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Facebook bows to Belgian privacy ruling over cookies

NSA phone data collection 'illegal', US court rules 07/05/15
Samsung's smart TVs fail to encrypt voice commands 21/2/15
Lenovo taken to task over 'malicious' adware 21/2/15
'Snoopers' charter' revival on hold as redraft demanded 27/1/15
Tech rivals join Microsoft in fight over US data demand 17/12/14
Dutch data watchdog threatens Google with 12m fine 16/12/14
Facebook's government user data requests up 24% 6/11/14
Theresa May: We need to collect communications data 'haystack' 16/10/14
BBC to publish 'right to be forgotten' removals list 18/10/14
Call to stop Facebook privacy policy change 06/09/13
US NSA and UK GCHQ can spy on smartphones 08/09/13
Facebook to compensate users for sharing details on ads 27/08/13
Police numjber plate camera scheme broke law in Royston 24/07/13
Apple, Google and other tech giants demand spying openness 19/07/13
Data requests by UK authorities rose in 2012 18/07/13
Leveson: Internet needs new privacy laws 07/12/12
Google privacy changes in breach of EU law 01/03/12
How much privacy can smartphone owners expect? 22/11/11
Facebook changes privacy options 23/08/11
Google gets privacy 'to-do' list from watchdog 17/08/11
Online photos can reveal our private data 03/08/11
Germans question Facebook tagging privacy 03/08/11
Twitter's European boss warns users may face court 25/05/11
iPhone tracks users' movements 20/04/11
Privacy group wants Google cash 01/04/11
Lord West urges email snooping crackdown 03/03/11
Twitter messages not private rules PCC 08/02/11
Google fights Spanish privacy order in court 20/01/11
Facebook U-turns on phone and address data sharing 18/01/11
2010, the year that privacy died? 31/12/10
Privacy project uses cryptography to reduce shared info 09/12/10
Groups applaud ush to boost policing of web privacy 13/11/10
UK MPs question Google over Street View data breaches 29/10/10
Privacy body to re-examine Google 24/10/10
Google in breach of privacy law 19/10/10
Profits killing personal privacy 12/10/10
EU Commission takes UK to court over web privacy 30/09/10
Google Android apps found to be sharing data 30/09/10
Online profile spring cleaning 24/09/10
Street View prompts privacy code in Germany 20/09/10
TalkTalk rapped for failing to talk about malware trial 07/09/10
Blizzard backs down over gamers using real names 09/07/10
Facebook moves to limit application's access to data 01/07/10
Fading data could improve privacy 16/06/10
Google accused of criminal intent over StreetView data 09/06/10
Facebook reveals 'simplified privacy changes 26/05/10
Facebook challenged by ambitious upstarts 21/05/10
Facebook mulls U-turn on privacy 19/05/10
Google downplays wi-fi privacy row 18/05/10
Google admits wi-fi data collection blunder 15/05/10
Managing your privacy on Facebook 14/05/10
Facebook downplays privacy crisis meeting 14/05/10
Google answers privacy questions 11/05/10
Google rolls out privacy reset for Buzz social network 05/04/10
Facebook removing stalker applications 16/03/10
Warning of rise in microchips in council bins 05/03/10
US school accused of web spying 19/02/10
Google Buzz 'breaks privacy laws' says watchdog 17/02/10
How online life distorts privacy rights for all 08/01/10
Airport body scanners to get code of conduct 05/10/10
Facebook faces criticism on privacy change 10/12/09
Facebook gives users more control of privacy 09/12/09
Switzerland takes Google to court 13/11/09
UK surveillance plan to go ahead 09/11/09
Brussels criticises UK on privacy 02/11/09
School fingerprint system delayed 16/10/09
Palm criticised over pre privacy 13/08/09
Facebook 'breaches Canadian law' 17/07/09
Facebook criticised over privacy 03/07/09
Campaigners warn of user data creep 06/04/09
Net firms start storing user data 06/04/09
EU presses for web users' privacy 31/03/09
Social sites dent privacy efforts 27/03/09
Call to 'shut down' Street View 24/03/09
Big websites urged to avoid Phorm 23/03/09
Google pulls some street images 20/03/09
Web founder's 'snooping' warning 11/03/09
New guidelines on behavioural ads 04/03/09
British 'careless' with liberties 28/02/09
Privacy please 26/02/09
Whose data is it anyway? 20/02/09
Pubs say CCTV is business threat 20/02/09
Judge dismisses Google lawsuit 19/02/09
Privacy law call in Facebook row 18/02/09
Big Brother cameras grow big ears 12/02/09
Privacy groups slam new rules 12/02/09
Warning over 'surveillance state' 06/02/09
Pupil withdrawn over toilets CCTV 24/01/08
UK e-mail law 'attack on rights' 09/01/09
Private firm 'may run' phone log 31/12/08
New privacy group to shape policy 20/11/08
Used mobile devices reveal data 28/09/08
Public must assert data rights 24/09/08
French to fight police database 26/09/08
UK government responds on Phorm 16/09/08
Google to dump user data earlier 09/09/08
