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BBC's Genome Project offers radio and TV archive listings 18/10/14
Police database will share data on 15 million people 22/06/11
£7bn NHS electronic records 'achieving little' for patients 18/05/11
Music publishers plan rights database 24/01/11
How ID card database will be destroyed 10/11/10
India to compile 'world's biggest' ID database 29/09/10
Stolen phone database targets mobile phone thieves 23/07/10
New NHS Scotland 'knowledge bank' launched 07/06/10
Six-year limit on innocent DNA 11/11/09
Police win data deletion appeal 19/10/09
Tories face NHS database tangle 10/08/09
Tories unveil NHS database plans 10/08/09
Tories plan access to NHS files 09/08/09
Medieval battle records go online 20/07/09
Mobile phone directory to launch 09/06/09
Database of all children launched 18/05/09
Time limits on innocent DNA data 07/05/09
Q&A: the national DNA database 07/05/09
DNA Database: Key case studies 07/05/09
DNA founder criticises database 15/04/09
Offender IT failure 'avoidable' 12/03/09
Warning over 'surveillance state' 06/02/09
390,000 to access child database 26/01/09
Government defeat on DNA database 05/11/08
Hoon defends giant database plans 17/10/08
Giant database plan 'Orwellian' 15/10/08
French to fight police database 26/09/08
Privacy fears over car database 15/09/08
Database of children is delayed 28/08/08
Millions must be on vetting list 02/06/08
Criticism for UK database plan 20/05/08
Phone calls database considered 20/05/08
Bust-up with the boss? 08/05/08
GP warning over database access 03/03/08
Pair in DNA database legal battle 27/02/08
'Nation of suspects' fear on DNA 24/02/08
Mandatory DNA database rejected 23/02/08
Call to scrap children's database 21/02/08
Anger over pupils database plan 13/02/08
DAN database swabs over 100,000 11/02/08
Officer jailed for database abuse 11/01/08
Debating ethics of DNA database 09/01/08
Police DNA data review launched 09/01/08
NHS e-records programme launched 31/12/07
NHS can be trusted over records 24/12/07
Child database system postponed 27/11/07
NHS database 'could be targeted' 21/11/07
Chief wants global DNA searches 12/11/07
Database tackles blue badge fraud 25/09/07
Concern over DNA database access 17/09/07
All UK 'must be on DNA database' 05/09/07
Has our DNA database gone too far? 05/09/07
Safety fears over child database 27/08/07
E-care records safety fear raised 18/08/07
Police checks on Wimbledon passes 28/06/07
Database targets shoplifter gangs 27/06/07
Innocent man's DNA profile stored 20/06/07
Hi-tech tool tracks city graffiti 30/05/07
UK database theft hurts customers 25/05/07
Home access to NHS records plan 15/03/07
Patient veto for e-care records 18/12/06
Microsoft debuts book search tool 06/12/06
GPs threaten to snub new database 21/11/06
Gamers to help create web record 16/05/06
Extent of DNA databases revealed 21/01/06
Home valuing hides stealth tax 12/12/05
PDAs to aid officers on the beat 16/11/05
Flu database will help plan care 06/10/05
Lost children database goes live 06/09/05
Database reveals medical results 31/08/05
Offenders database to cut crime 19/08/05
Welsh place names online database 01/08/05
Cameras track criminals on the move 19/07/05
Confidentiality fear over records 29/06/05
What data will ID cards store? 28/06/05
Car sharers link up via web database 14/06/05
Drunken crime database launched 04/05/05
Law change to ID tsunami dead 16/03/05
Children's names put on database 17/02/05
Third of DVLA car records wrong 28/01/05
Race to preserve Holocaust legacy 24/01/05
Database to tackle car fraudsters 20/01/05
Woman 'misused police database' 18/01/05
DNA database Big Brother warning 12/01/05
Web database to beat mobile phone theft 28/12/04
Council surveys listed buildings 24/12/04
Child refugee database unveiled 23/11/04
Scientists set up stammer library 09/08/04