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Teenager passes sat-nav driving test 07/05/15
Spanish scientists develop more accurate sat-nav system 13/02/14
Sat-nav problems tackled at government summit 06/01/12
China's GPS rival is switched on 28/12/11
GPS satellite to crack down on fly-tipping in Wales 13/06/11
Russia's new smartphone lays down challenge for GPS 21/04/11
How do routefinders find their routes? 14/04/11
GPS overlay ready for plane use 03/03/11
Sat nav lorry stuck twice in one day in Snowdonia village 04/01/11
Rhino horn GPS used to deter poachers 21/10/10
Dangerous psychiatric patients tracked with GPS 05/06/10
Sat-nav systems under increasing threat from 'jammers' 23/02/10
Sat-nav devices face big errors as solar activity rises 10/02/10
Nokia navigation software downloads reach one million 03/02/10
Lighthouses could be switched off under new plans 29/01/10
Nokia launches Ovi maps to challenge sat-navs 21/01/10
GPS used to preserve ants' nest 04/11/09
Free Google sat-nav shakes market 29/10/09
Swedes miss Capri after GPS gaffe 28/07/09
Paradise lost 07/07/09
Tags to help solve puffin decline 01/07/09
Guide dog GPS device up for award 24/04/09
Man follows sat nav to cliff edge 25/03/09
Trackiing dementia patients with GPS 18/03/09
Sat-nav to aid disabled motorists 23/02/09
Among the fields of technologies 20/02/09
Queue-busting sat-nav developed 02/07/08
MPs warned of GPS jamming risks 18/06/08
EUs sat-nav pioneer calls home 07/05/08
Atomic rhythms give precise fix 24/04/08
New name to stop sat-nav drivers 17/04/08
Sat-nav lorry 'risk' to buildings 09/04/08
Hi-tech bird tracker breakthrough 21/02/08
Sat-nav lorry stuck in farm lane 21/02/08
Nokia aiming to banish paper maps 11/02/08
Sat-navs 'harm railway bridges' 09/02/08
Sat-nav puts driver on rail line 17/01/08
Collar 'key' to snow leopard secrets 16/01/08
Putin wants sat-nav for pet dog 24/12/07
The sat-nav v cabbie challenge 14/12/07
Hi-tech helps pay penalty charge 26/11/07
MPs urge action on Galileo costs 12/11/07
Village crashes blamed on sat nav 11/11/07
Vibrating rings guide city tourists 19/07/07
Galileo challenges sat-nav firms 17/07/07
UK presses private Galileo role 03/07/07
Social networking on the move 19/06/07
Hi-tech tool tracks city graffiti 30/05/07
MP3 players could boast sat-nav 10/05/07
Galileo system in a deep crisis 08/05/07
Phone tracker to keep pupils safe 01/05/07
GPS to reveal walrus whereabouts 03/04/07
Sat nav guide to inflation basket 19/03/07
Nowhere to hide in digital Africa 12/03/07
Mobiles navigate the future 24/01/07
Snow leopard fitted with GPS tags 27/11/06
Boost to Galileo sat-nav system 25/08/06
First Galileo signals received 13/01/06
Europe's Galileo project 26/12/05
Fake maps fox Shanghai drivers 22/09/05
Show me the way - Satellite Navigation 24/06/05
Satellite tracking for criminals 02/09/04
How satellite tracking works 02/09/04
Satellite pinpoints lost children 24/08/04
Satellite to end bus stop blues 25/03/04
Satellite helps keep roads clear 22/11/03
Satellites used to track workers 24/08/03