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Federal Reserve confirms hack attack led to data leak 06/02/13
Personal data 'lost by 132 councils' 23/11/11
Data of Sun website users stolen 02/08/11
Millions caught in e-mail breach 04/04/11
Google finds missing G-mails on tape 01/03/10
Thousands more exposed on ACS: Law file-shring lists 28/09/10
Information Commission issues privacy code of practice 08/07/10
Should you store treasured data on diss? 28/05/10
NHS worst for data breaches 28/04/10
HSBC admits huge Swiss bank data theft 11/03/10
Wigan Council loses the data of 200 disabled residents 03/02/10
Printing error exposes Skipton account details 02/02/10
Data losses to incur fines of up to £500,000 12/01/10
E.On reveals customer bank data 17/11/09
Voters' details on stolen laptop 16/11/09
Data losses in Snow Leopard bug 13/10/09
Phone sales hit by Sidekick loss 13/10/09
Firms 'mishandle sensitive data' 12/10/09
Personal data exposed on website 19/06/09
Thousands of patient details lost 29/05/09
Blackmail fear over lost RAF data 25/05/09
NHS told to tighten data security 25/05/09
Office intruder 'steals' data 06/05/09
Missile data found on hard drives 07/05/09
Security tightened over data loss 30/04/09
Crime victims' data lost in post 11/03/09
Hospital lost patient data disks 24/02/09
Workers 'stealing company data' 23/02/09
Malicious insider attacks to rise 11/02/09
Patient records on stolen laptop 24/01/09
Home Office guilty of data breach 22/01/09
Confidential child data missing 22/12/08
Government 'loses one PC a week' 21/11/08
Bosses 'ignore toxic data risk' 29/10/08
Teachers' details on missing disk 25/09/08
Troop manoeuvres left in club 09/09/08
When financial data goes missing 26/08/09
Bank customer data sold on eBay 26/08/08
MoD admits loss of secret files 18/07/08
999 calls disk 'lost' by courier 23/06/08
CPS criticised over DNA data disc 21/05/08
Bank ID blunder worst than feared 28/04/08
Laptops with bank details stolen 21/04/08
Data loss prompts security move 09/04/08
HSBC loses customers' data disc 07/04/08
Blunders prompt more care of data 19/03/08
Lax standards on data security 14/03/08
Thousands hit by breaches of data 12/03/08
Disc discovered when computer taken for repair 28/02/08
Details of Scots on stolen laptop 28/01/08
Double standard on data safety 26/01/08
M&S staff details left on laptop 25/01/08
More MoD laptop thefts revealed 21/01/08
Police probe theft of MoD laptop 19/01/08
Teachers put pupil data at risk 05/01/08
Sweden misplaces military secrets 04/01/08
Tougher data laws needed, say MPs 03/01/08
Nine NHS trusts lose patient data 23/12/07
Millions of L-driver details lost 17/12/07
Up to 3,000 patients' info stolen 14/12/07
Cancer patients' details are lost 13/12/07
Ministers under fire over data loss 21/11/07
How worried should people be over data loss? 20/11/07
Thousands at risk after data loss 03/11/07
Data disasters dog computer users 06/12/05
How to smash a home computer 14/11/04
Data dangers dog hard drive sales 12/09/05
Firms become digital detectives 16/04/04
Workplace data theft runs rampant 15/02/-4
Gone for good? 21/12/04
Hard drive secrets sold cheaply 09/06/04
Odd mishaps cause computer grief 16/10/03
Managing an IT disaster 10/09/03
When e-mail bites back 01/09/03
Hidden dangers of documents 18/08/03
Tools reveal secret life of documents 03/07/03
Hard drive offers up secrets 20/01/03
Uncovering a computer's secrets 01/09/02