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NSA phone data collection 'illegal', US court rules 07/05/15
French parliament approves new surveillance rules 06/05/15
Bionic drone bird aims to take flight 26/01/15
'Snoopers' charter' revival on hold as redraft demanded 27/1/15
Tech rivals join Microsoft in fight over US data demand 17/12/14
Security firms uncover 'sophisticated' Regin spyware 24/11/14
Twitter sues US government over spying 7/10/14
US NSA and UK GCHQ can spy on smartphones 08/09/13
US declassifies phone-snooping order 01/08/13
US House votes to continue NSA's phone surveillance 25/07/13
Spike in government surveillance of Google 13/11/12
Social media snooping powers out of date 24/04/12
Web surveillance plans create 'nation of suspects' 19/04/12
Internet surveillance - how officials may boost their powers 06/04/12
Project reveals UK GPS jammer use 22/02/12
US senator calls for answers on phone 'snooping' 02/12/12
How much privacy can smartphone owners expect? 22/11/11
Fulham FC introduces tablet CCTV 14/09/11
Caught on camera 25/08/11
'Smart' CCTV could track rioters 23/08/11
Surrey school plans to put CCTV cameras in pupils loos 17/05/11
Who is watching you on CCTV? 27/11/10
New CCTV technology senses aggression from sound 30/10/10
Commons motion over Birmingham CCTV cameras 14/06/10
Defence lab reveals ultimate CCTV 28/05/10
US school accused of web spying 19/02/10
Teachers complain of 'e-spying' 12/02/10
MEPs condemn Nokia Siemens 'surveillance tech' in Iran 11/02/10
Council CCTV cameras 'treble in 10 years' 18/12/09
CCTV scheme to protect staff in four Welsh hospitals 15/12/09
Cash prizes for catching CCTV criminals 04/12/09
Call for review of CCTV systems 04/12/09
UK surveillance plan to go ahead 09/11/09
Council 'spied on woman 21 times' 05/11/09
Camera boosts RAF's Afghan crews 08/10/09
Big Brother is watching you shop 02/10/09
Surveillance state 'a good thing' 30/09/09
Bus CCTV could predict assaults 24/09/09
Mobile data show friend networks 17/08/09
Lib Dems demand curbs on 'spying' 10/08/09
Junior school defends toilet CCTV 22/07/09
Councils still abusing spy laws 21/07/09
School's CCTV 'Big Brother-ish' 21/07/09
UAE Blackberry update was spyware 21/07/09
Staff 'spied on' by scanner claim 16/07/09
Rail staff face 'smile police' 11/07/09
Call for limits on web snooping 10/07/09
T-goers monitored by night vision 02/07/09
Camera plan for 'crime hotspots' 02/07/09
ID scheme is an 'embarrassment' 01/07/09
Hi-tech helps Iranian monitoring 22/06/09
Slump prompts workplace snooping 11/06/09
China defends screening software 09/06/09
When employers become watchers 01/06/09
Camera grid to log number plates 22/05/09
The technology of surveillance 21/05/09
Watching while you work and play 15/05/09
Phone firm customers warned over data 15/05/09
Surveillance fears for the UK 05/05/09
Agency denies internet spy plans 04/05/09
CCTV scheme to cut NHS violence 24/04/09
CCTV cars snap distracted drivers 11/04/09
Call for a watch on the watchers 03/04/09
Web founder's 'snooping' warning 11/03/09
Pubs say CCTV is business threat 20/02/09
Police CCTV to deter dirty staff 19/02/09
Big Brother cameras grow big ears 12/02/09
Warning over 'surveillance state' 06/02/09
Pupil withdrawn over toilets CCTV 24/01/08
UK e-mail law 'attack on rights' 09/01/09
Private firm 'may run' phone log 31/12/08
You can run ... but can you hide? 27/10/08
Giant database plan 'Orwellian' 15/10/08
Data powers behind the times 15/10/08
Phonetaps 'breached privacy law' 02/07/08
CCTV cameras taught to listen 24/06/08
Phone calls database considered 20/05/08
Council admits spying on family 10/04/08
Rise of the cyber doormen 15/02/08
Clegg attacks surveillance UK 06/02/08
Who watches the watchers? 06/02/08
Bug row raises 'Big Brother' questions 05/02/08
Watching the detectors 23/01/08
Phonecalls and texts to be logged 01/10/07
Surveillance is a threat to UK 20/09/07
When the net is watching you 31/08/07
Watching me, watching you 22/08/07
Yob incidents soar in rural areas 10/06/07
Police chief's Orwellian fears 20/05/07
Warning over 'talking CCTV' plans 01/05/07
Hi-tech threat to private life 26/03/07
MPs probe surveillance society 22/03/07
How we are being watched 03/11/06
Britain is 'surveillance society' 02/11/06
Radio tags spark privacy worry 16/10/07
Outrage at Zimbabwe bugging plan 31/08/06
US judge rules wiretaps illegal 18/08/06
CCTV debate urged 20/05/06
Spying software watches you while you work 29/04/04
How the boss might be monitoring you 12/03/04