Sale of bank data alarms Germany 20/08/08
Privacy worry over location data 14/08/08
Spy fear over e-mail check plan 13/08/08
MEPs back contested telecoms plan 08/07/08
Google faces 'Street View block' 04/07/08
Phonetaps 'breached privacy law' 02/07/08
Google accused over privacy law 03/06/08
Facebook violates privacy laws 31/05/08
Fears over advert system privacy 15/04/08
Search engines warned over data 07/04/08
Web creator rejects net tracking 17/03/08
Phorm illegal says policy group 17/03/08
Open Rights Group questions Phorm 12/03/08
Users offered ad tracking choice 11/03/08
Ad system 'will protect privacy' 06/03/08
Private data, public interest? 29/02/08
Personal data privacy 'at risk' 21/02/08
Facebook faces privacy questions 18/01/08
Researchers plunder social networks 15/01/08
Privacy rights fragile in 2007 31/12/07
Ask rolls out search privacy tool 11/12/07
Protests force Facebook to change 30/11/07
Technology's challenge to privacy 04/10/07
Phonecalls and texts to be logged 01/10/07
Surveillance is a threat to UK 20/09/07
Concern over DNA database access 17/09/07
Google calls for web privacy laws 14/09/07
Facebook dismisses privacy fears 12/09/07
Facebook opens profiles to public 06/09/07
All UK 'must be on DNA database' 05/09/07
When the net is watching you 31/08/07
Watching me, watching you 22/08/07
Monster attack steals user data 21/08/07
Web search engines get personal 08/08/07
Search sites tackle privacy fears 23/07/07
Unruly students' Facebook search 17/07/07
Google cookies will auto delete 17/07/07
Net growth prompts privacy update 30/06/07
Hyper-personal search possible 20/06/07
ID cards 'to be UK institution' 19/06/07
A journey into personal privacy 18/06/07
Google cuts data retention rates 12/06/07
Good privacy pays for web stores 07/06/07
What search engines know about us 31/05/07
Google queried on privacy policy 25/05/07
Art project tracks Bluetooth users 22/05/07
Police chief's Orwellian fears 20/05/07
Warning over 'talking CCTV' plans 01/05/07
Employers warned on email spying 17/04/07
Hi-tech threat to private life 26/03/07
MPs probe surveillance society 22/03/07
Privacy bodies back Google step 15/03/07
Nationwide fine for stolen laptop 14/02/07
Confusion over 'data snooping' laws 14/02/07
Ipod add-on fails privacy test 18/12/06
How we are being watched 03/11/06
Britain is 'surveillance society' 02/11/06
Radio tags spark privacy worry 16/10/07
Net browser promises private surf 01/09/06
Outrage at Zimbabwe bugging plan 31/08/06
US judge rules wiretaps illegal 18/08/06
AOL apologise for data search error 08/08/06
CCTV debate urged 20/05/06
Google defies US over search data 20/01/06
Snooping fears plague new iTunes 13/01/05
Google talks up print and privacy 11/11/05
Spyware rampant in UK computers 20/10/05
California sets fines for spyware 01/01/05
HFC bank in mass e-mail blunder 25/09/04
LLoyds faces outsourcing threat 18/08/04
US moves to reign in spyware 18/06/04
Camera phones bring about security fears 11/06/04
Hard drive secrets sold cheaply 09/06/04
Google faces G-mail advert limits 28/05/04
How Soham could shape privacy laws 27/05/04
Spying software watches you while you work 29/04/04
What does the State know about us? 27/04/04
PCs infested with 'spy' programs 16/04/04
How the boss might be monitoring you 12/03/04
Firms turn to hi-tech snooping 11/03/04
New police data guidance proposal 17/02/04
Bombay plans cyber cafe controls 27/01/04
Gates forcasts victory over spam 24/01/04
Data protection guidance pledge 14/01/04
Data Protection Act responsible for gas deaths? 23/12/04
Top UK sites fail privacy test 11/12/03
Radio tags spark privacy worries 21/11/03
Blunkett outlines ID card plans 12/11/03
The future of airport security 12/11/03
Microsoft launches 'leak proof' e-mail 19/10/03
Snooping goes hi-tech 06/08/03
The leaky net 29/07/03
The information maze 29/07/03
US snooping plan blocked 18/07/03
Tools reveal the secret life of documents 03/07/03
Net software keeps tabs on staff 13/06/03
New rules for workplace snoopers 11/06/03
Sick of spam? This guy sends 1 billion e-mails a day! 01/06/03
Half of all e-mails are spam 31/05/03
Privacy laws hamper UK Government 19/05/03
Private investigations - privacy in the workplace 13/05/03
Hotmail limits to fight spam 27/03/03
How to avoid the online snoopers 14/03/03
New limits may allay fears on snooping 12/03/03
Beware secret cameras in the loo 11/03/03
Cautious response to 'snoop' plans 11/03/03
ASA clamps down on spam 04/03/03
MPs call for anti-spam rethink 10/02/03
The most annoying spam of 2002
Stop snoopers' free ride
Tighter rules on workplace snooping 18/11/02
Bosses step up email spying 13/10/02
EU snooping plans dwarfed by UK laws 20/08/02
School criticised for fingerprinting pupils 23/07/02
Privacy fear over ID plans 04/07/02
Police to spy on all emails 09/06/02
Privacy fears over school census 01/01/02