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Copyright confusion dogs European digitisation push 16/09/11
Government drops website blocking 03/08/11
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iTunes films break copyright laws 31/01/11
US pirate hunters target movies 23/06/10
Illegal file-sharing could cost billions by 2015 17/03/10
Consumers confused by copyright 24/02/10
ISP cleared of copyright infringement 04/02/10
Ministers offer concessions on copyright changes 13/01/10
Bono net policing idea draws fire 04/01/10
Fine for Google over French books 18/12/09
Microsoft admits code theft for Chinese blog Juku 16/12/09
Court ruling forces mininova to end illegal torrents 26/11/09
EU offers hope to file-sharers 05/11/09
EMI sues Beatles download website 04/11/09
BBC looks to copy protect content 16/09/09
Cunning copyright catches crooks 15/09/09
Musicians hit out at piracy plans 10/09/09
YouTube lifts music video block 03/09/09
Judge bans Microsoft Word sales 12/08/09
Downloading dips among young fans 10/08/09
US file-sharer gets $700,000 fine 01/08/09
Plug-pulling ISP changes policy 24/07/09
US mum is guilty of file-sharing 19/06/09
'Slow lane' for copyright thieves 04/06/09
Seven million 'use illegal files' 28/05/09
Q&A: Disconnecting file-sharers 12/05/09
Hollywood battling 'DVD copying' 05/05/09
Pirate Bay founders found guilty 17/04/09
UK 'has the worst copyright laws' 15/04/09
EA 'dumps DRM' for next Sims game 31/03/09
Google in court over Vuitton row 17/03/09
File sharing agency up for debate 16/03/09
Pirate Bay file-share case starts 16/02/09
Copyright row dogs Spore release 10/09/08
Game sharers face legal crackdown 19/08/08
Crackdown on web game sharing 14/07/08
MEPs back contested telecoms plan 08/07/08
Google must divulge YouTube log 03/07/08
Letters go to music file-sharers 03/07/08
YouTube law fight 'threatens net' 27/05/08
Dr Who fan in knitted puppet row 14/05/08
Torrent spy ordered to pay $110m 08/05/08
Charity advice on music downloads 30/04/08
Schools 'risk copyright breach' 07/03/08
Pirate Bay hit with legal action 31/01/08
ISPs new role in network control 29/01/08
The concerns of copyright reform 22/01/08
Copying CDs could be made legal 08/01/08
Sony drops locks on music albums 07/01/08
BitTorrent search site loses case 20/12/07
Prince sites face legal threats 07/11/07
Copyright law scuppers fan film 06/11/07
Huge pirate music site shut down 23/10/07
Firms seek online copyright pact 19/10/07
YouTube rolls out filtering tools 16/10/07
Huge fine for US music downloader 05/10/05
A digital game of cat and mouse 27/08/07
Copyright ruling angers artists 24/07/07
Royalty fee to damage net radio 12/07/07
Russian download site shut down 03/07/07
YouTube to test video ID software 12/06/07
Google wins adult photos appeal 16/05/07
Amazon to sell unprotected music 16/05/07
DRM group vows to fight bloggers 04/05/07
What is Digital Rights Management? 02/04/07
EMI takes locks off music tracks 02/04/07
Viacom will sue YouTube for $1bn 13/03/07
Microsoft attacks Google on books 06/03/07
US copyright lobby out-of-touch 20/02/07
Apple seeks online music shake-up 07/02/07
Vista copy protection is defended 22/01/07
Children swap music via phones 08/12/06
Musical copyright terms to stay 27/11/06
Copying own CDs 'should be legal' 29/10/06
Goal footage warning for YouTube 21/10/06
Warning over illegal MP3 site 06/06/06
UK music fancs can copy own tracks 06/06/06
Satellite radio in recordings row 17/05/06
Piracy in almost every street 24/02/06
Court rules against song swappers 27/01/06
Seven admit copying Star Wars DVD 26/01/06
Digital DJs unaware of new 'copy' law 13/01/05
Cut and Paste 30/11/05
Court blow for Blackberry maker 30/11/05
More pain for Sony over CD code 17/11/05
Grokster quits file sharing fight 08/11/05
Google restarts online books plan 01/11/05
Soccor website in premier battle 21/10/05
'The Island' faces copyright case 10/08/05
Studios row over Zorro copyright case 04/08/05
Rapist sues police from his cell 20/06/05
Britney sued over copyright claim 12/05/05
Pakistan - copyright piracy hub 03/05/05
Court secures classical copyright 06/04/05
BBC investigates Dr Who leak 08/03/05
Be careful how you code 17/12/04
A sharing approach to copyright 05/10/04
FBI action over illegal file-swap 26/08/04
Head to head: music copyright 10/08/04