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Instagram, Vine and Netflix hit by Amazon glitch 26/08/13
BBC abandons £100m digital project 24/05/13
Royal Mail's pre-Christmas Price Finder website glitch 02/12/11
Firms ill prepared for IT failure 24/11/11
Microsoft online services hit by major failure 09/09/11
Black swans busting IT budgets 26/08/11
Scottish exam results sent early in text blunder 03/08/11
Tesco Bank faces fresh online access glitch 22/06/11
Amazon fault takes down websites 21/04/11
Thousands lose Vodafone service 28/02/11
New year mobile bug strikes French texters 03/01/11
Skype recovers from global blackout 23/12/10
Facebook suffers brief shut down 17/12/10
Facebook crash is 'worst in four years' 24/09/10
Barclays customer accounts hit by computer glitch 22/08/10
Computer blow to Europe's Goce gravity satellite 21/08/10
Radar 'glitch' restricts flights in parts of the UK 15/03/10
WordPress network bug throws millions of blogs offline 19/02/10
Database glitches affect payments to Egg 29/01/10
Bing search site suffers outage 04/12/09
London Stock Exchange trading hit by technical glitch 26/11/09
Computer glitch hits US flights 19/11/09
Power failure hits HBOS customers 14/11/09
Co-op customers attack IT flaws 14/11/09 hit by ordering glitch 06/11/09
Offender IT failure 'a shambles' 03/11/09
Phone sales hit by Sidekick loss 13/10/09
Air traffic control problem fixed 03/10/09
Orange restores broadband service 11/09/09
MoD withdraws £114m comms system 10/09/09
Engineer error knocks out Gmail 02/09/09
Most O2 web services restored 21/07/09
US smoker chokes on cost of habit 15/07/09
When the bank's computer says no 17/06/09
Barclays fixes hardware problem 16/06/09
Google apology for slow service 15/05/09
Tesco tills hit by tech problems 11/05/09
Offender IT failure 'avoidable' 12/03/09
Map glitch names road after kiosk 10/03/09
Google users hit by mail blackout 24/02/09
NHS boss attacks e-records system 13/02/09
TalkTalk customers' ongoing woes 11/02/09
Snow strains technology networks 02/02/09
'Human error' hits Google search 31/01/09
Online tax glitch baffles Revenue 22/01/09
ATM's 'double your money' error 16/01/09
Massive interest in 'dream job' crashes website 15/01/09
Crash landing for online library 21/11/08
Card fault hits London transport 12/07/08
Software glitch hits iPhone fans 11/07/08
SATs tests results: what went wrong? 04/07/08
IT failure 'causes £130m arrears' 02/07/08
NHS IT mess hits cancer patients 27/06/08
Sainsbury's suspends online shop 18/06/08
Glitch sells flights to US for £4 17/04/08
Man gets 3,000 C-charge receipts 26/03/08
Blackberry back after breakdown 12/02/08
Tax deadline extended after crash 31/01/08
New lawyer call system 'in chaos' 22/01/08
Thousands hit by council blunder 10/01/08
Council systems saved from threat 04/01/08
Virgin users hit by online outage 18/12/07
Victim surcharge not collected 13/12/07
Olympics ticket sales suspended 31/10/07
When online bank sites fail 18/09/07
Skype issues apology for 'outage' 20/08/07
Missing 's' means results stress 07/08/07
Payments service goes offline 01/08/07
Computer crash hits space station 14/06/07
Computer test was deemed risky 08/06/07
Training hit by online problems 08/06/07
Bank says sorry for cash problems 02/06/07
IT delays 'put patients at risk' 17/05/07
Blackberry reveals failure cause 20/04/07
Technical hitch hits Visa cards 13/04/07
Banking hitch delays workers' pay 29/03/07
Web woes for First Direct users 13/07/07
New terror alert system dubbed a 'shambles' 15/01/07
Services back after NHS IT crash 01/08/06
Jail biometric glitch 'limited' 14/11/05
Cryosat rocket fault laid bare 27/10/05
Online university form 'glitches' 14/10/05
Progress...Pah! 07/06/05
System gremlins resolved at HSBC 04/01/05
Crash halts police print checks 03/12/04
Satellite system shuts train doors 26/08/04
Computer crash hits benefits cash 23/08/04
Online errors delay student loans 12/08/04
Massive air disruption across the UK 03/06/04
Online glitch hits student loans 21/05/04
GPs' computers 'miss drug errors' 14/05/04
Computer problems hit CSA payments 25/11/03
Glitch hits online film launch 07/09/03
Computer problems cause galactic glitch for Star Wars game 01/07/03
Nasa model 'had wrong data' 09/04/03
Firms 'ill-prepared for disaster' 24/03/03
Government faces £1.5bn bill for IT failures 12/03/03
Computer error halts fuel payments 17/02/03
High demand brings down website 17/01/03
London traffic charge plan - flawed database 10/11/02
Air traffic blur 23/05/02
Passport fiasco costs taxpayers £12 million 27/10/99