3. Posting a blog story

Unlike normal web sites, a blog entry is posted by using an online editing application. The application is either part of the software installation on the server or it is supplied by whatever blog company you choose to use.

That is the nice thing about blogs and why they are so hugely popular, namely it takes little technical knowledge to create a blog and you can post a story from anywhere as long as you can get online.

Have a look at the image below of a typical blog editing application.

Editing a blog post


You can see the editing area of the application where you type the story. A bit like a simple word processor. Then you press 'post' and the story appears on the actual blog.

Stories tend to be boring to look at without an image of some kind. It is simple to upload an image to be included in the story from your computer. That little square box next to the words 'Upload/Insert' causes a dialogue box to open asking you for the source image. Other packages offer a similar tool.


Challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

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