News - Crime

Police shut down network 'used to steal bank details' 25/02/15
'Snoopers' charter' revival on hold as redraft demanded 27/1/15
Heartbleed used to uncover data from cyber-criminals 29/04/14
Cyber-thieves blamed for leap in Tor dark net use 06/09/13
UK 'losing fight' against internet crime, warn MPs 30/07/13
UK needs more skilled cyber-crime fighters 12/02/13
DNA crime-fighting in UK lagging behind 08/02/13
EU proposes new cybercrime reporting rules 07/02/13
Google detects fake website ID certificate threat 04/01/13
Cyber thieves profit via the mobile in your pocket 12/11/12
GPS to be used for community sentences 27/03/12
Small firms 'easy targets' for cyber crime 20/03/12
Fingerprint breakthrough offers new forensic evidence 05/08/11
International body ICSPA to fight cybercrime globally 05/07/11
Mac recovered with Hidden app clues 02/06/11
Criminals target mobile devices and social networks 05/04/11
How safe is your smartphone? 15/03/11
Cyber criminals find new targets on unsuspecting sites 23/02/11
UK cyber crime costs £27bn a year 17/02/11
Debate opens on domain closures 11/02/11
EU could turn to 'crowd sourcing' in cyber crime fight 16/12/10
'Fingerprint' software to stem cyber crime 16/11/10
Hi-tech criminals target Vietnam 26/10/10
FBI uncovers cyber crime ring 02/10/10
E-crime police arrest 19 over UK online bank theft 29/09/10
Stolen phone database targets mobile phone thieves 23/07/10
Fighting back against web attacks 18/06/10
Breaking the butterfly botnet 05/06/10
Police investigate Habbo Hotel virtual furniture theft 01/06/10
Rochdale men jailed for iTunes gift voucher scam 14/05/10
E-crime in wales 'more than doubled' 05/05/10
Web hit by hi-tech crime wave 20/04/10
Cyber crime losses in US almost double during 2009 16/03/10
Crimes to be reconstructed in 3D 14/01/10
Cash prizes for catching CCTV criminals 04/12/09
Runescape creator pursues 'phishing thieves' 30/11/09
Age of cyber warfare is 'dawning' 17/11/09
Warning for online money mules 16/11/09
Website plots area-by-area crime 20/10/09
US urges 'cyber hygiene' effort 01/10/09
Small town 'online crime hotspot' 06/09/09
US man stole 130m card numbers 18/08/09
Governments hit by cyber attack 08/07/09
Billions stolen in online robbery 03/07/09
Camera plan for 'crime hotspots' 02/07/09
Time limits on innocent DNA data 07/05/09
Q&A: the national DNA database 07/05/09
DNA Database: Key case studies 07/05/09
Is the UK safe from cyber attack? 30/04/09
Call to rally against cyber crime 21/04/09
Cyber-crime rising, report warns 31/03/09
Man admits video games gun threat 23/03/09
BBC team exposes cyber crime risk 12/03/09
Italy police warn of Skype threat 14/02/09
Students to get laptop trackers 12/02/09
Malicious insider attacks to rise 11/02/09
Cybercrime threat rising sharply 31/01/09
Wife murdered for Facebook status 23/01/09
Boom year for hi-tech criminals 28/12/08
Crime to boom as downturn blooms 30/12/08
City gets 'crime-detecting' CCTV 10/12/08
Firms demand aid on hi-tech crime 03/11/08
Cybercrime wave sweeping Britain 30/10/08
New twist in prize draw scams 27/10/08
US Army warns of Twitter danger 27/10/08
Keyboard sniffers to steal data 21/10/08
Handsets to become crime targets 17/10/08
How to stop dial-a-crime prisoners 16/10/08
Data powers behind the times 15/10/08
Man cleared in YouTube speed case 08/10/08
Computer terror teenager jailed 19/09/08
Will crime maps work? 26/08/08
Teddy camera catches carer thief 19/08/08
Hi-tech criminals target Twitter 05/08/08
Summit tackles electronic crime 11/06/08
What makes a cyber criminal? 19/05/08
