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'Snoopers' charter' revival on hold as redraft demanded 27/1/15
Mobile firms and government agree deal to reduce 'not-spots' 18/12/14
Tech rivals join Microsoft in fight over US data demand 17/12/14
Dutch data watchdog threatens Google with 12m fine 16/12/14
Facebook's government user data requests up 24% 6/11/14
Government crackdown on mobile 'notspots' 6/11/14
Hungarians march against draft internet tax 16/10/14
Theresa May: We need to collect communications data 'haystack' 16/10/14
Tech firms want 'digital ministers' and easier migration 16/09/14
North Korea to offer mobile internet access 22/02/13
North Korea: On the net in world's most secretive nation 10/12/12
UAE places restrictions on online dissent 13/11/12
Syria 'bans iPhones' over protest footage 02/12/12
Chinese firms to increase censorship of online content 07/11/11
China shut 1.3 million websites in 2010 13/07/11
Libya removes itself from the net 04/03/11
Government IT use must change 02/03/10
Linkedln says China has unblocked its service 26/02/11
Are governments closing the net around web freedom? 04/02/11
Vodafone network 'hijacked' by Egypt 03/02/11
Egypt severs internet connection amid growing unrest 28/01/11
Egypt denies clampdown on Twitter ad Facebook 26/01/11
Online petition plan for Parliament to go ahead 28/12/10
China leadership 'orchestrated Google hacking' 04/12/10
Should Obama's 'internet kill switch power' be curbed? 24/11/10
Whitehall business plans website 'to shift power' 08/11/10
Turkey lifts two-year ban on YouTube 30/10/10
French to bankroll music buying 15/10/10
Lybia takes hard line on .ly link shortening domains 06/10/10
Iran jails pioneering blogger for 'anti-state activity' 28/09/10
Google releases censorship tools 21/09/10
Mozambique 'blocked texts' during food riots 14/09/10
Anti-censorship program Haystack withdrawn 14/09/10
Google and Skype could be hit by India data curbs 31/08/10
Blackberry makes offer to India ahead of ban deadline 26/08/10
North Korea creates Twitter and YouTube presence 18/08/10
Two Gulf states to ban some Blackberry functions 01/08/10
Government spends thousands on iPhone apps 06/07/10
Pakistan to monitor Google and Yahoo for 'blasphemy' 25/06/10
Governemnt to axe hundreds of unnecessary websites 25/06/10s
China defends internet censorship 08/06/10
Database of government spending to be opened up 03/06/10
Bangladesh blocks Facebook over political cartoons 30/05/10
Pakistan blocks access to YouTube in internet crackdown 20/05/10
Calls for new broadband minister 18/05/10
Web revolution sweeps whitehall 14/05/10
Chaotic polling problems lead to calls for e-voting 07/05/10
Google reveals government data requests and censorship 20/04/10
South Korean children face gaming curfew 13/04/10
Chinese learn to leap the 'Great Firewall' 19/03/10
China warns Google to comply with censorship laws 12/03/10
Internet restrictions curtail human rights, says US 11/03/10
China tightens internet controls 23/02/10
MEPs condemn Nokia Siemens 'surveillance tech' in Iran 11/02/10
Trekking 1,000 km in China for e-mail 11/02/10
Twitter etc and the election: Is it worth the risk? 10/02/10
The web makes the personal, political 05/02/10
Libya must halt web crackdown, says rights group 04/02/10
Timeline: China and net censorship 14/01/10
Computer game gives taste of life as an MP 12/01/10
France considers tax for Google, Yahoo and Facebook 08/01/10
London unveils digital datastore 07/01/10
Chinese plan to meter net traffic 18/12/09
Web to watch government spending 11/12/09
India blocks millions of mobiles for security reasons 01/12/09
Government e-petitions give power to the people 26/11/09
Iraq government launches its own channel on YouTube 25/11/09
Opera web browser 'censors' Chinese content 24/11/09
China to ban beating of web addicts 05/11/09
Government opens data to public 21/10/09
Moving towards Government 2.0 15/10/09
Cuba bloggers test government limits 08/10/09
Call to use more government data 07/09/09
China scales back screening plan 13/08/09
Ideas sought for open government 11/08/09
Defending virtual borders 07/08/09
Twitter Iran delay 'not forced' 06/08/09
Government advice urges tweeting 27/07/09
China clampdown on tech in Urumqi 06/07/09
Iran 'lifts block on SMS texting' 02/07/09
China cracks down on virtual cash 30/06/09
China delays internet filter plan 30/06/09
Google access disrupted in China 25/06/09
Hi-tech helps Iranian monitoring 22/06/09
China clarifies web filter plans 18/06/09
China's computers at hacking risk 10/06/09
Twitterers defy China's firewall 10/06/09
China defends screening software 09/06/09
