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Fewer drivers punished for mobile use 17/04/15
Sharp creates 4K smartphone screen 14/04/15
Mobile firms and government agree deal to reduce 'not-spots' 18/12/14
Government crackdown on mobile 'notspots' 6/11/14
Railways 'dead zones' for mobiles, report reveals 18/10/14
Smartphone beacons beckon you on London's Regent Street 29/04/14
Green phone boxes to charge mobile phones in London 8/10/14
Apps for attacks: Software to combat anxiety disorders 29/04/14
Many Britons have no plans to use 4G 02/08/13
Moto X 'always listening' phone launched by Google's Motorola 01/08/13
Phone anti-theft put through paces in New York 19/07/13
Faltering Facebook phone's Europe launch delayed 24/05/13
Mobile phone sales fell in 2012 13/02/13
US phone unlocking deadline expires 28/01/13
China mobile users warned about large botnet threat 15/01/13
Payments by text message service to launch in UK in spring 2014 15/01/13
Nigerian texters to take on the drug counterfeiters 11/01/13
Cheap smartphones global market grows 11/01/13
Sony unveils bath-friendly smartphone 08/01/13
Ubuntu operating system comes to Android smartphones 02/01/13
Cyber thieves profit via the mobile in your pocket 12/11/12
HtC and Sharp unveil devices with next-generation screens 18/10/12
Six billion mobile phone subscriptions in the world 12/10/12
Android phone 'wipeout' security flaw exposed 01/10/12
Kenya to switch off 'fake' mobile phones 26/09/12
Mobile phone 'bill shock' to be tackled by Ofcom 01/03/12
Syria 'bans iPhones' over protest footage 02/12/12
Why going online on smartphones can be costly 18/11/11
Smartphone scams: Owners warned over malware apps 07/11/11
This is the future calling 11/10/11
Mobile phones help to target disaster aid, says study 02/09/11
Mobile internet use nearing 50% 31/08/11
Mobile phones could soon be powered by walking 24/08/11
Antenna clothes help phone signal 23/08/11
Third of adults use smartphones 04/08/11
Mobile 'pinging' claim raises legal questions 14/07/11
Companies harness mobile phones to protect staff 17/06/11
Google to show off mobile wallet for Android phones 25/05/11
Mobile wallet offered to UK shoppers 20/05/11
Flexible phone made from electronic paper to debut 06/05/11
Companies 'need to secure and control mobile devices' 05/05/11
Mobile phone flirting is hotting up 21/04/11
Russia's new smartphone lays down challenge for GPS 21/04/11
Mobiles fall prey to hack attacks 20/04/11
iPhone tracks users' movements 20/04/11
Mobile phone users 'overpaying by £200' per year 11/04/11
UK's slowest mobile towns mapped 06/04/11
Near Field Technology is trialled for payment in shops 07/04/11
London Underground's mobile plans hit buffers 01/04/11
Criminals target mobile devices and social networks 05/04/11
How safe is your smartphone? 15/03/11
Smartphones and apps added to inflation basket 15/03/11
Ofcom says mobile users to benefit from rate cuts 15/03/11
Android hit by rogue app viruses 03/03/11
Mobile phones affect the brain 23/02/11
Advertisers want to dominate your phone 20/02/11
Older generation demand smarter mobile phones 18/02/11
Touchless payment coming to mobile phones 16/02/11
First PlayStation phone unveiled by Sony Ericsson 14/02/11
Orange customers of Everything Everywhere get mobile payments 27/01/11
Mobiles attract hi-tech thieves 21/01/11
T-Mobile cuts mobile data usage 11/01/11
Microsoft investigates 'phantom' Windows Phone 7 data 10/01/11
Mobile phone firms get go-ahead for 3G switchover 06/01/11
Hackrs crack open mobile network 31/12/10
MHealth: Mobile technology brings healthcare home 27/12/10
Phone calls used to redefine UK regions 09/12/10
Is your phone at risk from cyber criminals? 12/11/10
Mobile phone money-back rights secured 10/11/10
Facebook eyes mobile domination 03/11/10
Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7 11/10/10
Initiative aims to supply millions of mobiles to women 07/10/10
Smart specs unite world and data 08/10/10
Smart vision for mobile phones in the developing world 21/09/10
Mobile chips battle for processing power 20/09/10
Orange and T-Mobile merge networks 06/09/10
Orange rolls out high definition voice for mobiles 01/09/10
iPhone at risk from security flaw 04/08/10
Call to check on mobile network security 30/07/10
Stolen phone database targets mobile phone thieves 23/07/10