CCTV boom failing to cut crime 06/05/08
Facebook to track Darfur suspects 25/04/08
Thieves set up data supermarkets 23/04/08
The web trade in credit card details 23/04/08
Cyber criminals to target mobiles 21/04/08
CCTV reeling in school offenders 16/04/08
Wiki pinpoints Brazilian crime 15/04/08
UK bank details 'for sale for £5' 08/04/08
Tories issue cyber-crime warning 02/04/08
NY teen convicted of cyber crime 01/04/08
The battle against the botnet hordes 21/02/08
Cyber thieves target social sites 03/01/07
Boom times for hi-tech criminals 02/01/08
Governement failing on e-crime 05/12/07
CCTV could track branded suspects 03/12/07
Virtual theft leads to arrest 14/11/07
Anger at ministers e-crime reply 30/10/07
Spy charges for US computer duo 27/09/07
Internet crime is big business 16/09/07
Bluetooth being used for thefts 07/09/07
Cyber crime tool kits go on sale 04/09/07
Computer aids local crime fight 31/08/07
Government must act on e-crime 10/08/07
Net criminals shun virus attacks 20/07/07
The fight against net crime 13/07/07
How corporates host hi-tech crime 21/06/07
Yob incidents soar in rural areas 10/06/07
Lords offer new angle on e-crime 24/04/07
Motorists hit by card clone scam 24/04/07
Criminals may overwhelm the web 25/01/07
Cyber criminals move focus to web 23/01/07
Security CCTV on trains costs £4m 29/12/06
Vista opens new dawn for security 27/12/06
Spam surge drives net crime spree 26/12/06
Criminals target tech students 08/12/06
Net crime is big fear for Britons 08/10/06
New security measures for mobiles 01/10/06
Internet crime to hit homes hard 25/09/06
Digital prints speed up detection 05/09/06
Police decryption powers 'flawed' 14/08/06
Texting study to catch criminals 11/08/06
Phones and MP3s fuel robbery rise 20/07/06
New year brings fresh security fears 27/01/06
Zombie PCs target vulnerable sites 19/1/06
US internet use rises as do fears 28/10/05
Web helps criminals trap victims 04/10/05
Tracking a suspect by mobile phone 03/08/05
Chip and pin to stop laptop theft 03/06/05
The enemy within 17/05/05
Crime time for Chinese net users 07/05/05
The spys are watching while you type 17/03/05
Hi-tech thieves target businesses 01/10/04
Europe faces up to cyber-crime threat 24/09/04
E-mail to ID criminals in minutes 15/06/04
Hard drive secrets sold cheaply 09/06/04
CCTV goes wi-fi to fight crime 23/05/04
Computers speed up print matching 14/05/04
Under the skin of digital crime 11/05/04
Firms become digital detectives 16/04/04
Mobile phones - the new fingerprints 18/12/03
EU hi-tech crime agency created 21/11/03
Singapore tackles cyber terror 11/11/03
Questions cloud cyber crime cases 17/10/03
CCTV comes to mobile phones 08/10/03
Does virtual crime need real justice? 29/09/03
Invisible villans - hi-tech crime 28/08/03
Identity theft explodes in US 21/07/03
Home PCs suffer porn hijack 14/07/03
Greedy staff pose security threat 02/06/03
Can a wicked website stop youth crime? 13/05/03
Spammers and virus writers unite 30/04/03
Police consider lie detector tests 14/04/03
Anti-fraud credit cards on trial 11/04/03
Terror alerts via handheld computers 24/03/03
Hi-tech boost to airport security 17/03/03
Police offer virtual ID parades 14/03/03
Virtual detectives track criminals
Net security software exposed 20/02/03
US unveils cyber security plan 15/02/03
Web hijacker snares victims 31/01/03
When screensavers are a crime 28/01/03
Firms failing to report cyber crimes 25/01/03
Hi-tech cashpoint fraud 18/01/03
Cyber theft will net millions 22/12/02
Cyber terrorism 05/12/02
employees increasingly using cyber-crime 15/04/02