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Study to probe mobile health risk 22/04/10
Playing video games has little impact on teen sleep 14/04/10
Internet child health advice 'wrong' 12/04/10
Internet addiction linked to depression, says study 03/02/10
MP3 players face noise limits recommended by EU 13/12/09
Mobile phones 'have not increased brain cancers' 04/12/09
A mobile phone 'alcohol tracker' is to be launched 01/12/09
Nokia recalls 14m phone chargers 09/11/09
Computer fitness gets approval 26/10/09
The ear alarm to prevent falls 24/10/09
Music player noise limit planned 28/09/09
Teacher switches off class wi-fi 25/09/09
Many motorists are 'distracted' 16/09/09
Text drive film to 'shock' pupils 16/08/09
French mobile mast debate raging 24/07/09
Home computer injuries are rife 09/06/09
Video games 'can improve vision' 29/03/09
Game consoles 'cause skin sores' 24/02/09
New white board safety advice 21/11/08
Software blocks car phone users 14/10/08
Video games get into shape 02/07/08
Asbestos arning on nanotubes 20/05/08
Keyboards dirtier than a toilet 01/05/08
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Wii warm-up good for surgeons 17/01/08
Deep clean your workstation 15/01/08
S Korea probes cell phone death 28/11/07
Wi-fi health study gets go ahead 12/10/07
Computer dance gets pupils active 15/09/07
Cancer doubt remains over mobiles 12/09/07
Mobile industry holds its breath 11/09/07
Workers' strain injuries 'rising' 08/09/07
MP3 users 'risking hearing loss' 07/09/07
Junk sleep damaging teen health 27/08/07
Drug website safety fears raised 19/08/07
PC worker's nicotine fix refusal 15/08/07
Workers stressed out by emails 13/08/07
Pupils are wi-fi guinea pigs 01/08/07
Office printers are a health risk 31/07/07
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Office workers risk blood clots 13/03/07
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Internet slimming pills warning 01/03/07
Computer games 'burn up calories' 19/02/07
'Bottleneck' slows brain activity 29/01/07
School canteen takes fingerprints 09/01/07
Wi-fi worry 13/12/06
Mobiles cleared of cancer risk 06/12/06
Google 'aids doctors' diagnoses' 10/11/06
Flat keyboard could reduce MRSA 02/11/06
Virgin bans fire hazard laptops 18/09/06
Call for MP3 hearing risk warning 04/09/06
Mobile phone risk during storms 22/06/06
RSI danger from excessive texting 09/06/06
Worker gets DVT sitting at desk 09/05/06
MEPs back hi-tech car safety kit 27/04/06
Mobiles 'don't raise risk of cancer' 20/01/06
White Noise 05/01/06
In-car camera records accidents 14/10/05
Welsh workers 'more prone to RSI' 12/07/05
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Aggressive e-mail health threat 08/01/05
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