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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg hits back in India row 17/04/15
Indian companies withdraw from Facebook's 16/04/15
New HTTP/2 protocol to speed up the web is approved 20/2/15
Google considers warning internet users about data risks 18/12/14
Google launches ad-free net experiment 20/11/14
BBC to publish 'right to be forgotten' removals list 18/10/14
New .wales and .cymru domain web addresses go live 30/9/14
Snail's pace web speeds stifling small firms' growth 29/04/14
Tablets drive over 65s' web use rise 29/04/14
Cybersquatters descend on Prince George domains 26/07/13
US court rules web patent claim invalid 23/07/13
Online appeal unearths historic web page 24/05/13
The rise of over-familiar websites 28/01/13
A third of poorest pupils'without internet at home' 04/01/13
Google detects fake website ID certificate threat 04/01/13
US, UK and Canada refuse to sign UN's internet treaty 13/12/12
Divisions over internet governance intensify 10/12/12
South Korea's real-name net law is rejected by court 23/08/12
Surfing the web above the clouds 14/05/12
Internet suffix application deadline looms 12/04/12
Bahrain and Belarus named 'enemies of the internet' 13/03/12
Web domains to get major overhaul with custom names 11/01/12
Is the internet rewriting history? 30/09/11
Mobile internet use nearing 50% 31/08/11
Online defamation cases in England and Wales double 26/08/11
South Korean clinic treats web addicts 01/08/11
The web strikes back 12/07/11
Icann increases web domain suffixes 20/06/11
Should internet users ever be cut off? 11/06/11
Web giants promote new IPv6 internet address system 08/06/11
Cisco predicts internet device boom 01/06/11
Web pioneers warn on over-regulation of web 25/05/11
Is the internet going to be the death of television? 13/05/11
100,000 net champions recruited 11/05/11
TalkTalk offers centralised website blocking 09/05/11s
The anti-social network: avoiding online darkness 22/04/11
European Union to investigate net-neutrality concerns 19/04/11
Government mulls UK net controls 31/03/11
Last blocks net addresses set to be shared 01/02/11
Web images to get expiration date 20/01/11
Google, Facebook and Yahoo to test new net addresses 13/01/11
BT Content Connect service faces 'two-tier net' claims 04/01/11
HTML5: the language aiming to make the web wider 29/12/10
Net neutrality rules get go ahead from US regulators 21/12/10
Net neutrality rules set for showdown in the US 01/12/10
Police seek powers to shut websites 26/11/10
Top judge says internet 'could kill jury system' 19/11/10
Minister Ed Vaizey backs 'two speed' internet 17/11/10
Internet faces turbulent times over address changes 11/11/10
3G network brings internet to Mount Everest climbers 29/10/10
Lybia takes hard line on .ly link shortening domains 06/10/10
Tim Berners-Lee calls for free internet worldwide 15/09/10
Technology allows digital nomads to work anywhere 27/08/10
Web attack knows knows where you live 03/08/10
Making sense of the web during a crisis 20/07/10
Internet has 'not become the great leveller' 15/07/10
Two million more Britons come online in last 12 months 29/06/10
Icann approves Chinese character web domains 28/06/10
FCC to toughen internet rules 18/06/10
Technology milestone heralds a more secure internet 15/06/10
Virutal life after death 22/05/10
Rogute internet firm 3FN shut down 21/05/10
Britons spend nearly 'one day a month online' 19/05/10
How to make the web work in real time 14/05/10
Internet approaches addressing limit 11/05/10
US regulators map 'third way' for net access for all 07/05/10
Historic day as first non latin web addresses go live 06/05/10
Film classification takes to the web 21/04/10