Over 5 billion mobile connections worldwide 09/07/10
Microsoft pulls plug on Kin phone 01/07/10
How dangerous is it to walk, talk and listen? 01/07/10
Health advice smartphone app launches in South Africa 25/06/10
Unlimited data deals on mobiles wither away 24/06/10
Apple issues advice to avoid iPhone flaw 25/06/10
Kenya registers mobile phones to cut crime 21/06/10
San Francisco set to pass cell phone radiation law 16/06/10
Apple shows off redesigned iPhone 07/06/10
Dynamo power to recharge handsets 03/06/10
Mobile phone scam targets polar numbers 28/05/10
Old mobile phones 'could be worth cash' 26/05/10
Smartphones take world by storm 19/05/10
WHO study on mobile phone cancer risk 'inconclusive' 16/05/10
What is the etiquette of mobile phones in meetings? 14/05/10
Mobiles banned from cabinet 13/05/10
Nokia and Microsoft take aim at Blackberry 05/05/10
Intel shows off Atom processors for smartphones 05/05/10
Call for tighter control of mobile phones in schools 29/05/10
Smartphones to get novel memory material 30/04/10
Nokia launches first open source Symbian phone 27/04/10
Study to probe mobile health risk 22/04/10
Texting eclipses calling among US teenagers 20/04/10
Microsoft debuts 'social phone' 12/04/10
Mobile application sales to reach $17.5bn by 2012 17/03/10
Mobile boom fuels health work in developing countries 11/03/10
Mobile that allows bosses to snoop on staff developed 10/03/10
Lip reading mobile promises end to noisy phone calls 05/03/10
Pupils in England and Wales to get 'download lessons' 04/03/10
Microsoft offers first Google Android mobile phone app 04/03/10
EU moves to prevent 'shock' mobile internet bills 01/03/10
Mobile phones become smarter in 2010 19/02/10
BBC to offer iPhone apps for news and sport 17/02/10
Facebook launch 'Zero' site for mobile phones 16/02/10
Vodafone launch 'world's cheapest phone' 15/02/10
Intel and Nokia merge software to create MeeGo 15/02/10
Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7 Series for mobiles 15/02/10
Government calls for action on mobile phone crime 11/02/10
Quantum trick for pressure-sensitive mobile devices 09/02/10
Facebook dominates UK mobile use 05/02/10
Hi-tech battle with mobile phone exam cheats 03/02/10
Nokia launches Ovi maps to challenge sat-navs 21/01/10
Text reminder to take epilepsy tablets 16/01/10
Mobile phone radiation 'protects' against Alzheimers 07/01/10
Speculation rife on Google phone 04/01/10
Wrexham revellers sent anti-crime message by phone 16/12/09
Police test Bluetooth on shoppers 15/12/09
4G mobile phone network comes to Scandinavia 14/12/09
Guardian newspaper charges for iPhone app 14/12/09
More drivers using mobile phones since penalty change 11/12/09
Mobile phones 'have not increased brain cancers' 04/12/09
India blocks millions of mobiles for security reasons 01/12/09
A mobile phone 'alcohol tracker' is to be launched 01/12/09
Mobile phones are ticket to ride 26/11/09
Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U suspend smartphone 24/11/09
Jam mobile phone signals in prisons, says inspector 23/11/09
New iPhone worm can act like botnet say experts 23/11/09
EU cracks down on mobile services 17/11/09
Worm attack bites at Apple iPhone 09/11/09
Nokia recalls 14m phone chargers 09/11/09
Orange gives cash for old mobiles 04/11/09
Smartphones start doing medical rounds 03/11/09
Egypt seeks ethical mobile users 29/10/09
Massive call for mobile rate cut 28/10/09
Police forces adopt smartphones 16/10/09
Microsoft launches Windows phones 06/10/09
Action urged on mobiles coverage 06/10/09
Mobile broadband feels the strain 05/10/09
Phone texts to target knife crime 05/10/09
Flash moves on to smart phones 05/10/09
Open internet rules criticised 22/09/09
iPhone app for fresher students 18/09/09
Mis-sold mobile crackdown starts 16/09/09
Texts warn against bad behaviour 11/09/09
Mobile phone ID fraud increases 08/09/09
Text drive film to 'shock' pupils 16/08/09
Palm criticised over pre privacy 13/08/09
Africa's mobile banking revolution 12/08/09
Mobile phones get augmented vision 11/08/09
Mobile phone for Welsh-speakers 04/08/09
Mobile music for teens who top up 29/07/09
French mobile mast debate raging 24/07/09
Pedal power for Kenya's mobiles 24/07/09
Apps to be as big as internet 20/07/09
Kenyan mosque jams mobile calls 17/07/09
