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Robogami: the future of robotics?

Bionic drone bird aims to take flight 26/01/15
The robots moving into your house 08/01/15

Robots face new test of creative abilitiest


Antarctic sub gauges sea ice thickness

Bionic arm restores sense of feeling 9/10/14
Thailand's ex-PM develops food robot to test Thai food 30/09/14
Strands project develops robot security guards 28/08/13
First talking robot sent into space 04/08/13
Swimming robot reaches Australia 05/12/12
Shape-shifting robot made by MIT scientists 04/12/12
Robot learns to recognise itself in mirror 15/05/12
Perfume-puffing robot sniffs out social media mentions 15/05/12
Print your own robots developed in US 04/04/12
Swimming robots break world distance record in Pacific 14/03/12
The latest developments in robot research 16/03/12
Robotic prison wardens to patrol South Korean prison 25/11/11
Why are humans scared of robots? 14/11/11
Robot tweets from outer space 25/08/11
RoboCup for soccer playing robots kicks off 08/07/11
Robots develop language to 'talk' to each other 24/05/11
Robots venture inside Fukushima 18/04/11
Microsoft Kinect-powered robot to aid earthquake rescue 24/02/11
Robots to get their own internet 09/02/11
NZ mine explosion: Second robot to resume search 23/11/10
A walk of fame for George the robot 17/11/10
'Robot carers' developed in Bristol laboratory 08/11/10
The robot that reads your mind to train itself 25/10/10
UK robots prepare for world cup 25/10/10
Sensitive touch for 'robot skin' 13/09/10
Unmanned helicopter in development 27/08/10
Terminator bots aim to give web shoppers the right fit 21/07/10
Three-legged dogs aid robot study 01/07/10
Bat studies to aid roving robots 11/05/10
robot-inflicted injuries studied 07/05/10
Robot trainer benefits stroke patients 18/04/10
Down on the farm with the robots 11/03/10
Ocean robot 'plans experiments' 24/02/10
Can battlefield robots take the place of soldiers? 08/02/10
How unmanned drones are changing modern warfare 01/02/10
Iraq insurgents 'hack into video feeds from US drones' 17/12/09
Robot 'helps make pharmacy safer' 14/12/09
Robots used at £26m British Library store 03/12/09
Forces considering drone aircraft 26/11/09
China plans for humanoid Olympics 06/11/09
'Whiskers' may help robots touch 26/10/09
The robot guiding Tom's writing 16/10/09
Robot fish could prevent crashes 02/10/09
Military robot 'hops' over wall 15/09/09
Robots to revolutionise surgery 09/09/09
Call for debate on killer robots 03/08/09
Robotic firefighting team debuts 28/07/09
Australia seeks new army robots 14/07/09
Giant Gundam robot stalks Japan 08/07/09
Mechanical mandible aids research 30/06/09
Sub will explore undersea borders 26/05/09
Can robots ever be like humans? 24/05/09
Robot sub aims for deepest ocean 06/05/09
'Reactorsurus' to rip up station 05/05/09
Robots of the future unveiled 17/04/09
Robo-scientist's first findings 02/04/09
Makers meet up in Newcastle 17/03/09
Robot planes take to the skies 12/03/09
'Worm' probes radioactive pipes 18/02/09
Japanese firms unveil 'robocop' 22/01/09
When underwater robots go to work 28/12/08
What became of the personal robot? 16/12/08
Robots speed up foresnsic testing 12/12/08
Actor robots take Japanese stage 26/11/08
Test explores if robots can think 12/10/08
Rat-brain robot aids memory study 13/08/08
Robots scale new heights 08/07/08
Punk-loving robots pogo for science 04/07/08
Frigid robot eyes top tech prize 12/05/08
US army develops robotic suits 16/04/08
Robots fly into Antarctic skies 19/03/08
