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Police number plate camera scheme broke law in Royston 24/07/13
UK needs more skilled cyber-crime fighters 12/02/13
Met Police to extract suspects' mobile phone data 17/05/12
Police database will share data on 15 million people 22/06/11
Helping the law make a sound case 24/04/11
Court results put on Twitter by West Midlands Police 19/04/11
Debate opens on domain closures 11/02/11
Street-level crime maps launched online 01/02/11
US style gunshot sensors installed in Birmingham 09/12/10
Police seek powers to shut websites 26/11/10
Twitter feed for all Greater Manchester Police work 14/10/10
The problem with e-fits 24/09/10
Welsh police 'report card' to go online 11/03/10
Police review computer security after Royal data leak 17/02/10
Crimes to be reconstructed in 3D 14/01/10
Police test Bluetooth on shoppers 15/12/09
Web limit on police 'naming and shaming' of criminals 03/12/09
Police open up to social media 20/11/09
Website plots area-by-area crime 20/10/09
Police win data deletion appeal 19/10/09
Police forces adopt smartphones 16/10/09
Phone texts to target knife crime 05/10/09
PC jailed for illegal data checks 11/09/09
On the digital front line of policing 09/09/09
People given web policing choices 09/08/09
Police have filmed 900 'suspects' 24/07/09
Camera grid to log number plates 22/05/09
Police enlist eBay in crime fight 13/05/09
Time limits on innocent DNA data 07/05/09
Q&A: the national DNA database 07/05/09
DNA Database: Key case studies 07/05/09
Body cameras to help fight crime 16/04/09
CCTV cars snap distracted drivers 11/04/09
Police fight back on laser threat 08/04/09
Headcams for Derby police 11/02/09
Google search finds missing child 09/01/09
Police encouraged to hack more 05/01/09
Robots speed up foresnsic testing 12/12/08
City gets 'crime-detecting' CCTV 10/12/08
Government defeat on DNA database 05/11/08
French to fight police database 26/09/08
Police hail 'Blackberries' switch 28/08/08
Police look to digital switchover 25/06/08
Police videos posted on YouTube 23/04/08
Officer puts speeding clip on web 01/04/08
State-of-the-art mortuary opened 19/03/08
Team focuses on web paedophiles 02/03/08
Murder police send mobile appeals 11/02/08
Mobile CCTV cameras tackle crime 05/02/08
CCTV cameras for police uniforms 21/01/08
Officer jailed for database abuse 11/01/08
Debating ethics of DNA database 09/01/08
Police DNA data review launched 09/01/08
CCTV could track branded suspects 03/12/07
Animated e-fit boosts recognition 26/11/07
Chief wants global DNA searches 12/11/07
Police ordered to delete records 01/11/07
Hi-tech fines to save police time 01/08/07
Police bridge checks on vehicles 20/07/07
Police checks on Wimbledon passes 28/06/07
Innocent man's DNA profile stored 20/06/07
New powers to store suspects' DNA 01/01/07
Police to fingerprint on the streets 22/11/06
Digital prints speed up detection 05/09/06
Police decryption powers 'flawed' 14/08/06
PDAs to aid officers on the beat 16/11/05
Police unveil new custody suite 15/11/05
Offenders database to cut crime 19/08/05
Cameras track criminals on the move 19/07/05
Police forensic super unit opens 17/06/05
New e-fit system more accurate 15/06/05
Policeman checked data on friends 10/05/05
Drunken crime database launched 04/05/05
System 'to save police millions' 31/03/05
New police system 'problematic' 29/03/05
Force starts virtual ID parades 24/03/05
Police start camera scan network 23/03/05
Virtual police staion on line 17/03/05
Software easily identifies drugs 06/03/05
Computer system speeds up courts 15/12/04
Police will phone for crime help 10/12/04
Crash halts police print checks 03/12/04
Police given help to share data 06/11/04
Numberplate scan nets criminals 03/11/04
Accolade for cyberspace policing 25/10/04
Tracker combats car crime 13/10/04
New police database launched 12/12/03
India police network against crime 15/06/02
Force amongst worst on case results 04/02/02