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Jawbone Up3 promises more accurate sleep-tracking data 6/11/14
Microsoft headset to help blind people navigate cities 6/11/14
Intel intern invents lifesaving 'smart' wheelchair 10/10/14
Bionic arm restores sense of feeling 9/10/14
Samsung struggles to block iPhone function for the blind 22/02/13
OpenDyslexic font gains ground with help of Instapaper 26/09/12
Light-powered bionic eye invented to help restore sight 14/05/12
App helps blind to send text messages 20/02/12
Tablets turned into Brailled keyboard by US researchers 12/10/11
Smartphone cameras bring independence to blind people 19/08/11
Is new technology helping or hindering disabled people? 15/05/11
Thought-controlled wheelchairs and bionics that 'feel' 17/02/11
Chip implant developed to help the paralysed exercise 23/11/10
Call to fix web's 'inaccessible' sites 15/011/10
Implanted chip 'allows blind people to detect objects' 03/11/10
Disabled to get better web access 12/10/10
Scientists to present car for blind drivers next year 03/07/10
Son's autism leads to innovation 23/04/10
YouTube adds video captions for deaf 05/03/10
Ammanford pensioner's supermarket label campaign 15/02/10
YouTube introduces automatic captions for deaf viewers 20/11/09
Intel debuts text reading device 17/11/09
The robot guiding Tom's writing 16/10/09
Audio labels speak to the blind 19/09/09
Emergency text system goes live 14/09/09
Deaf-blind communication goes portable 05/08/09
Japan rethinks silent hybrid cars 03/07/09
Software 'gives children a voice' 04/06/09
Text lifeline to help disabled people 11/05/09
Guide dog GPS device up for award 24/04/09
Disability no barrier to gaming 12/03/09
Sat-nav to aid disabled motorists 23/02/09
Deaf people lobby MPs over phones 15/10/08
Robo-skeleton lets paralysed walk 26/08/08
Helping the deaf to 'see sound' 13/08/08
Bionic eye 'blindness cure hope' 21/04/08
Bank upgrade is excluding blind 05/04/08
Deaf call for better phone access 03/04/08
TV is important to blind people 04/03/08
Health tips pilot for deaf people 25/02/08
Amputees 'regain sense of touch' 27/11/07
Paralysed man's mind is 'read' 15/11/07
All-in-one gizmo for blind people 05/10/07
Virtual worlds open up to blind 18/09/07
Technique links words to signing 15/09/07
Smart hat brings play to disabled 09/05/07
IPTV for deaf people takes off 07/05/07
Motion sensitive laptop developed 30/04/07
Braille converter eases web use 12/04/07
IBM helps blind 'see' web video 30/03/07
GPS navigation plan to help blind 20/03/07
Mobile targets the 50+ generation 17/03/07
Deaf to sign via video handsets 16/02/07
Most websites failing disabled 05/12/06
Designing a more accessible web 27/10/06
Making the web accessible for all 20/10/06
Telecoms open up for deaf people 19/10/07
Deaf to 'hear' PA system on phone 18/09/06
Joke generator raises a chuckle 23/08/06
Scientists seek to restore sight 11/07/06
Website offers sign language help 26/06/06
Reading 'to go' for blind people 21/06/06
Blind inventor makes the web accessible 06/06/06
Disabled users to test websites 18/03/06
Real-time texting for deaf people 23/12/05
Government sites fail disabled 29/11/05
Accessible coaches for the disabled 24/11/05
Smart card to open up computing 17/11/05
Virtual shopping programme set up 20/06/05
Robots to help out blind shoppers 04/05/05
Visually impaired to see the future 05/04/05
Blind student 'hears' in colour 14/02/05
Video phone help for deaf people 17/12/04
Mobiles get magnifier software 01/10/04
Students make washing machine 'talk' 12/09/04
Gadget restored a disabled man's independence 04/09/04
Blind able to 'read' bus timetables 12/01/04
Web opens up learning for disabled 11/01/04
Talking newspapers get human 'voice' 25/11/03
Bat technology helps the blind 22/11/03
UK debut for blind mobile 21/11/03
Talking computers help Ghana's blind 16/10/03
Blind 'see' with sound 07/10/03
Hi-tech phones for hard of hearing 18/06/03
Digital radio 'shuns' the blind 12/04/03
Space technology helps the blind
'Chattertext' helps deaf people communicate 05/02/03
Web designers not catering for the blind 26/09/02
Pioneer research makes paralysed men walk again 29/08/02