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Portables to power PC industry 27/09/07
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Intel steps up cheap laptop race 05/06/07
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Motion sensitive laptop developed 30/04/07
Customised computers for sale 21/03/07
Laptops set to out sell desktops 21/03/07
$100 laptop could sell to public 10/01/07
$100 laptop project launches 2007 02/01/07
UKs super computer sets faster pace 08/11/06
Intel offers prize for sexiest PC 27/09/06
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Supercomputers set processor pace 14/11/05
Supercomputer doubles its own record 28/10/05
Supercomputer to build 3D brain 07/06/05
Supercomputing power made real 17/04/05
Long life promised for laptop PCs 27/03/05
University plans supercomputer 06/01/05
Met Office unveils supercomputer 07/09/04
Solar plan for Indian computers 05/09/04
Supercomputers key to the brain 19/08/05
Nasa powers up with super computer 06/08/04
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Aim to create 'sensitive' PCs 22/03/03
Supercomputers set new goals
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Cray supercomputers set the pace