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Blu-ray successor plan unveiled by Sony and Panasonic 29/0713
ReRAM competes to be tech's next memory chip standard 28/01/12
IBM scientists unveil Racetrack memory chip prototype 06/12/11
Global data storage calculated at 295 exabytes 11/02/11
Computer memory heralds green PCs 25/01/11
Memristor goes into mass production 02/09/10
Should you store treasured data on diss? 28/05/10
Smartphones to get novel memory material 30/04/10
The mystery of the mega-selling floppy disk 28/04/10
Cloud computing to double by 2012 26/04/10
Sony to stop selling floppy disks from 2011 26/04/10
Hard drive evolution could hit Microsoft XP users 09/03/10
Crystals hold super computer key 18/10/09
Call for rethink on data storage 15/10/09
Toshiba joins Blu-ray disc camp 10/08/09
Rosetta stone offers digital lifeline 29/07/09
Low power portable computers 05/06/09
How to fit 300 DVDs on one disc 20/05/09
Testing times for data deletion 19/05/09
Missile data found on hard drives 07/05/09
Optical disc offers 500GB storage 27/04/09
Finn creates USB 'finger drive' 17/03/09
fresh start for lost file formats 13/02/09
Amazon launches new Kindle reader 09/02/09
The dark side of the flash drive 06/01/09
Harnessing the power of 'clouds' 20/06/08
Switch paves way for super iPods 16/04/08
IBM races to make hi-tech memory 10/04/08
Toshiba drops out of HD DVD war 19/02/08
Q&A: Death of a format 19/02/08
Double boost for Blu-ray backers 12/02/08
Blu-ray future limited for some 14/01/08
Blu-ray supporters scent victory 08/01/08
Warner backs Sony Blu-ray format 07/01/08
Tiny chips flash memory advance 23/10/07
Drive advance fuels terabyte era 15/10/07
How the CD was developed 17/08/07
Compact disc hits 25th birthday 17/08/07
Fast forward for computer memory 13/07/07
Blockbuster to focus on Blu-ray 18/06/07
Testing the limits of hard disk recovery 22/05/07
Currys to eject audio cassettes 08/05/07
Colour barcode system to hit DVDs 19/04/07
PCWorld says farewell to floppy 30/01/07
No ceasefire in DVD format war 09/01/07
Making storage a virtual reality 25/10/06
Future of the hard drive is secure 06/10/06
Double disc might end hi-def war 20/09/06
Stalemate for high-def DVD war 11/08/06
Memory chip threat to hard disks 21/07/06
Magnetic memory chip unveiled 10/07/06
Warnings over USB memory sticks 27/04/06
Next generation DVD battle begins 19/04/06
Power boosts for future gadgets 18/10/05
Hard drives for 'terabyte lives' 11/06/05
Tiny drives set for space boost 05/04/05
Portable media gadgets get moving 09/01/05
Is music safe on compact disk? 27/08/04
Hard drive speed limit reached 22/04/04
Thanks for the memory - but I need more! 20/09/04
Britons growing 'digitally obese' 09/09/04
Tiny hard drive packs a big punch 09/01/04
Plastic promises dense data store 28/11/03
Self destructing DVDs 15/07/03
The rise of the keyring storage device 28/04/03
R.I.P floppy disk 01/04/03
The DVD format feud 21/10/02
Atomic memory developed 01/10/02
Molecular chip promises much 10/09/02
IBM's hot tip for data storage 12/06/02