Visualising the internet 09/03/10
Internet access is 'a fundamental right' 08/03/10
Internet addiction linked to depression, says study 03/02/10
Internet TV service SeeSaw launches beta trial 26/01/10
Australia introduces web filters 15/12/09
Google includes real-time data in search results 08/12/09
Fake websites shut down by police 03/12/09
Net gets set for alphabet changes 16/11/09
UN slated for stifling net debate 16/11/09
Egypt launches Arabic web domain 16/11/09
Is the internet stifling new music? 09/11/09
Celebrating 40 years of the net 29/10/09
End of an era for early websites 26/10/09
Internet addresses set for change 30/10/09
Tens of thousands of wills online 20/10/09
Big names support net neutrality 20/10/09
Youth 'cannot live' without web 13/10/09
US urges 'cyber hygiene' effort 01/10/09
US 'to loosen' grip on internet 28/09/09
Q&A: the network neutrality debate 23/09/09
Open internet rules criticised 22/09/09
Opera browser bids for America 18/09/09
Call to get tough on eating sites 17/09/09
Microsoft Bing adds visual search 15/09/09
The dangers of internet drugs 09/09/09
Will the web run out of numbers? 01/09/09
This website will self-destruct 12/08/09
New Google puts Bing in shade 12/08/09
Rivals bid to snatch green domain 08/08/09
Defending virtual borders 07/08/09
Web addict death investigated 06/08/09
Europe's net refuseniks revealed 04/08/09
Push for instant-on web search 23/07/09
Plug-pulling ISP changes policy 24/07/09
Your country needs you connected 16/07/09
UK network 'ready' for swine flu 15/07/09
Microsoft Office takes to the web 14/07/09
School computers 'fail to filter' 13/07/09
Pair jailed for web race crimes 10/07/09
Call for limits on web snooping 10/07/09
Internet role on bug-hit cruise 09/07/09
Jackson memorial gives web boost 08/07/09
Web slows after Jackson's death 26/06/09
The rise of Hate 2.0 22/06/09
Free broadband won't entice all 10/06/09
Online push in California schools 08/06/09
US cuts off 'criminal' net firm 05/06/09
Strong reception for Google Wave 01/06/09
Microsoft promises 'search 2.0' 28/05/09
Websites 'keeping deleted photographs' 21/05/09
Rail-discount web focus condemned 18/05/09
Wolfram 'search engine' goes live 18/05/09
Google unveils new search tools 13/05/09
Net firms reject 'policing role' 12/05/09
Call to 'disconnect file-sharers' 11/05/09
Web snag for EU telecoms reform 06/05/09
Sites fail age verification check 09/05/09
Web tool 'as important as Google' 30/04/09
Plan to monitor all internet use 27/04/09
Beyonce laughs off internet hoax 24/04/09
Policing the dark side of the net 24/04/09
Google rolls out search changes 21/04/09
Fears over web health revolution 20/04/09
Is the mobile web coming of age 20/04/09
Spam 'produces 17m tons of CO2' 16/04/09
GPs warn on internet drug sales 16/04/09
Net firms start storing user data 06/04/09
Google sees voice search as core 04/04/09
Dangers that threaten the open internet 31/03/09
'Open cloud' plan sparks dissent 30/03/09
The net helps music sing new songs 26/03/09
A 3D web moves closer to reality 25/03/09
Microsoft launches latest browser 19/03/09
Egypt women blog for their rights 18/03/09
Children work round web controls 18/03/09
Web browsers battle at festival 17/03/09
Web founder looks to big changes 13/03/09
Web founder's 'snooping' warning 11/03/09
Lord Carter lays out digital plan 10/03/09
Online brand abuse 'on the rise' 09/03/09
Al Gore says domain .eco logical 06/03/09
ToysRUs pays $5m for toys domain 04/03/09
Easy login plans gather pace 22/02/09
Buddying up to help beat cancer 22/02/09
Online networking 'harms health' 19/02/09
Teens targeted in net safety push 10/02/09
Riding Tunisia's information superhighway by bus 05/02/09
