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Smartphone consultations with GPs in digital health plan

IBM and Apple want to share how you are with others 14/04/15
Inflatable baby incubator wins James Dyson Award 6/11/14
Digital hearing aids 'distort recorded music' 29/10/14
Google is developing cancer and heart attack detector 29/10/14
Bionic arm restores sense of feeling 9/10/14
Virtual patient under the knife on hi-tech operating table 24/05/12
Warning over medical implant attacks 10/04/12
Manchester Royal Infirmary surgeons first to use 3D 02/04/12
Experts propose free access online to medical records 23/12/11
Better hospital IT 'would save thousands of lives' 18/10/11
Artificial blood vessels created on a 3D printer 16/09/11
Microchip implant monitors tumour growth 31/08/11
Virtual touch helps keyhold surgeons to 'feel' tumours 17/08/11
GPs should target men through Facebook and phone apps 13/06/11
£7bn NHS electronic records 'achieving little' for patients 18/05/11
Brain scans fuel hope of early Alzheimer's detection 14/04/11
Keeping recoveries 'on track' 13/05/11
New post-mortem method developed 02/03/10
Printing out new ears and skin 21/02/11
Device could revolutionise blood pressure monitoring 21/02/11
Medics learn breast surgery online 06/02/11
MHealth: Mobile technology brings healthcare home 27/12/10
Painless laser device could spot early signs of disease 27/09/10
Health advice smartphone app launches in South Africa 25/06/10
Drive to buy 'Sat nav' of brain surgery 28/05/10
Patients shown DVDs as distraction during surgery 06/05/10
Robot trainer benefits stroke patients 18/04/10
Don't dismiss 'cyberchondriacs' 24/02/10
Artificial pancreas hope for children with diabetes 05/02/10
Text reminder to take epilepsy tablets 16/01/10
Robot 'helps make pharmacy safer' 14/12/09
Mapping the unborn baby's brain in 3D 30/11/09
Fear of cuts to NHS medical technology budgets 25/11/09
Tiny chip could diagnose disease 18/11/09
Medical debut for smart band aid 17/11/09
Computer device 'helps' diabetics 11/11/09
Smartphones start doing medical rounds 03/11/09
The dangers of internet drugs 09/09/09
Robots to revolutionise surgery 09/09/09
Battling swine flu in cyberspace 13/08/09
Tories plan access to NHS files 09/08/09
Pump helps to repair girl's heart 28/07/09
Phone gadget to diagnose disease 22/07/09
E-presecription system goes live 14/07/09
Patient helps pioneer CyberKnife 13/07/09
Vibrating siren tested by doctors 03/07/09
Texting disease away 02/06/09
Simulators 'make surgeons better' 14/05/09
Mannequin making medicine safer 06/05/09
Doctors welcome malaria microchip 23/04/09
Fears over web health revolution 20/04/09
GPs warn on internet drug sales 16/04/09
Hospital to buy 'robotic surgeon' 11/04/09
New designs for future ambulances 07/04/09
Intel works with GE on healthcare 02/04/09
Risk-free virtual anaesthetics 19/03/09
Simulations key to doctor training 16/03/09
Bionic eye gives blind man sight 04/03/09
Buddying up to help beat cancer 22/02/09
£10.5m to cut 999 response times 18/02/09
'Mobile health' campaign launched 17/02/09
NHS boss attacks e-records system 13/02/09
Cancer at 33 is very lonely 06/02/09
Computer chips may 'repair' nerve 04/02/09
X-ray surgery 'lacking' in UK 03/02/09
Monitoring mental health by text 31/12/08
Warning over internet painkillers 05/12/08
Surgeon saves boy's life by text 03/12/08
Virtual hospitals - the NHS's future 26/11/08
Men warned over counterfeit drugs 12/11/08
Cancer scan uses radar technology 12/11/08
Google searches track flu spread 12/11/08
Award for surgical imaging system 31/10/08
Saving lives in a virtual world 27/10/08
Texts tackle HIV in South Africa 24/10/08
Treating cancer in a virtual world 10/10/08
Computers could read mammograms 01/10/08
Mobiles combat Kenyan polio outbreak 18/09/08
Stroke patients to test sensors 15/09/08
The tech watching our wellbeing 04/07/08
Video games get into shape 02/07/08
Innovation transforming NHS care 02/07/08
Hospital risk from radio tags 24/06/08
Lifelike dummy for medic training 24/06/08
New spectrum to improve health 06/05/08
Bionic eye 'blindness cure hope' 21/04/08
How new technology is helping hospitals 18/04/08
Patients get an instant result 14/04/08
New diabetes monitor via internet 12/03/08
Test to spot early glaucoma signs 06/03/08
Software spots 'missed' diabetes 25/02/08
