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Virtual mirror set to hit clothes shops 09/11/11
Virtual touch helps keyhold surgeons to 'feel' tumours 17/08/11
3D interactive journey into the Great Pyramid of Khufu 30/07/11
Virtual London 2012 Olympics off starting block 22/01/11
Web surveillance maps global disease trends 19/01/11
Earth project aims to 'simulate everything' 28/12/10
PC 'rebuilds Rome in a day' using pictures from Flickr 25/11/10
Impact 'catastrophe calculator' updated 03/11/10
Computers show how wind could have parted Red Sea 21/09/10
Supercomputer clue to black holes 25/08/10
Design for an autonomous unicycle 20/01/10
Students can enter virtual world to test school design 15/12/09
Cryo-egg to predict sea levels 11/12/09
Software models aid gene expression toxin study 07/12/09
Astronomers release galactic collision game 25/11/09
Greenland ice loss 'accelerating' 12/11/09
Virtual reality tackles 'shell shock' 18/10/09
Crowd control gets intelligent 15/10/09
Constructing a virtual building site 17/10/09
Mathematics to build cancer model 29/09/09
Castle 'rebuilt' in virtual world 17/08/09
Wiping data 'hits flu prediction' 19/05/09
Simulators 'make surgeons better' 14/05/09
Simulated brain closer to thought 22/04/09
Digital model aids ship relaunch 07/04/09
Risk-free virtual anaesthetics 19/03/09
Simulations key to doctor training 16/03/09
Simulation targets early cosmos 12/02/09
System to help winter crashes 12/02/09
Video game helps with fire drill 04/02/09
'Body double' aids stroke victims 17/01/08
Virtual worlds with real purpose 28/11/08
Google Earth revives ancient Rome 12/11/08
The baby being used to train medics 03/11/08
Award for surgical imaging system 31/10/08
Saving lives in a virtual world 27/10/08
Astronauts to get virtual therapy 14/10/08
Treating cancer in a virtual world 10/10/08
Games less virtual, more reality 25/09/08
Hi-tech future for ancient Roman town 12/09/08
Models reveal 'geology of Games' 11/09/08
Seabed archaeology goes virtual 09/08/08
Real lessons from virtual battle 29/08/08
Exploring the virtual ant colony 18/08/08
Virtual building site work begins 03/09/08
Real racing in the virtual world 11/06/08
Florida's hurricane simulator 07/06/08
Web worlds 'useful' for children 23/05/08
Virtual bike improves safety 22/05/08
Climate prediction: no model for success 06/05/08
CyberCarpet opens way to Pompeii 14/04/08
World computer used to fight HIV 04/04/08
Virtual tube ride 'paranoia hope' 31/03/08
Virtual world for virtually Irish 13/03/08
Virtual pregnancy helps train midwives 28/01/08
Nasa investigates virtual space 18/01/08
Pilots train without taking off 14/01/08
Virtual bodies aid surgery skills 02/01/08
Graphics chips rev up research results 09/11/07
Overcoming your virtual fears 22/10/07
Sabretooth's surprising weak bite 02/10/07
Technology powers F1 Williams team 01/10/07
Sketching out a better gaming future 26/09/07
Dingo had measure of Tassie tiger 07/09/07
T.rex would outrun footballer 21/08/07
Virtual game is a disease model 21/08/07
Ten year climate model unveiled 09/08/07
Uk forecasts to zoom in on towns 27/07/07
Ancient Rome brought back to life 12/06/07
Simulator may cut friendly fire 18/05/07
Digital mapping captures Glasgow 14/05/07
Arctic ice melts faster than models 30/04/07
Mouse brain simulated on computer 27/04/07
Robotic baby helps trainee nurses 12/03/07
Virtual treatment for US troops 19/02/07
Models key to climate forecasts 02/02/07
PCs forecast climate future 18/01/07
Super computer tackles bird flu 21/07/06
Age morphing software is the latest craze 15/05/06
Grid searches for avian flu cure 05/05/06
Error strikes BBC climate model 19/04/06
Black hole mergers modelled in 3D 19/04/06
How junk food will make kids age 30/06/05
Biggest ever cosmos simulation 01/06/05
Police create computer model in hunt for Diana clues 16/02/05
Weather gets 3D gaming makeover 23/08/04
Software aids future tennis stars 07/07/04
Virtual island ecology simulation 24/06/04
Climate film put to computer test 22/06/04
Work to start on space simulator 24/04/04
US military creates second earth 23/02/04
Giant dinos 'floated' in water 11/12/03
Earth simulator delights scientists 01/10/03
Virtual reality brings past to life 12/02/04
Virtual future for ancient relics 04/06/03
Soldiers train on giant simulator 27/11/02