How companies tackle the interweb thingie 30/01/09
Microsoft steps up browser battle 26/01/08
Britannica reaches out to the web 24/01/09
UK housewives rule in online time 31/12/08
Website age ratings 'an option' 27/12/08
US questions net overhaul plans 23/12/08
Net firms rebuff filtering plan 12/12/08
Google tells us what we look for 10/12/08
Warning over internet painkillers 05/12/08
New domain to be web's phone book 03/12/08
Web misuse teacher can work again 26/11/08
Mobile internet usage on the rise 25/11/08
Spam on rise after brief reprieve 26/11/08
First test for interplanetary net 21/11/08
Online time 'is good for teens' 21/11/08
Google unveils customised search 20/11/08
European online library launches 19/11/08
Spam plummets as gang leaves net 13/11/08
Men warned over counterfeit drugs 12/11/08
Web 2.0 or Web 2.No? 11/11/08
Boost for easier web login plans 30/10/08
Google strikes book search deal 28/10/08
The online battles for president 15/10/08
Internet use 'good for the brain' 14/10/08
Firefox users gain location tool 08/10/08
Children's web watchdog launched 29/09/08
Merged banks' names cybersquatted 17/09/08
Warning sounded on web's future 15/09/08
The web's future is village 09/09/08
Google launches internet browser 02/09/08
Two-thirds of UK homes now online 26/08/08
Intel unites the internet with TV 21/08/08
Archives aided by anti-spam tools 18/08/08
'Slow' light to speed up the net 13/08/08
Mobile web reaches critical mass 10/07/08
Internet security breach tackled 09/07/08
Online risk due to browser flaw 08/07/08
Call for web to stay open for all 07/07/08
Letters go to music file-sharers 03/07/08
Internet overhaul wins approval 26/06/08
'Shake-up' for internet proposed 23/06/08
Victim of its own success 17/06/08
Web users 'fear media intrusion' 05/06/08
Working to make the internet safe 20/05/08
OECD warns on net address change 16/05/08
Website to trace Brits in crises 16/05/08
Solving the web's image problem 14/05/08
Yahoo search to battle spyware 06/05/08
World Wide Web turns 15, again 30/04/08
Luminaries look to the future web 30/04/08
Does online video threaten the net? 29/04/08
Web in infancy, says Berners-Lee 30/04/08
Developers question Mesh openness 24/04/08
Microsoft unveils its web vision 23/04/08
The web trade in credit card details 23/04/08
Web 2.0 is set for spending boom 22/04/08
Action urged to keep net neutral 18/04/08
BBC and ISPs clash over iPlayer 09/04/08
Policing internet 'not ISP's job' 04/04/08
IOC warns China over web access 01/04/08
Web creator rejects net tracking 17/03/08
Yahoo makes semantic search shift 14/03/08
Microsoft puts net at its heart 07/03/08
Microsoft targets the mobile web 04/03/08
Team focuses on web paedophiles 02/03/08
US seeks terrorists in web worlds 03/03/08
Final goodbye for early web icon 29/02/08
Web desktop targets 'cybernomads' 28/02/08
Details emerge on YouTube block 27/02/08
New search powers lead Firefox 3 26/02/08
Adobe merge on and offline worlds 25/02/08
Domain name for Asia up for grabs 21/02/08
Net firms reject monitoring role 15/02/08
Listening to internet chatter 18/02/08
Internet Day highlights web risks 12/02/08
Providing a safety net for the web 08/02/08
Password pain look set to ease 08/02/08
New cable cut compounds net woes 04/02/08
Google troubled by Microsoft move 04/02/08
Overhaul of net addresses begins 04/02/08
The mobile web takes off 01/02/08
Severed cables disrupt internet 31/01/08
Google improves mobile search 30/01/08
ISPs new role in network control 29/01/08
Searching for the truth online 25/01/08
Estonia fines man for 'cyber war' 25/01/08
Net body issues plea for liberty 24/01/08
Teachers voice plagiarism fears 18/01/08
Sarkozy proposes new internet tax 09/01/08
