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Google unveils its first touchscreen laptop 21/02/13
Cheaper Raspberry Pi computer goes on sale 05/02/13
New computer that straps onto your head 14/11/12
US titan supercomputer clocked as world's fastest 12/11/12
Nook tablets join Barnes & Noble's UK line-up 26/09/12
Met Office needs supercomputers 21/02/12
Supercomputer predicts revolution 09/09/11
Classic Commodore 64 lives again 07/04/11
iPad 2 tablet launched by Apple's Steve Jobs 02/03/11
Hewlett-Packard unveils Palm-powered tablets 09/02/11
Google eyes Apple in tablet war 03/02/11
Tablet computers hold back PC sales growth 13/01/11
Supercomputers 'will fit in a sugar cube' IBM says 12/11/10
China claims supercomputer crown 28/10/10
Apple marries iPad with laptops in new MacBook Air 20/10/10
Campaign builds to construct Babbage Analytical Engine 14/10/10
Tablet PC for developing nations 05/10/10
Change to 'Bios' will make for PCs that boot in seconds 01/10/10
BBC Micros used in retro programming class 25/08/10
Laptop launched to aid computer novices 19/02/10
When Cambridge joined the computer age 04/02/10
Giving birth to a binary 'Baby' 03/02/10
Bletchley's code-cracking Colossus 02/02/10
Apple unveils iPad tablet device 27/01/10
Will tablet PCs be adopted by consumers in the future? 15/01/10
Microsoft and HP show off 'slate' PC 07/01/10
China joins supercomputer elite 16/11/09
New PC to encourage older users 11/11/09
Overclocking: How low can you go? 01/10/09
Reboot for UK's 'oldest' computer 03/09/09
The good and the bad of netbooks 17/07/09
Hardware makers suport Google OS 09/07/09
Netbook makers go for growth 11/06/09
Quantum leap for faster computers 19/03/09
Dell's ultra-thin laptop on sale 17/03/09
PC sales face 'worst-ever slump' 02/03/09
Making the computer really personal 25/02/09
India to unveil low cost laptop 02/02/09
Intel's Classmate comes to the UK 14/01/08
Smartphones drive mobile markets 29/12/08
Firm makes one billionth mouse 03/12/08
PC users to invent the ideal machine 03/11/08
Multi-core processing 30/10/08
Intel details new core chip line 20/08/08
Digital nomad drives laptop sales 13/08/08
One tonne 'Baby' marks its birth 20/06/08
Supercomputer sets petaflop pace 09/06/08
Computer speeds up college work 02/06/08
Nvidia debuts chips for tiny PCs 02/06/08
Dell joins cut-down laptop market 29/05/08
PC uses 'less energy than bulb' 23/05/08
Design revamp for $100 laptop 21/05/08
Victorian 'supercomputer' is reborn 10/05/08
Microsoft developing 'senior' PC 30/05/08
May the force be with you 18/04/08
Chips pass two billion milestone 04/02/08
Apple announces ultra-thin laptop 15/01/08
Computer brings science up a gear 14/01/08
Ultra-mobile future beckons for PCs 09/01/08
An industry built on sand 17/12/07
A child's view of the $100 laptop 12/12/07
Light to shrink computer clusters 06/12/07
Dumb terminals provide smart solution 30/11/07
Pushing the PC gaming boundaries 16/11/07
Getting more from Moore's Law 13/11/07
India enters supercomputing race 13/11/07
Shrinking chips use novel recipie 12/05/07
Graphics chips rev up research results 09/11/07
$100 laptop begins production 07/11/07
Hand-held supercomputers on the way 21/10/07
EA wants open gaming platform 19/10/07
Drive advance fuels terabyte era 15/10/07
Ultra-thin TV to hit the market 01/10/07
Portables to power PC industry 27/09/07
$100 laptop to sell to public 24/09/07
Big future beckons for tiny chips 19/09/07
The great American ideas factory 04/09/07
The falling price of electronics 30/08/07
Under the hood of the $100 laptop 24/08/07
Tiny wind engines cool computers 15/08/07
Nostalgia for a techno cul-de-sac 01/08/07
Intel and $100 laptop join forces 13/07/07
The past is the future at Bletchley Park 12/07/07
Supercomputer steps up the pace 27/06/07
Intel steps up cheap laptop race 05/06/07
Microsoft unveils table computer 30/05/07
Testing the limits of hard disk recovery 22/05/07
Motion sensitive laptop developed 30/04/07
Chips stack up in third dimension 12/04/07
Xbox revamp aims at digital home 28/03/07
Customised computers for sale 21/03/07
Laptops set to out sell desktops 21/03/07
Hard disk test 'surprises' Google 19/02/07
$100 laptop could sell to public 10/01/07
$100 laptop project launches 2007 02/01/07
UKs super computer sets faster pace 08/11/06
Intel offers prize for sexiest PC 27/09/06
Fastest supercomputer to be built 07/09/06
Next generation DVDs tested 12/07/06
Next generation DVD war hots up 22/06/06
Supercomputers set processor pace 14/11/05
Nano lawsuit goes international 08/11/05
Supercomputer doubles its own record 28/10/05
Hard drives for 'terabyte lives' 11/06/05
Supercomputer to build 3D brain 07/06/05
Tiny drives set for space boost 05/04/05
Supercomputing power made real 17/04/05
Long life promised for laptop PCs 27/03/05
University plans supercomputer 06/01/05
DVDs could hold 100 times more 28/09/04
Memory requirements rising 20/09/04
Met Office unveils supercomputer 07/09/04
Solar plan for Indian computers 05/09/04
Supercomputers key to the brain 19/08/05
Nasa powers up with super computer 06/08/04
IBM seizes supercomputer crown 21/06/04
Digital pen takes on mouse 10/06/04
Hard drive speed limit is reached 22/04/04
Spain unveils supercomputer plans 29/02/04
Intel makes light work for chips 12/02/04
Intel chips get power boost 02/02/04
Chip launch ushers in new era 23/09/03
Printers produce copies in 3D 06/08/03
Giant printer goes on show 07/07/03
PC screen turns into speaker 31/03/03
Aim to create 'sensitive' PCs 22/03/03
Computer chips pushed to edge 26/02/03
Smaller, smarter PC cards ahead 21/02/03
Supercomputers set new goals
Supercomputer to tackle tough tasks 22/07/02
Cray supercomputers set the pace