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'Snoopers' charter' revival on hold as redraft demanded 27/1/15
Obama makes push for stronger cyber security laws 14/01/15
Deal forcing Microsoft to offer browser choices ends 18/12/14
BBC to publish 'right to be forgotten' removals list 18/10/14
Social media laws to be discussed in wake of prosecutions 11/10/12
EU data protection law proposals include large fines 25/01/12
Anti-internet piracy law adopted by Spanish government 03/01/12
Google and Facebook warn against new US piracy legislation 16/11/11
BT and TalkTalk to appeal Digital Economy Act 07/10/11
Cookie law deferred for one year 25/05/11
Copyright law digital makeover 18/05/11
Cyber-stalking laws: police review urged 01/04/11
Digital Economy Act court challenge fails 20/04/11
Net giants challenge French data law 06/04/11
Government to rethink Digital Economy Act's web blocks 01/02/11
Home Office mulls data law change 30/11/10
Net providers get Digital Economy Act judicial review 10/11/10
UK copyright laws to be reviewed, announces Cameron 04/11/10
California looks to outlaw online impersonation 24/08/10
BT and TalkTalk challenge Digital Economy Act 08/07/10
Judge guidelines to be put on web 01/07/10
San Francisco set to pass cell phone radiation law 16/06/10
Lords pass controversial internet piracy bill 16/03/10
France ponders right-to-forget law 08/01/10
Thousands of shopping websites 'could be breaking the law' 18/12/09
Runescape creator pursues 'phishing thieves' 30/11/09
Protests grow over digital bill 24/11/09
European MPs vote on new telecoms law 24/11/09
Firms issued TV licence warning 01/10/09
Broadband tax to be made law 23/09/09
French 'pass' piracy legislation 15/09/09
Websites breaking consumer laws 09/09/09
French reject internet piracy law 09/04/09
'Three-strikes' law for net users 27/03/09
Privacy law call in Facebook row 18/02/09
'Mickey Mouse' FOI bids refused 13/01/09
UK e-mail law 'attack on rights' 09/01/09
MEPs back contested telecoms plan 08/07/08
Europe votes on anti-piracy laws 07/07/08
Peers back data recklessness law 23/04/08
Call for clarity on code patents 21/03/08
Call to regulate household CCTV 23/01/08
Tougher data laws needed, say MPs 03/01/08
Power of Facebook affects law 18/12/07
France unveils anti-piracy plan 23/11/07
Campaigners hit by decryption law 20/11/07
US panel supports China net laws 24/10/07
Anti file-sharing laws considered 24/10/07
Phonecalls and texts to be logged 01/10/07
NZ police let public write laws 26/09/07
Q&A: WEEE Directive 01/07/07
Zimbabwe's bugging bill condemned 15/06/07
EU sets new digital media rules 25/05/07
French to limit violent net clips 07/03/07
Firm ordered to pay spam costs 06/03/07
Internet video rules misguided 05/02/07
Internet Bill of Rights proposed 01/11/06
Switch off sought for TV treaty 14/09/06
UK sets new date for e-waste law 25/07/06
Tougher hacking laws get support 07/03/06
Teen cleared over e-mail salvo 03/11/05
Many UK firms ignore spam laws 18/11/05
Software patent bill thrown out 06/07/05
US law tackles online pirates 28/04/05
California sets fines for spyware 01/01/05
Be careful what you say on the net 10/09/04
Computer crime laws need updating 30/06/04
US court bars internet porn law 29/06/04
EU's new recycling laws looming 26/05/04
Europe faces up to cyber-crime threat 24/09/04
Two arrests under camcorder law 15/04/04
Man gets 9 years for spamming 09/04/05
Fear over India call-centre fraud - how safe is your personal data? 05/04/04
MPs reassess computer crime laws 18/03/04
Governement may clarify DPA law 23/12/03
Q & A on the DPA 23/12/03
New laws on spam come into force 11/12/03
US approves anti spam legislation 25/11/03
New EU laws tackle spam 31/10/03
British library archives websites 31/10/03
How the web turned into a minefield 27/10/03
Anti-spam laws lack bite 23/09/03
UK bans spam messages 18/09/03
New rules for workplace snoopers 11/06/03
Recycling law boosts hi-tech transfer 04/06/03
Government to crack down on spam 06/05/03
eBay fined over patents 28/05/03
The London charge zone and the DP Act 21/02/03
Is it time for a law against spam? 07/01/02