Symbian to develop mobile apps 16/07/09
iPhone rolls out purity ring app 15/07/09
Facebook driving mobile net use 14/07/09
Mobile phone directory site down 13/07/09
Anytime tourism advice launched 08/07/09
New kit 'boosts mobile signal' 01/07/09
Cost of texting abroad comes down 01/07/09
Uganda gets free Google text tips 30/06/09
Universal phone charger deal done 29/06/09
Vodaphone launches signal booster 24/06/09
Africa pioneers mobile bank push 15/06/09
Mobile phone directory to launch 09/06/09
HP test mobile social network 10/06/09
Texting disease away 02/06/09
Academics tot up costs of mobiles 22/05/09
Phone firm customers warned over data 15/05/09
Alarm bells ring over 'sexting' 15/05/09
Text lifeline to help disabled people 11/05/09
Giant leap looms for mobile bugs 23/04/09
Is the mobile web coming of age 20/04/09
CCTV cars snap distracted drivers 11/04/09
Testing times for mobile phones 09/04/09
UK mobile operators told to share 08/04/09
Under-10s allowed mobile phones 31/03/09
iPhone users to get Skype service 30/03/09
European mobile data prices set 26/03/09
iPhone games platform 24/03/09
Jail for phone death crash driver 19/03/09
Mobile users at risk of ID theft 18/03/09
Apple unveils new iPhone features 18/03/09
Deals drive mobile money services 16/03/09
Texting peer freed after appeal 12/03/09
Pupils admit mobile phone attacks 05/03/09
Nokia confirms US phone problem 02/03/09
Ryanair allows mobile phone use 19/02/09
Mobile broadband next-gen battle 18/02/09
Universal charger for phones plan 17/02/09
'Mobile health' campaign launched 17/02/09
Microsoft, Nokia offer app stores 16/02/09
New service is all in a day's SMS 11/02/09
Mobiles connect across the waves 03/02/09
IPhone gets a touch screen rival 23/01/08
New phone features 'baffle users' 19/01/09
Palm unveils smartphone at show 09/01/09
Smartphones drive mobile markets 29/12/08
How an old phone can make you money 26/12/08
Smart mobile can turn on heating 03/12/08
Europe backs mobile roaming cap 28/11/08
Ubuntu set to debut on netbooks 17/11/08
Texting bug hits the Google phone 11/11/08
Texts tackle HIV in South Africa 24/10/08
Handsets to become crime targets 17/10/08
Mobile phones cause skin rash 16/10/09
Software blocks car phone users 14/10/08
Mobile tracking reveals spending 08/10/08
Used mobile devices reveal data 28/09/08
New step in mobile phone banking 24/09/08
EU to slash more mobile charges 23/09/08
Google's Android mobile unveiled 23/09/08
Text driving 'worst than drink' 18/09/08
Mobiles combat Kenyan polio outbreak 18/09/08
Parents want texts from schools 12/09/08
BBC iPlayer offered on Nokia N96 08/09/08
Nokia launches music phone in UK 03/09/08
Crackdown on phone using drivers 27/08/08
Mobile development rings true 14/07/08
Touch mobile's revolutionary rise 11/07/08
Mobile web reaches critical mass 10/07/08
Mobile firms hit roaming deadline 01/07/08
Spain treats child phone addicts 13/06/08
Low prices boost mobile data use 12/06/08
Apple announces cheaper 3G iPhone 09/06/08
Speculation mounts for new iPhone 06/06/08
Mobile phones expose human habits 04/06/08
The future of money goes mobile 30/05/08
NI tops for mobile music choice 22/05/08
Plan for changes in the way we pay 13/05/08
Adobe opens up Flash on mobiles 02/05/08
Free game hopes to save gorillas 29/04/08
Strong demand for mobile phones 25/04/08
The mobile future is calling 26/04/06
Signal boost for mobile phones 22/04/08
Cyber criminals to target mobiles 21/04/08
Nokia pushes 4G wireless plans 15/04/08
Europe clears mobiles on aircraft 07/04/08
Cuba lifts curbs on mobile phones 28/03/08
Approval for mobiles on aircraft 26/03/08
Beijing investigates spam attack 24/03/08
Mobile calls on Emirates flights 20/03/08
Crackdown on mobile mis-selling 18/03/08
Pupils reveal mobile snapshot 13/03/08
Google bets on Android future 28/02/08
Nokia morphs itself from within 27/02/08
Cancer link to heavy mobile use 18/02/08
Why the future is in your hands 18/02/08
Text scams warning to youngsters 15/02/08
Google android phones make debut 11/02/08
EU to warn firms on text charging 11/02/08
Murder police send mobile appeals 11/02/08
Mobile world pushes new services 11/02/08
Mobile firms to block child porn 11/02/08
Mobiles not brain cancer risk 06/02/08
Bluetooth posters target visitors 06/02/08
The mobile web takes off 01/02/08