The 'big daddy' of space robots 13/03/08
Plan to teach baby robot to talk 28/02/08
Robots could reduce animal tests 15/02/08
Machines to match many by 2029 16/02/08
Robot boosts hip surgery success 10/02/08
Makeover for Europe's Mars robot 08/02/08
Robot glider harvests ocean heat 08/02/08
Robots to collect dangerous data 23/01/08
i-Snake will transform surgery 29/12/07
Robotic arms take home top award 20/12/07
Robot teddy to help sick children 29/11/07
Robot cars race around California 05/11/07
Google backs private Moon landing 13/09/07
The robotic boat that can find its way home 04/09/07
Under the knife ... the online way 30/08/07
Robot vehicles take on tough jobs 10/08/07
Robots battle for military prize 31/07/07
Robot to carry out heart surgery 20/07/07
How is a controlled explosion carried out? 04/07/07
Robot sub explores giant canyon 19/06/07
Design boost for European rover 12/06/07
Bear robot rescues wounded troops 07/06/07
Move to create less clumsy robots 29/05/07
Critical review for Mars rover 21/05/07
'Guessing' robots find their way 10/05/07
Robot nose given keen smell sense 02/05/07
Robot future poses hard questions 24/04/07
Caterpillar robot treats hearts 18/04/07
Robotic baby helps trainee nurses 12/03/07
Robotic age poses ethical dilemma 07/03/07
robot pharmacist helps hospital 05/03/07
Walking robot steps up the pace 02/03/07
Emotion robots learn from people 23/02/07
March of the consumer robots 11/01/07
Robot heading for Antarctic dive 28/12/06
Army to get bomb disposal robots 28/12/06
Robots could demand legal rights 21/12/06
Dancing robots turn to the future 18/10/06
Cricket machine masters bowling 06/10/06
Snake arm robots slither forward 13/09/06
'Robo-somellier' offers wine tips 04/09/06
'Chatty' George talks himself up 03/09/06
Robot device mimics human touch 08/06/06
Robot shows children how to move 01/06/06
Mars robots to get smart upgrade 28/05/06
Wheels turn for Mars rover project 12/05/06
What happened to the 'robot age'? 27/01/06
Dextrous mini robots to aid operations 26/01/06
Robotic vessels against pirates 14/12/05
New breed of 'fish-bot' unveiled 06/10/05
Domestic robot to debut in Japan 30/08/05
Squirrel robot helps with mobile calls 26/08/05
Thin skill will help robots 'feel' 15/08/05
Japanese develop female android 27/07/05
Robots to rescue Hubble 02/06/05
Robo-docs boost London hospitals 18/05/05
US robot builds copies of itself 11/05/05
Robots to help out blind shoppers 04/05/05
US plans robot troops for Iraq 23/01/05
Humanoid robot learns how to run 16/12/04
Robotic pods take on car design 10/12/04
Robot medicine dispenser unveiled 28/06/04
Action robot to copy human brain 29/04/05
Robot bollards to take control 28/04/04
Robo ride makes British debut 06/04/04
Oil exploration by remote control 05/04/04
Robot trumpets Toyota's know-how 11/03/04
Bionic legs give soldiers a boost 11/03/04
Robo-talk helps pocket translator 04/03/04
Bomb disposal robot unveiled 17/02/04
Dr R2D2 will see you now 17/02/04
Honda's humanoid robot hits UK 16/02/04
Robot balloons could be exploring Mars 11/02/04
Robot op 'shortens hospital stay' 01/02/04
New robot helps hospital 19/01/04
Robot dives for crash recorders 13/01/04
Next generation robots take the plunge 09/01/04
'Robot Tarzan' helps forest work 29/12/03
McDonald's axes robot retailers 12/11/03
Farewell lawnmower... hello robot 21/10/03
Robots without a cause 17/06/03
Robot heart surgery a success 19/05/03
Robots get cheeky 17/02/03
Robot rescuers ready to roll
Robot care bears for the elderly 21/02/02
Robot heart surgery set for UK 28/01/01