Yahoo chief opens the mobile web 08/01/08
Intel predicts the personal net 08/01/08
Australia plans tough new web rules 31/12/07
A nice day for a webcast wedding 28/12/07
Web icon set to be discontinued 28/12/07
Internet necessary to Africa's growth 18/12/07
Power of Facebook affects law 18/12/07
Over-50s fear fraud on internet 17/12/07
ID sites 'aid underage drinkers' 16/12/07
Hi-tech tools divide social sites 14/12/07
How next billion will shape net 12/12/07
Digital activists expose abuse 11/12/07
Providers question 'neutral net' 07/12/07
UK net numbering project starts 26/11/07
Net gridlock by 2010 study warns 20/11/07
Content carve up of net begins 14/11/07
Website to protect forgotten cash 09/11/07
Traffic light rating for patients 07/11/07
Warning over net address limits 30/10/07
Skype made free to use on mobiles 29/10/07
New eBay site helps finance poor 24/10/07
Net giants test web health 24/10/07
New web rules for council staff 17/10/07
Argentines auction votes online 16/10/07
Web dissent on the rise in China 16/10/07
Google dominates world search 11/10/07
Universal avatars bestride worlds 11/10/07
Internet names for Asia launched 09/10/07
Internet shows face of Burma's junta 02/10/07
Search giants offer new features 02/10/07
The whole of the net in your hand 01/10/07
Pulling the plug on the internet 26/09/07
BT set to study internet novices 14/09/07
US backing for two-tier internet 07/09/07
Call to regulate the net rejected 29/08/07
Illuminating the net's Dark Ages 23/08/07
Missing persons map launched 20/08/07
Drug website safety fears raised 19/08/07
Halt e-voting says election body 02/08/07
A library bigger than any building 31/07/07
Web child fight videos cricised 29/07/07
Fast food brands hit kids online 18/07/07
The 'anti-child' grooming website 03/07/07
Two-tiered net could be coming 26/06/07
Transforming the world of online maps 22/06/07
E-vote 'threat' to UK democracy 22/06/07
Web tool to help survivors cope 15/06/07
Web inventor gets Queen's honour 13/06/07
Time for multilingual net domains 07/06/07
E-petitions should prompt votes 06/06/07
Ask re-writes web search rules 06/06/07
Europe online '24 hours a month' 04/06/07
Online and offline worlds merge 31/05/07
Children meet net friends often 30/05/07
Backing for tool to battle spam 24/05/07
Students criticise staff on net 24/05/07
Making plans for the web's future 23/05/07
Google to list top 100 searches 22/05/07
Global net censorship growing 18/05/07
Estonia hit by 'Moscow cyber war' 17/05/07
Web safety warning for children 14/05/07
The site where fans fund new bands 10/05/07
Web counting tools need change 18/04/07
Net reaches out to final frontier 13/04/07
Scots come tops for web 'Wilfing' 10/04/07
Weblogs need content warnings 10/04/07
Browser aims to open up the web 09/04/07
Wi-fi buses drive rural web use 29/03/07
Call for blogging code of conduct 28/03/07
Thousands to watch cheese check 28/03/07
Microsoft hits cybersquatters 14/03/07
Mourners bid farewell on internet 12/03/07
Net copes with key character test 12/03/07
Sony unveils its new 3D universe 08/03/07
Cats to help thwart net spammers 07/03/07
Internet slimming pills warning 01/03/07
Push for open access to research 28/02/07
Wireless users do more online 26/02/07
Net giant supports open ID scheme 19/02/07
Digital neighbourhood watch plan 15/02/07
Mexico drug gangs 'in web taunts' 14/02/07
Iraqis use internet to survive war 13/02/07
Internet plan for MTV clips 13/02/07
Net grows to meet fresh demands 09/02/07
Microsoft to back open ID scheme 08/02/07
Net safety day marked worldwide 06/02/07
Plan to list paedophile online web names 06/02/07
Tea and technology mix in Calcutta 06/02/07
Tagging takes off for web users 01/02/07
