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US in-flight internet could be hacked, watchdog warns 15/04/15
US lottery security boss charged with fixing draw 14/04/15
Dozens arrested in cybercrime 'strike week' 06/03/15
US Centcom Twitter account hacked by pro-IS group 12/01/15
New York Times website down after suspected hacking 28/08/13
Car key immobiliser hack revelations blocked by UK court 29/07/13
Car hackers use laptop to control standard car 26/07/13
US prosecutors launch largest ever hacking fraud case 25/07/13
Lakeland resets passwords after security breach 24/07/13
Hackers use Android 'master key' exploit in China 24/07/13
Tango chat app hacked claims Syrian Electronic Army 23/7/13
Millions of Sim cards are 'vulnerable to hack attack' 22/07/13
Hackers attack Microsoft computers 23/02/13
China military unit 'behind prolific hacking' 19/02/13
The hackers hunting for clues about you 12/02/13
Kids using coding skills to hack friends online games 08/02/13
Federal Reserve confirms hack attack led to data leak 06/02/13
Rupert Murdoch tweets Chinese 'still hacking' WSJ 06/02/13
Twitter account hack affects 250,000 users 02/02/13
Anonymous hacker group: Two jailed for cyber attacks 24/01/13
EU reveals Azerbaijan hack attack 13/11/12
Hackers controlled Nasa computers 03/03/12
Train-switching technology 'poses hacking threat' 28/12/11
HTML 5 new target for cybercriminals 02/12/11
United Nations agency 'hacking attack' investigated 29/11/11
Hackers 'hit' US water treatment systems 21/11/11
Who are the jailbreakers? 20/10/11
Hacked security firm closes its doors 20/09/11
Nokia's developer network hacked 29/08/11
Hackers target Bart transport agency again 17/08/11
Sega says hackers stole data of 1.29 million users 19/06/11
A brief history of hacking 09/06/11
Hackers warn NHS over security 09/06/11
Net pirate monitoring firm hacked 17/05/11
PlayStation data theft hits 70m gamers 26/04/11
PlayStation outage caused by hacking attack 25/04/11
Mobiles fall prey to hack attacks 20/04/11
M&S customers hit by Epsilon e-mail hack 06/04/11
Are secure websites still safe? 31/03/11
Microsoft welcomes Xbox Kinect 'hackers' 21/02/11
Unprotected home computers vulnerable to hijack 10/02/11
Hackers hit 'at least five oil and gas firms' 10/02/11
Anonymous hackers attack US security firm HBGary 07/02/11
Hacker faces jail over poker chip theft 03/02/11
Lush hackers cash in on stolen cards 21/01/11
Sony launches legal action against PlayStation hackers 12/01/11
Activists hijack N Korean Twitter and YouTube accounts 10/01/10
iPhone hacker publishes secret Sony PlayStation 3 key 06/01/11
Hackrs crack open mobile network 31/12/10
Lady Gaga songs 'stolen' in Germany 03/12/10
China leadership 'orchestrated Google hacking' 04/12/10
Hacker fined over Soas student password scam 25/11/10
E-mail computer hacker jailed after international scam 23/11/10
Global spam e-mail drops after hacker arrests 15/11/10
Kinect hacked days after release 12/11/10
Royal Navy website attacked by Romanian hacker 08/11/10
PlayStation 3 hacked by hardware crackers 20/08/10
Bank scam targets 100,000 people in the UK 04/08/10
Google acts to fix YouTube flaw exploited by hackers 05/07/10
Hackers target Microsoft Windows XP support system 01/07/10
Hack attacks mounted on car control systems 17/05/10
Hacking 'fun' for British teens 18/03/10
Microsoft shuts down global spam network 25/02/10
Political hacktivists turn to web attacks 10/02/10
Baidu hacked by 'Iranian cyber army' 12/01/10
Mr Bean replaces Spanish PM on EU presidency site 04/01/10
Iraq insurgents 'hack into video feeds from US drones' 17/12/09
Hackers target leading climate research unit 20/11/09
Cyber vandal hits police website 09/11/09
How to hack a handset 30/10/09
Hackers target Guardian jobs site 25/10/09
Hackers hit Twitter and Facebook 06/08/09
Twitter calls lawyer over hacking 16/07/09
Snooping through the power socket 13/07/09
New 'cyber attacks' hit S Korea 09/07/09
Police to probe phone hack claims 09/07/09
Prescott calls for hacking probe 09/07/09
China's computers at hacking risk 10/06/09
Captcha - a case of mind over technology? 29/05/09
Hackers 'launch attack' on Facebook 18/05/09
