5. Types of blogs

There are milions upon millions of blogs on the Web. But they tend to fall into these types:

  • Personal blogs
  • News and views
  • Company blogs
  • Microblogs


Personal blog

By far the most numerous is the personal blog, after all, blogging started off as a way of creating an online diary. A typical blogger may be keen on posting stories about their interest such as fishing, or dancing or collecting something. The personal blogger below has had 25 million page views. As we say, you can write about anything!

personal blog


News and views

News and television companies such as the BBC have many professional journalists who post stories and views about the latest events. Visitors can add their own opinions as well

typical news blog


Company blogs

Many companies run blogs to let their customers and clients know what is going on. Maybe new products coming up or progress being made on some project.

typical company blogs



This is a type of blog where you post very short comments that others can follow. Twitter is the best example of a micro-blog. You can only post 140 characters with each entry, called a 'Tweet'. The entries become a running commentary about your life and interests.

Micro-blogs are becoming a very powerful way for professionals to find and keep in touch with each other. For example, maybe you are running a bed & breakfast business and you want to get in touch with others doing the same, then you just find the right people on Twitter to follow. Soon enough there are many B&B owners following each other and keeping in touch.


Challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

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