6. Wide Area Network (WAN)

Many modern companies have offices, shops or factories in various locations around the country, and for large corporations, across the world. Even though staff work in different places, they often need to be able to access the same information no matter where they are.

It would not be possible to connect computers in different buildings together using the LAN cables. Imagine how many roads would need to be dug up to lay cables between a building in London and one in Birmingham.

Computers on LANs in one building can be connected to computers on LANs in another building usually through the telephone system, often using a modem. They can also be connected via fibre optic cables, microwave links or satellite.

By linking LANs together, the network is no longer local to one building, it is now spread over a wide area. It is known as a Wide Area Network (WAN)

Did you know that the largest WAN in existence is the Internet?

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