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Google Street View maps Greenland 21/2/15
Google launches 'Camel View' in United Arab Emirates 7/10/14
Google Maps back on iPhone after Apple software fiasco 13/12/12
Nokia Maps digitises streets to battle Google's threat 05/12/12
Google Maps Stret View service pilots indoor photos 28/10/11
Google begins Amazon river Street View project 19/08/11
Street-level crime maps launched online 01/02/11
Phone calls used to redefine UK regions 09/12/10
China unveils own mapping service 22/10/10
Murder map plots history of homicide in London 14/10/10
Earth's gravity seen in 3D high definition 28/06/10
German TanDEM-X satellite returns first images 25/06/10
Web tool tracks Gulf oil spill effects 05/05/10
British geology maps now free to explore on website 07/12/09
Ancient city of Pmmpeii added to Google Street View 04/12/09
Google set to offer property dimension to UK mapping 03/12/09
Ordnance Survey maps to go online 18/11/09
Switzerland takes Google to court 13/11/09
A 360 degree 'real' net experience 06/11/09
Ordnance Survey opens up data 03/11/09
Awards offered for map mash-ups 29/10/09
Researchers seek UK 'soundscapes' 27/10/09
US city to start giant 'mapathon' 14/10/09
Street View under fire in Japan 14/05/09
Greece puts brakes on Street View 12/05/09
All clear for Google Street View 23/04/09
Google map turns Welsh M4 English 03/04/09
Call to 'shut down' Street View 24/03/09
Map glitch names road after kiosk 10/03/09
Crime maps delivered on internet 06/01/09
Google Earth revives ancient Rome 12/11/08
Online maps wiping out history 29/08/08
Maps chart Welsh noise pollution 15/06/09
Pentagon bans Google map-makers 07/03/08
Transforming the world of online maps 22/06/07
Digital mapping captures Glasgow 14/05/09
BA skymap in geographical blunder 09/04/07