Tehran blocks access to Facebook 24/05/09
Social network sites 'monitored' 25/03/09
China criticised over YouTube 25/03/09
China 'blocks YouTube video site' 24/03/09
Whitehall defends 'fantasy world' 19/03/09
MPs 'talking not hearing online' 24/02/09
Brown launches 'recovery' website 23/02/09
White House plans open government 24/01/09
Vietnam tightens rules on blogs 24/12/08
US warned of China 'cyber-spying' 20/11/08
Malaysia blogger's joy at release 07/11/08
Tech giants in human rights deal 28/10/08
New media plan to combat Taleban 10/10/08
China 'spying on Skype messages' 03/10/08
Burma blocks emergency telecoms 25/06/08
Blogger arrests hit record high 16/07/08
Burma's emergency telecoms delay 09/05/08
Cuba lifts ban on home computers 03/04/08
IOC warns China over web access 01/04/08
Cuba lifts curbs on mobile phones 28/03/08
How the open net closed its doors 25/03/08
China's battle to police the web 25/03/08
BBC website unblocked in China 25/03/08
Virtual demos over net censorship 13/03/08
US seeks terrorists in web worlds 03/03/08
Pakistan lifts the ban on YouTube 26/02/08
Pakistan blocks YouTube website 24/01/08
Net body issues plea for liberty 24/01/08
Sarkozy proposes new internet tax 09/01/08
Governement failing on e-crime 05/12/07
Warning on e-governemtn risks 23/11/07
US panel supports China net laws 24/10/07
Daily reality of net censorship 17/10/07
Web dissent on the rise in China 16/10/07
Report highlights blog censorship 16/10/07
Politicians must let go - Cameron 11/10/07
Burma cyber-dissidents crack censorship 26/09/07
Government mulls broadband help 19/09/07
Chinese web filtering erratic 12/09/07
China denies Pentagon cyber-raid 04/09/07
German spyware plans trigger row 31/08/07
Virtual police patrol China web 29/08/07
Yahoo plea over China rights case 28/08/07
Malaysia cracks down on bloggers 25/07/07
Japan's old fashioned campaigning 12/07/07
Yahoo's China policy rejected 12/06/07
Zimbabwe's bugging bill condemned 15/06/07
Yahoo's China policy rejected 12/06/07
Call to open up public data use 08/06/07
E-petitions should prompt votes 06/06/07
Censorship changes face of net 06/06/07
YouTube site 'blocked' in Morocco 29/05/07
China abandons blog identity plan 23/05/07
Global net censorship growing 18/05/07
China leader urges net crackdown 25/04/07
China seeks to limit game hours 11/04/07
Thailand blocks access to YouTube 04/04/07
How governments censor the web 22/03/07
Internet curbs for India's top students 17/03/07
Sweden seeks telecoms monitoring 08/03/07
Turkish court bans YouTube access 07/03/07
China ban on new internet cafes 06/03/07
Texting to beat Zimbabwe censors 27/02/07
Egypt blogger jailed for insult 22/02/07
Net giants still failing China 18/12/06
China crackdown on online games 12/12/06
Vietnam's internet freedom dilemma 12/12/06
Web censorship bypass unveiled 27/11/06
Enemies of the internet named 07/11/06
Firms defend dealing with China 31/10/06
Free speech online under threat 27/10/06
Outrage at Zimbabwe bugging plan 31/08/06
China blocks main Google site 07/06/06
Web censorship 29/05/06
Amnesty to target net repression 28/05/06
Site launches Chinese Wikipedia 11/05/06
Net censorship spreads worldwide 04/05/06
Internet firms bowed to Beijing 02/02/06
Google censors itself for China 25/01/06
Google move 'black day' for China 25/01/06
Iran blocks BBC Persian website 24/01/06
The great firewall of China 06/01/06
Hi-tech firms censured over China 19/12/05
Hungry for net freedom in Tunisia 21/11/05
Tunisia slated over net controls 17/11/07
Malaysian gamers face night curfew 10/11/05
Outspoken Chinese blog blocked 03/11/05
China tightens grip on web news 26/09/05
China imposes online gaming curbs 25/08/05
Iran targets dissent on the net 24/06/05
Breaking down the great firewall 30/04/05
China's tight rein on online growth 08/03/05
Iran's bloggers in censorship protest 22/09/04
China gets tough on Internet porn 06/09/04
Cyber cops to patrol Vietnam net 05/08/04
China to censor text messages 02/07/04
Iraqis seek self rule on the net 29/06/04
Syrian jailed for Internet usage 21/06/04
China creates a web vigilante site 11/06/04
China censors online video games 01/06/04
Estonia opens politics to the web 07/05/04
Shanghai cameras spy on web users 22/04/04
Chinese activists evade web controls 30/01/04
China tightens web control 27/01/04
Bombay plans cyber cafe controls 27/01/04
Cuba law tightens internet access 24/01/04
Iran's president defends web control 12/12/03
Singapore tackles cyber terror 11/11/03
Thailand restricts online gamers 08/07/03
UK Government plans 'one stop shop' 03/06/03
Greeks fight computer game ban 05/09/02