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Java still contains security flaws, experts claim 14/01/13
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Microsoft launches Office in the cloud 28/06/11
Third-party Twitter applications under threat 14/03/11
Real-time computing goes from Wall Street to High Street 01/10/10
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Microsoft Office 2010 goes on sale worldwide 15/06/10
Open source marks a new era for African independence 31/05/10
Microsoft Office 2010 takes aim at Google Docs 12/05/10
Microsoft debuts 'fix it' program 19/04/10
Apple clamps down on code tools 13/04/10
Computers find male voices harder to recognise 04/03/10
Microsoft offers browser choice 19/02/10
Pressure mounts to phase out Internet Explorer 6 02/02/10
Microsoft Word 'sales ban' begins 12/01/09
US company sues China for Green Dam 'code theft' 06/01/10
Microsoft ends 10-year fight with Europe on browsers 16/12/09
Bing teams up with Wolfram Alpha 12/11/09
Microsoft reveals new-look MSN 04/11/09
Outlook set for more open future 27/10/09
Days numbered for card counters 09/10/09
This website will self-destruct 12/08/09
Is free the new pay? 03/08/09
Handset apps: is there gold in the code? 24/07/09
Apps to be as big as internet 20/07/09
Symbian to develop mobile apps 16/07/09
Microsoft Office takes to the web 14/07/09
OLPC software to power aging PCs 24/06/09
Microsoft offers free anti-virus 24/06/09
Wolfram 'search engine' goes live 18/05/09
Microsoft keeps tabs in a crisis 29/04/09
Adobe Flash secures set-top deal 20/04/09
Hunting Easter eggs in software 09/04/09
Microsoft launches latest browser 19/03/09
Web browsers battle at festival 17/03/09
UK government backs open source 25/02/09
Open source question for schools 26/01/09
Microsoft steps up browser battle 26/01/08
Calls for open source government 21/01/09
US shuts down 'scareware' sellers 12/12/08
Facebook rolls out site browser 02/12/08
Microsoft to battle in the clouds 27/10/08
Google launches internet browser 02/09/08
Internet Explorer gets makeover 28/08/08
Firefox aims for download record 17/06/08
Microsoft's standards bid stalled 10/06/08
Adobe launches Acrobat community 02/06/08
Sceptics question Microsoft move 22/05/08
$100 laptop platform moves on 16/05/08
Adobe opens up Flash on mobiles 02/05/08
Microsoft unveils its web vision 23/04/08
Ubuntu 'reaping Linux dividend' 21/04/08
Call for clarity on code patents 21/03/08
Microsoft puts net at its heart 07/03/08
Microsoft targets the mobile web 04/03/08
Final goodbye for early web icon 29/02/08
New search powers lead Firefox 3 26/02/08
Microsoft set to open up software 21/02/08
Computer software terms 'unfair' 19/02/08
Google android phones make debut 11/02/08
MySpace opens doors to developers 30/01/08
Open source search effort starts 07/01/08
Web icon set to be discontinued 28/12/07
Microsoft accused on net browser 14/12/07
Google pushes into mobile phones 05/11/07
Google opens up social networking 31/10/07
Schools warned off Microsoft deal 26/10/07
MySpace opens door to developers 18/10/07
Russian schools move to Linux 09/10/07
Pursuing needles in digital haystacks 04/10/07
Adobe challenges word on the web 01/10/07
Microsoft bows to pressure on XP 28/09/07
Cash reward for Facebook programs 18/09/07
Microsoft tries free office suite 02/08/07
Microsoft to reflect UK dialects 13/06/07
Google's e-mail for universities 11/06/07
Apple announces Windows browser 11/06/07
Getting the most from open source 08/06/07
Ask re-writes web search rules 06/06/07
Online and offline worlds merge 31/05/07
Making plans for the web's future 23/05/07
Software giants move in on SMEs 15/05/07
Free tool offers 'easy' coding 14/05/07
Microsoft aims to double PC base 19/04/07
Adobe unveils Flash video control 16/04/07
Trying to break the Google habit 12/04/07
Browser aims to open up the web 09/04/07
Do small firms need big software? 02/04/07
Open source gets European boost 17/01/07
Second Lifers get hands on game code 09/01/07
D.I.Y. developers to make X-box games 13/12/06
10 years of Flash 12/12/06
Community websites take Wiki path 12/12/06
A quick tour around Windows Vista 30/11/06
Web censorship bypass unveiled 27/11/06
Microsoft eyes Office switch test 20/11/06
Sun releases Java to the world 13/11/06
Charity shuns open source software 08/11/06
Browsers go head-to-head 26/10/06
Firefox browser for web 2.0 age 24/10/06
Microsoft's browser gets upgraded 19/10/07
Google pushes into Office space 11/10/06
Tesco moves into software market 01/10/06
Net browser promises private surf 01/09/06
Joke generator raises a chuckle 23/08/06
Microsoft shuts down Windows 98 11/07/06
Microsoft opens up on file styles 06/07/06
Making hit music into a science 15/06/06
Windows gets big security update 13/06/06
Google launches web based spreadsheet 06/06/06
Microsoft debuts security package 31/05/06
Microsoft reveals Vista checklist 19/05/06
Age morphing software is the latest craze 15/05/06
Microsoft to give access to code 26/01/06
End nears for Mac version of IE 19/12/05
Overhaul for Firefox web browser 29/11/05
Software cannot stop cheating 22/11/05
Microsoft warns of latest flaws 09/11/05
Mobiles to get their own anti-virus software 02/09/05
New web software tool to help the colour blind 17/08/05
Vista opens on Microsoft Windows 22/07/05
Software patent bill thrown out 06/07/05
How schools can get free software 01/07/05
Virtual shopping programme set up 20/06/05
Microsoft warns of critical flaws 15/06/05
Brazil adopts open-source software 02/06/05
If you agree... click here 14/03/05
Software easily identifies drugs 06/03/05
Open source slam patents 03/02/05
Software watching while you work 25/01/05