5. Barcodes from the customer's point of view

Advantages of barcodes Disadvantages of barcodes
Allows items to be paid for more quickly Barcode can be smudged or crumpled so there is a delay at the till
Makes it possible to pay directly in the 'self-service' section by scanning it yourself. You have to know where the barcode is on the item you want to pay in a self-service station.
Smaller queues at the checkout as they pass through quicker. If the barcode is missing or damaged, you can end up delaying everyone else behind you in the queue which can be embarrassing
As the price is in the computer database, it is most likely correct. If the price has been wrongly entered in the database, you may be paying too much and it is difficult to remember the price of all your items.
Barcodes make it simple for the shop to offer special sales etc as no-one has to re-label items Every item has to be packaged in order to hold the barcode, so increasing waste and having to get rid of it at home.



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