/01/13
Nissan steer-by-wire cars set for showrooms by 2013 17/10/12
Will driverless cars mean computer crashes? 01/10/12
Driverless car bill is signed in California at Google headquarters 26/09/12
Talking cars tested in Michigan to cut road accidents 22/08/12
Surfing the web above the clouds 14/05/12
Blind-spot safety technology should be mandatory 19/04/12
Local Motion's electric cars target Silicon Valley HQs 14/03/12
In-car internet 'to become norm' in survey about future 05/01/12
How close are we to a crash-proof car? 07/12/11
Can train technology re-invent the wheel? 18/10/11
Urbee 3D printed car goes on display in Canada 21/09/11
Ferrari says no to making electric cars 18/08/11
Should electric cars be made to go 'vroom'? 17/05/11
Lasers could replace spark plugs in car engines 24/04/11
London Underground's mobile plans hit buffers 01/04/11
Construction begins on supercar 07/02/11
A future without car crashes? 07/02/11
Motorbikes 'to get safe driving aids' 25/01/11
'Road train' technology trials get rolling 18/01/11
Hi-tech accelerates the future of cars 09/01/11
Snow business: how technology helps firms beat weather 02/01/11
Car or computer? How transport is becoming more connected 26/11/10
Manchester Airport body scanners in all three terminals 14/10/10
Google tests cars that drive themselves 09/10/10
Small, lightweight city car 20/09/10
Smart cars to mean safer driving 17/09/10
Pioneering software cuts European train delays 16/07/10
Scientists to present car for blind drivers next year 03/07/10
Hack attacks mounted on car control systems 17/05/10
Car that drives itself gets closer to reality 23/04/10
First Great Western to have first on-board TV service 14/04/10
Driverless trains in subway plan 13/04/10s
Beijingers get back on their bikes 11/03/10
How computers took over our cars 11/02/10
The driverless taxi of the future 25/11/09
Oyster roll-out early next year 17/11/09
Road trains get ready to roll 09/11/09
F1 designer unveils electric car 05/11/09
'quick test' for airport liquids 20/10/09
Speed cameras used in A80 upgrade 19/10/09
'Naked' scanner in airport trial 13/10/09
Car harnesses fighter jet technology 12/09/09
Cutting traffic with driverless cars 10/09/09
Text drive film to 'shock' pupils 16/08/09
Free wi-fi for airport travellers 21/07/09
Pictograms make motorway debut 06/07/09
Japan rethinks silent hybrid cars 03/07/09
E-borders 'travel chaos' warning 30/06/09
Satellite tracking for school bus 21/04/09
How do traffic lights work? 17/04/09
Drivers catch green lights 'wave' 14/04/09
New designs for future ambulances 07/04/09
Microwaves improve fog landings 25/03/09
Ryanair allows mobile phone use 19/02/09
System to help winter crashes 12/02/09
Queue-busting sat-nav developed 02/07/08
First digital images on motorway 19/02/08
Nokia aiming to banish paper maps 11/02/08
Mobile phones allowed on Ryanair 30/08/06
Hi-Tech adverts to arrive on the Tube 21/06/06
'Phones on Tube' plan goes ahead 16/04/06
Seamen sail into biometric future 04/11/04
Barcelona clubbers get chipped 29/09/04
Easy 3D x-rays for airport security 09/06/04
Holographic announcers at Luton airport 01/01/11
Obama on airport security scans and scanners 11/11/10
Moscow's full body scanners in action 14/12/09
Face scanners launched at airport 14/11/09