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Phishing catches victims 'in minutes' 14/04/15
UK 'losing fight' against internet crime, warn MPs 30/07/13
NHS Trust loses money in email scam 05/02/13
Google detects fake website ID certificate threat 04/01/13
Some Xbox Live users targeted in online phishing scam 22/11/11
Harry Potter hit by hi-tech conmen 05/08/11
Report email scams, National Fraud Authority urges 26/02/11
Image site hits back at spammers 14/02/11
Battling cons inside the OFT's scam lab 01/02/11
Scammers using consumer laws 11/11/10
Card fraud at lowest for 10 years 06/10/10
Fake website 'takes seconds' to set up 20/09/10
Twelve accused of £400k iTunes scam 20/08/10
Mobile phone scam targets polar numbers 28/05/10
Rugby player jailed for internet scam 17/05/10
Online banking fraud 'sufferes increase' 10/03/10
Internet fraud targeted by new team 15/02/10
New flaws in chip and pin system revealed 11/02/10
Scams affect one in 10 Britons, says OFT 01/02/10
Young facing online fraud risks 21/01/10
Fake websites shut down by police 03/12/09
Credit card security breach fear 18/11/09
Two held in global PC fraud probe 18/11/09
Bogus callers in phone bill scam 20/10/09
Millions tricked by 'scareware' 19/10/09
Firms 'mishandle sensitive data' 12/10/09
What is phishing? 07/10/09
Plastic card fraud falls by 23% 06/10/09
Phishing attack targets Hotmail 05/10/09
Customers 'blamed for card fraud' 03/10/09
BT warns customers of phone scams 18/09/09
'one in 10 conned' by ticket sales 10/09/09
Small town 'online crime hotspot' 06/09/09
Passwords stolen for tax returns 05/08/09
'Hundreds' conned by card scam 22/06/09
Credit card code to combat fraud 13/05/09
Internet bank thief avoids jail 24/04/09
ID cards 'could use chip and pin' 07/04/09
'Scareware' scams trick searchers 23/03/09
Overseas card fraud scam exposed 19/03/09
Teacher in eBay football top scam 19/03/09
Big jump in online banking fraud 19/03/09
ID card 'flash and dash' warning 06/03/09
Straw hit by internet fraudsters 24/02/09
The struggle among the stars 23/02/09
Offline security warning sounded 18/02/09
Card fraud crackdown accelerated 17/01/08
Online fraudsters 'steal £3.3 bn' 24/11/08
Study shows how spammers cash in 10/11/08
Cybercrime wave sweeping Britain 30/10/08
Microsoft, Yahoo partner on scams 28/10/08
Ticket site closed on fraud fears 21/10/08
Fraudsters' website shut in swoop 17/10/08
Police stalking cyber fraudsters 17/10/08
Ban turmoil fuels phishing boom 10/10/08
Fraudsters 'target bank accounts' 08/10/08
Uk consumers see card fraud rise 01/10/08
Fighting the scourge of scareware 01/10/08
University used in Nigerian scam 19/08/08
'Pump and Dump' conmen targetted 11/08/08
Station's cash machine targetted 14/07/08
Internet security breach tackled 09/07/08
Conmen abuse web address checks 11/06/08
Net card fraud 'underestimated' 23/04/08
Phishing attacks soar in the UK 15/04/08
Plastic card fraud goes back up 12/03/08
Text scams warning to youngsters 15/02/08
Over-50s fear fraud on internet 17/12/07
ID sites 'aid underage drinkers' 16/12/07
OAP loses £16,000 in e-mail scam 12/12/07
Village hit by credit card scam 07/12/07
MPs call for identity fraud tsar 06/10/07
Battle to beat fake Ebay e-mails 04/10/07
Fake Olympics site 'tricks users' 01/10/07
Bank fits anti-skimming devices 27/09/07
Facebook site faces fraud claim 25/07/07
Web networkers at risk of fraud 22/07/07
Revenue warns about more frauds 18/06/07
The billion pound 'bank robbery' 30/05/07
A decade of online banking - and online fraud 25/05/07
Motorists hit by card clone scam 24/04/07
Barclays steps up online security 17/04/07
Male bosses commit most fraud 16/04/07
Reduction in card fraud in 2006 14/03/07
Which? highights phishing losses 28/02/07
PayPal introduces security token 13/02/07
Bank loses $1.1m to online fraud 19/01/07
Spam surge drives net crime spree 26/12/06
Online banking fraud up 8,000% 13/12/06
Online scams target the wealthy 10/11/07
Online banking fraud rises fast 07/11/06
No more Mr Nice Guy 10/05/06
Petrol firm suspends chip and pin 06/05/06
Chip and Pin cuts fraud by 13% 06/03/06
White collar fraud costs firms billions 21/11/05
The great phone call con 11/11/05
Crooks turn to online card fraud 08/11/05
Card fraudsters target easy prey 08/11/05
Lloyds steps up online security 14/10/05
Chip and pin cutting card fraud 09/10/05
Boom times for hi-tech fraudsters 28/09/05
Laser spots paper fingerprints 03/08/05
Public worried by online ID theft 24/05/05
E-mail scam reveals bank details 27/05/05
One in 20 fall for on-line fraud 03/05/05
How to escape the phishing nets 02/05/05
Renewed warnings over phishing 17/04/05
Laptop scam hits bargain hunters 31/03/05
Dozens hit by e-mail auction scam 28/03/05
The spys are watching while you type 17/03/05
Top ten scams 09/02/05
Banks sound alarm at online fraud 01/10/04
3D holograms to crack forgeries 11/08/04
Rogue diallers prompt net review 03/08/04
Warning over cash machine fraud 03/07/04
Concern over internet fraud 24/06/04
How not to win a million 22/06/04
Fake ID cards openly available 22/06/04
Why did the UK have to wait for PIN credit cards? 20/05/04
Talking card aims to beat fraud 01/05/04
Fear over India call-centre fraud - how safe is your personal data? 05/04/04
E-mail scam victim counts his losses 02/03/04
Anti-fraud chip cards gather pace 27/01/04
How to avoid the 'phishing' bug - another way to scam! 23/01/04
NatWest targeted by e-mail scam 09/12/03
Fighting back on ID fraud 27/11/03
E-mail scam hits Nationwide 27/10/03
Hijacked your bank balance, your identity, your life 25/10/03
Scam targets NatWest customers 24/10/03
Lloyds TSB e-mail scam alert 24/09/03
Scam targets Barclays customers 13/09/03
Fraudsters bring e-mail chaos 22/08/03
Computer chip plan to fight bank note fraud 09/06/03
BT scheme to fight ID fraud 04/03/03
When someone else becomes you 26/02/03
Concern over pin number fraud study 26/02/03
Firms duped over data registering 16/02/03
Fraudsters turn to the net 23/01/03
Hi-tech cashpoint fraud 18/01/03
Cyber theft will net millions 22/12/02
e-bay hit by credit card scam 11/12/02
Hi-tech signatures to fight fraud 08/11/02
May the fraud be with you 06/06/02