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Samsung reveals new Exynos smartphone and tablet chip 23/07/13
IBM chip aims to use light to speed up internet services 10/12/12
Nvidia chip aims to power fastest supercomputer 15/05/12
AMD unveils Trinity processors 15/05/12
Arm's latest processors aim to stretch internet's reach 13/03/12
Silicon rival MoS2 promises small, low-energy chips 05/12/11
Intel shows off its Knights Corner one teraflop chip 16/11/11
ARM's new GPU chip design aims toboost mobile graphics 10/11/11
ARM chip promises cheaper smartphones 19/10/11
IBM produces first 'brain chips' 18/08/11
Intel unveils 22nm Ivy Bridge processor 04/05/11
Nanowire processor signals route to ever-smaller chips 10/11/02
Microsoft shows Windows running on Arm chips 06/01/11
Intel unveils controversial PC upgrade scheme 21/09/10
Mobile chips battle for processing power 20/09/10
Intel hopes new chipset will change PC industry 13/09/10
Mistakes in silicon chips to help boost computer power 25/05/10
Intel unveils 48-core cloud computing silicon chip 03/12/09
GPUs: the next frontier in film 20/10/09
Overclocking: How low can you go? 01/10/09
Intel shows chips can get smaller 23/09/09
Quantum leap for faster computers 19/09/09
Multi-core processing 30/10/08
Intel details new core chip line 20/08/08
Supercomputer sets petaflop pace 09/06/08
Computer speeds up college work 02/06/08
Nvidia debuts chips for tiny PCs 02/06/08
Chips pass two billion milestone 04/02/08
An industry built on sand 17/12/07
Getting more from Moore's Law 13/11/07
Shrinking chips use novel recipie 12/05/07
Graphics chips rev up research results 09/11/07
Drive advance fuels terabyte era 15/10/07
Big future beckons for tiny chips 19/09/07
Tiny wind engines cool computers 15/08/07
Chips stack up in third dimension 12/04/07
Fastest supercomputer to be built 07/09/06
Supercomputers set processor pace 14/11/05
Intel makes light work for chips 12/02/04
Intel chips get power boost 02/02/04
Chip launch ushers in new era 23/09/03
Computer chips pushed to edge 26/02/03
Smaller, smarter PC cards ahead 21/02/03