One million e-petition the PM 30/01/07
Mobile Internet use increasing 29/01/07
Criminals may overwhelm the web 25/01/07
China net use may soon surpass US 24/01/07
MySpace is sued over child safety 19/01/07
Americans embrace politics online 18/01/07
Pupils get home Internet access 10/01/07
School shock at vandal video web 03/01/07
Wikipedia Qatar ban 'temporary' 02/01/07
Wikipedia creator turns to search 29/12/06
Number 10 opens its doors online 28/12/06
Social networks top Google search 18/12/06
Nasa and Google form cosmic union 19/12/06
Big brother watches flocks online 12/12/06
Community websites take Wiki path 12/12/06
Web censorship bypass unveiled 27/11/06
Google 'aids doctors' diagnoses' 10/11/06
Tough talk on net language issue 02/11/06
International net domains 'risky' 30/10/06
Firefox browser for web 2.0 age 24/10/06
Making the web accessible for all 20/10/06
US shows signs of net addiction 18/10/06
Internet user admits 'web rage' 17/10/06
EU threat to internet freedom 16/10/06
Warning over 'broken up' Internet 11/10/06
Internet control nears autonomy 29/09/06
Internet crime to hit homes hard 25/09/06
Internets future in 2010 debated 24/09/06
TV embraces the online clip age 22/09/06
Pupils reminded of Internet safety 20/09/06
Online postage service launched 19/09/06
Mobiles put the web in your hands 15/09/06
Call to ban pro-suicide websites 09/09/06
Real world tests for net calling 31/08/06
How the Web went world wide 03/08/06
How the Internet transformed business 03/08/06
Child online safety card unveiled 02/08/06
Rewriting the Net address books 14/06/06
Help is at hand for web security 09/06/06
Web users to patrol US border 02/06/06
Police investigate 'hate' website 29/05/06
Building on the future of the Web 22/05/06
The rights and wrongs of .XXX 22/05/06
Central Park to be a wireless hub 17/05/06
Warning on search engine safety 12/05/06
Big holes in net's security revealed 28/04/06
Web suicide pacts surge in Japan 09/02/06
Tesco launches net call service 19/01/06
Internet lamposts to be trialled 04/01/06
Internet TV to boom in Europe 22/11/05
Internet phone calls on the rise 03/11/05
Blatant copying in coursework 02/110/5
US internet use rises as do fears 28/10/05
Rail internet access picks up speed 26/10/05
UK resists radical net overhaul 20/10/05
Babies for sale on Chinese e-bay 20/10/05
Web enjoys year of biggest growth 10/10/05
Treating China's online addicts 10/09/05
US rejects changes to net control 30/09/05
Nets biggest changes loom large 23/09/05
Maturing net growing more slowly 26/08/05
Spyware makes people wary online 07/07/05
'Geek-speek' confuses net users 06/04/05
China's tight rein on online growth 08/03/05
Broadband hits new high in the UK 29/09/04
Death on the web 27/09/04
E-mail turns to P2P technology 28/09/04
Web tool may banish broken links 24/09/04
Governement warns of net dangers 15/09/04
Intel sees big changes to the net 10/09/04
Reducing spam through new protocols 03/09/04
The Internet cafe is 10 years old 02/09/04
City first for wi-fi connection 06/08/04
Home PCs hijacked to spread spam 03/08/04
Rogue diallers prompt net review 03/08/04
Net users find themselves online 04/08/04
Calling time on rogue diallers 23/07/04
Parents underestimate 'Net risks' 20/07/04
Busy women turn to the Internet 30/06/04
Iraqis seek self rule on the net 29/06/04
In the net we trust - are we too gullible? 25/06/04
Effort to save UK's web heritage 22/06/04
19th Century news goes online 11/06/04
BT transforms phone network 09/06/04
How Google searches the web 08/06/04
Spam messages on the increase 25/05/04
Wi-fi may tempt train travellers 20/05/04
MI5 terror website grabs 3million hits 05/05/04
Tools to aid web searching 05/05/04
