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Regulator to investigate sale of online dating profiles 29/07/13
EU data protection law proposals include large fines 25/01/12
MPs call for tougher personal data abuse laws 27/10/11
ACS: Law fined over data breach 11/05/11
Commissioner issues first Data Protection Act fines 24/11/10
Google in 'significant breach' of UK data laws 03/11/10
Government pushes for data deletion system 02/11/10
Information Commission issues privacy code of practice 08/07/10
Lampeter practice 'breached' Data Protection Act 03/06/10
NHS worst for data breaches 28/04/10
Data losses to incur fines of up to £500,000 12/01/10
T-Mobile staff sold personal data 17/11/09
Voice technology firm under fire 23/07/09
Personal data exposed on website 19/06/09
NHS told to tighten data security 25/05/09
How firms should obey data law 06/03/09
Firm 'sold workers' secret data' 06/03/09
Data plans 'medical records risk' 03/03/09
Blunkett's data sharing concern 24/02/09
Firms back data protection pledge 30/01/09
ASA boss set to be data watchdog 13/01/09
Who is looking at your medical records? 05/12/08
Bosses 'ignore toxic data risk' 29/10/08
Public must assert data rights 24/09/08
UK government responds on Phorm 16/09/08
Google to dump user data earlier 09/09/08
Sale of bank data alarms Germany 20/08/08
Academic told: 'Don't tell mum' 15/05/08
Tax staff breach data security 30/05/08
Peers back data recklessness law 23/04/08
Customer data 'needs protection' 21/04/08
Phorm warned about web data rules 09/04/08
Illegal ad system scrutinised 04/04/08
Heathrow fingerprint plan on hold 26/03/08
M&S staff details left on laptop 25/01/08
Teachers put pupil data at risk 05/01/08
Tougher data laws needed, say MPs 03/01/08
DVLA breached data protection 07/12/07
Data of 60,000 on stolen computer 07/12/07
Better data protection required 07/12/07
Do you know what they know about you? 23/11/07
Private data also given to firm 23/11/07
Ministers under fire over data loss 21/11/07
Parents' right to film children 08/11/07
Police ordered to delete records 01/11/07
Google cuts data retention rates 12/06/07
Data protection worries over CCTV 30/05/07
Apple addresses iTunes concerns 19/01/06
Lloyds faces 'outsourcing' threat 18/08/04
Marred by poor credit histories? 02/02/05
Q & A: New data protection guidelines 17/02/04
Data Act 'not to blame' for deaths 23/12/03
Can a worker sue for a bad reference? 27/08/03
Privacy laws 'hamper e-government' 19/05/03
Archer requests prison files 11/02/03
Court backs data privacy complaint 16/11/05