Google improves mobile search 30/01/08
Quarter of US iPhones unlocked 29/01/08
Phone mast delayed after protest 27/01/08
Mobiles linked to disturbed sleep 21/01/08
Mobile customers 'waste billions' 19/01/08
The invisible computer revolution 17/01/08
Yahoo chief opens the mobile web 08/01/08
Intel predicts the personal net 08/01/08
Mobile phone cashback 'rip-off' 20/12/07
Hands-free ban for company staff 20/12/07
Shock at $85k mobile phone bill 13/12/07
Ethiopians get texting in Amharic 12/12/07
Music industry betting on mobiles 08/12/07
London starts digital cash trial 28/11/07
S Korea probes cell phone death 28/11/07
Carphone misleading over iPhone 28/11/07
Europeans hang up on fixed lines 28/11/07
T-Mobile to open up iPhone sales 21/11/07
Apple iPhone fever begins to grow 08/11/07
How smart does your phone need to be? 08/11/07
Google's Android 06/11/07
Google pushes into mobile phones 05/11/07
Skype made free to use on mobiles 29/10/07
Mobile phone use backed on planes 18/10/07
Apple to open up iPhone software 17/10/07
Bible download for mobile phone 02/10/07
Phonecalls and texts to be logged 01/10/07
The whole of the net in your hand 01/10/07
Qualcomm faces competition probe 01/10/07
Apple iPhone warning proves true 28/09/07
Apple warning on unlocked iPhones 25/09/07
Old mobile spectrum to be freed 20/09/07
Vandal filmed damaging sports car 19/09/07
O2 wins iPhone contract in the UK 18/09/07
Cancer doubt remains over mobiles 12/09/07
Mobile industry holds its breath 11/09/07
Mobile system promises free calls 11/09/07
Mobiles for the world's poorest 10/09/07
Mobile phone technology turns 20 07/09/07
Bluetooth being used for thefts 07/09/07
Hospital mobile bans must stay 06/09/07
Unlocking the locked phone debate 04/09/07
Mobiles to become digital wallets 03/09/07
Traffic checks on mobile phones 31/08/07
Mobile phones eroding landlines 22/08/07
Tracking carbon through your phone 22/08/07
Hospital allowing patient mobiles 19/08/07
Home cells signal mobile change 26/07/07
Phone mast allergy 'in the mind' 25/07/07
Google sidesteps mobile reports 03/08/07
EU moves to cut roaming charges 30/07/07
Firms snub mobile for elderly 18/07/07
T-Mobile must open Truphone lines 16/07/07
Legal row over wireless calling 13/07/07
Beating congestion with mobiles 29/06/07
Apple's iPhone makes it to stores 29/06/07
Mobile phones 'offensive weapons' 26/06/07
Glimpsing the mobile future 04/06/07
Designing mobiles for the world 28/05/07
Sony handheld to offer net calls 23/05/07
Success for Everest mobile effort 22/05/07
Wi-fi signals big change for mobiles 18/05/07
Students create 'sensual' phones 14/05/07
Hyper connected generation rises 09/05/07
Linux evolves for mobile devices 08/05/07
Cameraphone use impacts graphics 18/04/07
Mobiles to check patients' health 18/04/07
EU backs mobile roaming fee cut 12/04/07
More than 300 drivers used mobile 10/04/07
Mobile staff 'lacking knowledge' 03/04/07
Money transfer service wows Kenya 03/04/07
Everest mobile call effort begins 02/04/07
BBC offers its shows via mobiles 29/03/07
Walkers warned over mobile phones 29/03/07
Google agrees mobile deal with LG 28/03/07
School exam revision goes digital 20/03/07
Mobile targets the 50+ generation 17/03/07
No need for hospital mobile ban 14/03/07
Migrant workers gain mobile banks 08/03/07
Mobiles switch on with biofuels 08/02/07
School mobile phone ban ruled out 06/02/07
The cost of calling abroad 18/01/07
How mobile phones have changed Kenyan society 09/01/07
Mobile phone captures Iraq's cruelty 03/01/07
Mobiles still ringing in New Year 23/12/06
Iphone surprises technology world 18/12/06
Do mobile phones cost the Earth? 01/12/06
Emirates to debut mobile calls 08/11/06
Train firm to issue phone tickets 24/10/06
Mobiles have 'key role for young' 22/10/07
Mobiles to help track diseases 17/10/06
Youngsters reliant on mobiles 19/09/06
Mobile phones allowed on Ryanair 30/08/06
Hospitals told not to ban mobilies 14/07/06
'Phones on Tube' plan goes ahead 16/04/06
3G mobiles 'change social habits' 23/03/06
Shaping the media with mobiles 04/08/05
Child warning over mobile phones 11/01/05
Mobiles in aircraft edge closer 17/09/04
Mobiles kill off more phone boxes 03/09/04
Hospitals 'should allow mobiles' 01/07/04
New generation embraces mobilies 22/06/04
Mobile usage shows gender split 02/06/04