Searching the search engines 04/05/04
Bridget Jones seeks fun online 28/04/04
New domain names help the net to grow 23/03/04
Coke song site 'Europe's biggest' 11/03/04
UN urges stand on internet drugs 03/03/04
Row over how to junk spam 27/02/04
Love at the click of a mouse 09/02/04
How to make spam unstoppable 04/02/04
TV style adverts arrive on the web 03/02/04
China tightens web control 27/01/04
Bombay plans cyber cafe controls 27/01/04
Gates forcasts victory over spam 24/01/04
Cuba law tightens internet access 24/01/04
Exam tables replaced with website 15/12/03
Nations wrestle with internet age 15/12/03
Online movies promised by 2005 25/11/03
Film and TV archives put on the web 25/11/03
US approves anti spam legislation 25/11/03
Newsreel archive launched online 19/11/03
Spam set to soar this Christmas 11/11/03
Firms face up to Internet abuse 10/11/03
Police issue internet gun warning 05/11/03
British library archives websites 31/10/03
How the web turned into a minefield 27/10/03
Net in a box hits streets 27/10/03
Tackling the Net numbers shortage 26/10/03
Spam turning people off e-mail 24/10/03
Microsoft backs e-mail controls 21/10/03
Will the Internet transform society? 13/10/03
Web guru fights info pollution 13/10/03
CCTV comes to mobile phones 08/10/03
Patients set to book appointments online 08/10/03
Vast digital health archive opens 06/10/03
Children fuel internet explosion 01/10/03
Huge computing power goes online 30/09/03
Net worth little to many Britains 19/09/03
Net struggles with data overload 16/09/03
Net survives power cut 15/08/03
Making money from virutally nothing 11/08/03
Camp aims to beat web addiction 05/08/03
Get yourself connected 02/08/03
Search for the web's favourite colour 31/07/03
Broadband faces slow future 18/07/03
Risk of net attack rises 18/07/03
End nears for Netscape browser 17/07/03
Flaw exposes Internet hardware 17/07/03
UK beach gets wireless web 16/07/03
EU businesses count spam costs 15/07/03
Technology meets mob 15/07/03
New search engine offers cheap access to the web for poor 15/07/03
Why online adverts do not work 11/07/03
Student banned for copying from the Internet 11/07/03
Thailand restricts online gamers 08/07/03
Guardian begins to charge for on-line news 08/07/03
Coffee 'wi-fi' breaks for shoppers 27/06/03
Opening the web to all 08/06/03
UK Government plans 'one stop shop' 03/06/03
The third era starts here - the programmable web!
Where spam comes from 24/04/03
Net spurned by 25% of Americans 17/04/03
Patients warned over internet drugs 07/04/03
The web and war 07/04/03
Faster net services on the way 26/03/03
Turning broadband into water 21/03/03
Adverts on the net 'pay off' 11/03/03
Browsers fight it out 08/03/03
Wireless net offered with a pint 07/03/03
An end to the wait for broadband? 06/03/03
Net speed record smashed 06/03/03
Wealthy users dominate internet 05/03/03
Europeans live life online 04/03/03
School Bus offers internet access on journey to school 28/02/03
Net cafes take on wi-fi rivals 27/02/03
Pupils find internet 'a poor learning tool'
US powers internet growth
Is Google too powerful?
War on the web 20/02/03
Wireless net marches forward 20/02/03
How websites get to the top listing position 18/02/03
High hopes for Everest Cybercafe 15/02/03
Battle for the heart of the net
Internet access hits the wall 07/02/03
Internet beams out into space 31/01/03
How the net leaves itself open to attack 28/01/03
Web browsers go back to basics 22/01/03
Chat room danger prompts new safety code 06/01/03
Threat of the net 06/01/03
Changing the way the Internet is run 01/11/02
Is this lights out for the internet? 11/07/02
Net cited as a marriage wrecker 15/04/02
Expedition to the lost net 26/12/01