Games therapy for burns victims 25/02/08
Heart-check beds to be developed 23/02/08
PC beats doctor in scan tests 22/02/08
Computers 'spot Alzheimer's fast' 22/02/08
Virtual health care gets UK trial 31/01/08
Virtual pregnancy helps train midwives 28/01/08
Alzheimer's helmet therapy hope 25/01/08
Online drug shopping widespread 10/01/08
Pacemaker to stop faints fitted 08/01/07
Virtual bodies aid surgery skills 02/01/08
NHS e-records programme launched 31/12/07
i-Snake will transform surgery 29/12/07
Call to limit whole body scan use 19/12/07
Camera 'aids memory loss fight' 11/12/07
Robot teddy to help sick children 29/11/07
Amputees 'regain sense of touch' 27/11/07
'Super' scanner shows key detail 26/11/07
Success for email eye diagnosis 12/11/07
Traffic light rating for patients 07/11/07
Net giants test web health 24/10/07
Warning on internet health advice 17/10/07
Digital x-rays to be rolled out 09/10/07
Wi-fi update helps eye doctors 05/10/07
Expert heart monitoring from a distance 29/09/07
3D face scans spot gene syndromes 09/09/07
Sleuth to detect heart problems 06/09/07
Hospital mobile bans must stay 06/09/07
Under the knife ... the online way 30/08/07
Digital art aids health checkups 07/08/07
3D ultrasound boon for heart ops 27/07/07
Digital TV booking scheme for GPs 22/07/07
Milestone for unique bionic hand 17/07/07
Ethiopia's high speed hospitals 16/07/07
Smart clothes to monitor health 11/06/07
X-ray technology in the 21st century 30/05/07
Design win for Alzheimer's tool 29/05/07
Telephone heart checks a success 27/05/07
Research opens way for bionic eye 24/04/07
Caterpillar robot treats hearts 18/04/07
Mobiles to check patients' health 18/04/07
Scanner spots deadly blood clots 13/04/07
Home access to NHS records plan 15/03/07
Robotic baby helps trainee nurses 12/03/07
Personal health websites sought 07/03/07
Hospitals pick hi-tech clipboard 21/02/07
'Tagging' improves patient security 16/02/07
Website to offer surgery choice 23/01/07
Computers aid cancer detection 25/09/06
Virtual animal testing 24/07/06
'Bionic' limb breakthrough made 03/07/06
GPs launch innovative Podcasts 21/06/06
New technology is aiding medicine 24/12/05
Digital plaster monitors health 17/06/05
Diabetes websites 'too complicated' 10/09/04
Smart bandage to help diabetics 09/09/04
Virtual veins give nurses a hand 20/08/04
Virtual 3D heart to treat babies 18/08/04
Heart treatment from a distance 11/08/04
Nano silicon boosts tumour fight 18/06/04
Texts to monitor patient progress 14/06/04
Hospital tests barcoding patients 07/06/04
E-nose could sniff out infections 22/05/04
GPs' computers 'miss drug errors' 14/05/04
X-rays to be stored on computer 10/05/04
DNA computers to fight disease 29/04/04
Nanobots to fight the big C 29/04/04
Computer games could aid hearing 01/04/04
UN urges stand on internet drugs 03/03/04
Dr R2D2 will see you now 17/02/04
Robot op 'shortens hospital stay' 01/02/04
Nanowires could aid diagnosis 24/01/04
New robot helps hospital 19/01/04
Physical perils of gaming 01/11/03
Microchips could do away with pills 19/10/03
Tests of bionic arm implant start soon 17/10/03
Smart screens sample DNA 17/10/03
Patients set to book appointments online 08/10/03
Vast digital health archive opens 06/10/03
Smart pens aim for better health 04/09/03
Photo message plan to save lives 12/08/03
Satellites join Ebola hunt 18/07/03
Smart sensor 'sniffs' out cancer 11/07/03
'Smart' hip could treat itself 09/07/03
Microchip promises smart artificial arms 15/06/03
Smart seat could spot DVT risk 11/06/03
Black box technology to aid transplants 07/06/03
Robot heart surgery a success 19/05/03
'RoboDoc' paves the way for safer heart operations
Patients warned over internet drugs 07/04/03
Texting doctor cuts waiting time 25/03/03
Students get healthcare via TV 17/03/03
Scientists develop 'brain chip' 12/03/03
X-rays get digital treatment 12/03/03
Mobiles used to monitor asthma
Stethoscope faces digital future
Technology allows in-flight care 19/12/02
Coming soon: health inventions that could change our lives 09/02/03
Beware 'e-thrombosis': it could be terminal 29/01/03
Kidney operations performed by robots 06/10/02
Clever pacemaker rings the doctor
Turbocharged net to spot brain disease 25/04/02
Robot injection tested on TV 07/03/01
Robot helps out with knee surgery 03/10/02
Satellite imagery can help prevent epidemics 15/07/99