European Computer Driving Licence

NOTE: The materials here were developed for syllabus 4.0. There is now a syllabus 5.0. Whilst some of the materials are out of date, the tasks for modules such as Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Databases are still relevant.

The European Computer Driving Licence is an internationally recognised qualification which covers the key concepts of computing.

It is designed specifically for those who wish to gain a benchmark qualification in computing to enable them to develop their IT skills and enhance their career prospects.

No prior knowledge of IT or computer skills is needed to study this course.

It is broken down into seven modules, each of which must be passed before an certificate is awarded.

The modules may be taken in any order and over any period of time up to three years.


The seven modules that make up the the course are:

1. Basic concepts of IT

2. Using the computer and managing files

3. Word processing

4. Spreadsheets

5. Database

6. Presentation

7. Information and communication ..



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