Let's get retro....


These resources were developed by David Phillips.

He has kindly given permission for them to be made available here.

It's time to learn how to make the classic arcade game (in fact the first game) Pong


Perhaps this really should have been the first set of video tutorials as in this series of videos you will learn to make the first ever video game called Pong.

Basically it's a bit like tennis. They sold the console that played this game for the price of an XBox or PS3 you know.

Secretly once you make it you will play the thing with your mates.


Creating your background and some paddles

Moving the ball

Bouncing the ball of the paddles

Keeping the score and adding a random element

The following resources were kindly contributed by Jean-Ann Gate to compliment the resources provided by David

Lesson outline

Pong game - detailed instructions



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