Hackers 'destroy' flight sim site 14/05/09
Zombie computers 'on the rise' 06/05/09
Botnet 'ensnares government PCs' 21/04/09
User info stolen from music site 05/03/09
Facebook users suffer viral surge 02/03/09
Hacker step closer to extradition 26/02/09
Experts sound scam threat warning 25/02/09
Hackers target Xbox Live players 20/02/09
Job website hit by major breach 27/01/08
Clock ticking for hacker McKinnon 15/01/09
Police encouraged to hack more 05/01/09
Cyber crime attack from the East 12/12/08
MPs want UK jail time for hacker 04/11/08
Alarm raised on teenage hackers 27/10/08
Woman in jail over virtual murder 24/10/08
Europeans sought over hack attack 06/10/08
Oyster card hack details revealed 06/10/08
Palin e-mail hack details emerge 19/09/08
Hackers prepare supermarket sweep 28/08/08
Students taught computer hacking 26/08/08
Trusted sites thwart net hijacks 26/08/08
Jail sentence for botnet creator 12/06/08
Credit details stolen in web hack 10/06/08
Spain arrests 'prolific' hackers 17/05/08
Hackers shut Zimbabwe website 13/05/08
Translink in cyberspace attack 13/05/08
Hacker leaks 6m Chileans' records 12/05/08
Hackers warn high street chains 25/04/08
Hackers exploit poor website code 14/04/08
BBC releases fix for iPlayer hack 13/03/08
The battle against the botnet hordes 21/02/08
Hacker jailed for stalking singer 21/02/08
Hacker launches iTunes copying 19/02/08
Hacker crashes government sites 12/02/08
Boeing 787 hit by security fears 09/01/08
Nuclear TV hackers face trial 04/01/08
M15 warns over China spy threat 02/12/07
Arrests made in botnet crackdown 30/11/07
Hackers hijack web search results 29/11/07
The facts behind big screen hacks 05/10/07
Hackers reveal day-to-day dangers 20/09/07
Cyber crime tool kits go on sale 04/09/07
Bloggers battered by viral storm 30/08/07
Teenage hacker unlocks the iPhone 25/08/07
Millions hit by Monster site hack 24/08/07
Honesty the best online policy 14/08/07
UN's website breached by hackers 12/08/07
Warning of webmail wi-fi hijack 03/08/07
Online auction for security bugs 06/07/07
Hackers lift the bonnet on iPhone 04/07/07
SAP admits Oracle data downloads 03/07/07
How 'Hackers Are Us' worked 27/06/07
Cyber attack on Pentagon e-mail 22/06/07
Hackers target 'legitmate' sites 20/06/07
FBI tries to fight zombie hordes 14/06/07
Microsoft unveils patch package 13/06/07
Spammers plunder Plusnet e-mail 22/05/07
Detective agency 'paid to spy' 25/04/07
Consumers shun hacked stores 17/04/07
Cursor hackers target WoW players 05/04/07
Users warned on Windows cursors 30/03/07
Hackers target TK Maxx customers 30/03/07
Surge in hijacked PC networks 19/03/07
British hacker fights extradition 14/02/07
Hackers attack heart of the net 07/02/07
Tackling the hackers face to face 05/10/06
Hackers grab AT&T customer data 30/08/06
Hackers target latest Windows fix 16/08/06
Hijacked handheld turns data spy 09/08/06
Police looking for website hacker 06/07/06
Computer course to teach hacking 19/06/06
Woman targeted by web hackers 31/05/06
UK firms beat back hack attacks 25/04/06
Tougher hacking laws get support 07/03/06
Xbox 360 copy protection cracks 15/12/05
More pain for Sony over CD code 17/11/05
Microsoft warns of latest flaws 09/11/05
Tsunami web hacker found guilty 07/10/05
Computer hacker avoids jail term 01/07/05
Hacker cleared over abuse message 08/06/05
Brazil is world hacking capital 14/09/04
Oxford hackers face punishment 15/07/04
Community service for web hacker 22/06/04
Hackable bug found in heart of net 21/04/04
Hackers exploit Windows patches 26/02/04
Teenage hacker faces £21,000 bill 18/12/03
Worldpay battling online attack 05/11/03
Hacker vulnerability index produced 05/08/03
Growing fears of net threat 31/07/03
Hackers compete to deface sites 05/07/03
Labour website hacked 16/06/03
Anger over web hosting hitches due to hackers 03/06/03
Closing the holes on hackers 03/05/03
They've got your number... 27/04/03
Anti-war hackers target websites
Indian hackers target Pakistan
Three quarters of all emails at risk from hackers 04/03/03
Hacker breaches credit card security 18/02/03
Double take - hackers are not nerds 23/01/03
Hackers declare war 01/08/02
History of hacking 27/10/02